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Top rated baby play yards in 2018


For his first years your baby will look to play as much as he can and thorugh this learn a lot about the surrounding environment. To ensure that the environment he plays in is absolutely safe getting a baby play yard is a very good idea, because your baby will have fun, learn new things and also be as safe as possible. The following suggestion offer these 3 qualities and are all recommended by the best baby play yard reviews.


Select the most appreciated play yard for your kid


Providing a safe environment for children to play in is very important. Moms and dads understand this particular aspect and try their best to find a great baby play yard. There are many play yards models available on the market from which you can choose. Most of the best baby play yards in 2018 offer a safe and comfortable place for children to play in. Parents feel at ease knowing that their kids are safe. This is where a high quality play yard can help. The market offers a wide range of models which can become a great addition to your nursery. Most of today’s play yards offer a safe place for your toddler or baby to sleep and play. Some of the current play yards have attractive designs which keep children happy and smiling.

Once you read the best baby play yards reviews you will be able to determine easier which product suits your child’s better. You need to find a baby play yard that folds well and stores easily. Most parents in order to store money prefer play yards instead of purchasing bassinets or changing tables. Play yards can be used for play and business, sort of speak. It is very easy to move the model from one room to another, which comes in handy when you’re dealing with a newborn. You can use the play yard in order to put the child in different spots for daytime naps or nightly sleeps. All you have to do is place the play yard near your bed and watch the child sleep. Furthermore it is nice to have access to your son or daughter at night during feedings and changes.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


ProductAge / Weight RecommendationsPriceColorDimensionsOur RatingWhere to buy

Graco Pack `N Play Rocking Seat Playard

Children under 35″ tall$$$$Winslet40 x 28.5 x 33.2 inchesA+AMAZON

Joovy Room2 Portable Playard

No weightlimit$$$$Black39 x 39 x 31 inchesAAMAZON

Graco TotBloc Pack `N Play Playard

Children under 35″ tall$$$Bugs Quilt10.4 x 10.2 x 37.1 inchesB+AMAZON

Graco On the Go Pack `N Play Playard

Children under 40 pounds$$Go Green40 x 28.5 x 29 inchesB+AMAZON

Graco Pack `N Play Bassinet Playard

Children under 40 pounds$$Pasadena19.5 x 27 x 15.8 inchesB+


If you choose one of the best baby play yards in 2018, you will give your child a place to sleep, play and discover new things. Play yards come in handy because they offer a sense a familiarity and security to children when you go out visiting friends. Such devices provide a “safe zone” which keeps your children safe. You can even take play yards to the beach. Furthermore such children devices offer a safe place to play, especially if your home is not baby proofed. Toddlers playing in specially designed yards can keep them out of trouble, when you are not attentive to the little ones. Play yards can be used by children from 6 months to 2 years.

Going with attention through the best baby play yards reviews helps you find the most efficient product. Today, more and more people are searching for professional play yards that come with additional features such as nightlight, hanging toys, nature sounds and special music. Some models include special canopies which can protect the little one from the sun or other types of distracting lights. In addition, play yards include lockable wheels which give you the possibility to transport it from one room to another without problems. Try to find a lay yard which is easy to assemble, fold and store for later use.


Graco Pack `N Play Rocking Seat Playard


This playard can prove to be a great option, being considered by many experts as one of the top baby play yards in 2018. The best features which impressed many parents is the removable vibrating rocking chair, which has handles too, so you can move your little one quickly from one place to another. This playard will be perfect for your baby to play in until he reaches 35 inches in height.



Has made it as the best baby play yard with bassinet thanks to the standard play yard bassinet option that includes a smaller bassinet-type area made especially for a newborn infant

Included changing table with quilted, cushioned rim makes a portable changing station, with a 25-pound weight limit and an extra-easy-to-wipe-down material

Electronic components include nightlight and music with auto-shut off timer plus vibration device to help keep baby calm and well-soothed while napping or in the bassinet or rocking seat

Detachable rocking seat allows easy soothing of the infant to sleep anywhere around the house



Canopy on the comfortable and plush seat can’t be folded back

Changing table may be too low for taller parents


Compared to other baby play yards in the market, the Graco Pack `N Play Rocking Seat Playard is the one that have added feature which makes it one of a kind. It has a removable vibration chair in which your baby can enjoy every single inch of it. The product provides a lot of what I have expected. “ James Rose


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Joovy Room2 Portable Playard


Another playard that is highly appreciated by the best baby play yard reviews is the Joovt Room2. First of all it’s very durable because it is made from quality 600D material. While sturdy, it is still easy to move because of its wheels. The whole thing is made of top materials and the mattress sheet is no different, being made from 100% cotton. The baby can see through the mesh as well, so he doesn`t feel uncomfortable and alone while he is playing.



Generous room of 10 square feet makes for an enormous amount of space, suitable for even twin babies or larger ones who need a bigger space to be popped into when mom needs to do some chores

Comes with two wheels on one side that facilitate wheeling the unit around while being easily lockable when it’s all set up

Sturdy and high quality infant gear that will look and operate like new for years as baby grows, not prone to ripping and pulls and fading of colors on the minimalist design

Cozy and thick non-organic fitted sheet made especially for the 5’ x 5’ square mattress



Velcro straps that secure the mattress in place can make setting up a bit difficult but ensures safety for the infant

A little heavier and bulkier than other brands but well worth the effort to set up


The Joovy Room2 Portable Playard is an exceptional product for my baby. I know that my baby is safe while he is inside this baby play yards. The product was made of good materials. It is 100% cotton so I can say that my baby is well in this yard. It can also be moved because of the wheels indulged in it. ” Jerry Jefferson


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Graco TotBloc Pack `N Play Playard


Best baby play yard reviewsThe Graco TotBloc is an extremely popular model with parents in the US and is considered one of the top baby play yards in 2018. The playing surface is very large 38” x 38” so your bundle of joy can move about freely and can play as much as he wants. Our experts appreciate it’s very light but sturdy frame, weighing just 25 pounds and also they recommend it for the side meshes, which allow a normal air ventilation.



Large and roomy at 38 inches by 38 inches, gives adequate room to play in safely for the little one exploring toys around him

Quick set-up and folding makes it easy to take along during travels or frequent trips

Mesh constructed to be airy for sufficient ventilation while infant is inside the play yard, with entire play pen having no sharp edges or sharp curves that endanger the infant

Easy to clean materials, comes with a convenient carrying bag that makes transportability really easy



Makes a great investment when price is not an issue

Mesh should not be allowed to develop stains that are difficult to remove


I don’t have to worry for my baby even when I am doing some other tasks at home because I know that the Graco TotBloc Pack `N Play Playard can handle him righteously. It is big enough to give my baby a lot of playing space and most importantly it’s safe. The best rated baby pay yard reviews recommended it as a top new model and I tend to agree with them. I bought it around Xmas, so the price wasn’t expensive at all. ” Debra Collins


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Graco On the Go Pack `N Play Playard


Parents have been delighted by the Graco On the Go because it makes their babies happy while keeping them safe at all times. After your child has played in it, to fold it is very simple and tuck it away where you normally store it. The wheels are another bonus feature making it very easy to move around. I like this playard`s bassinet which can be removed if you want your child to enjoy a nice nap.



Removable bassinet is reach through and full sized, making this product the best baby play yard with bassinet for many satisfied customers

Bassinet folds with the play yard, a special design that means less parts to transport and carry and fewer components to set up and take down

Compact fold through folding wheels and feet that are automatically collapsible to make a small package when travelling and storing

Toy bar with soft toys offer visual stimulation for the baby, plus side-located handy storage bag to hold all of baby’s essentials



Stains should not be allowed to set or harden to make cleaning much easier

May require extra padding to make the play yard more comfortable


I don’t have to worry where to put the Graco On the Go Pack `N Play Playard because it can be folded after use. I also can move it easily from one part of the room to the other, thanks to its 2 wheels. Your baby will surly enjoy in this product so you don’t have to worry on anything or at least this is my opinion about this most reliable pay yard. I know who makes the best play yards, it must surely be Graco.” Jermaine Lowry


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Graco Pack `N Play Bassinet Playard


You baby will feel very comfortable and joyful while playing in the Graco Pack `N Play playard. Have it with you when you travel because even though it has a durable frame, the overall weight is light and also it folds quickly thanks to its well thought of folding system. I was pleased to see that all sides have a mesh which is transparent allowing the child to see beyond the playard and keeping a natural ventilation at the same time.



Built with a strong and sturdy frame to hold baby in safe play as she grows through the years

Feet automatically fold, as do the wheels, making the unit easy to bring along when travelling as it collapses to a compact frame

Push-button folding via exclusive Graco mechanism so storing the play yard Is always quick and hassle-free

Maximum ventilation provided by the light and airy mesh on all sides, with no dangerous edges or sharp curves that can hurt baby



Mattress is not made to be washable but easily wipes clean

Has a heavy frame to provide rigid support


I was so impressed with the Graco Pack `N Play Bassinet Playard because it has a very lightweight which allows me to take it with us when we have to travel. Even though it is portable it still provides safety and enough room for mys on to play in. It has a mesh net too, that provides ventilation for the baby. I bought it from Amazon, for under $70 with a Black Friday discount.”  Steve Bell


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