Top rated Baby Lotions in 2018


Moms are very particular with the products they use for their babies because they know that kids have really sensitive skin. This is why products like soaps, shampoos, powders, and lotions that are used for babies contain ingredients that are safer and, as much as possible, derived from natural ingredients. These products cannot be chosen lightly because some products can be irritating for baby’s skin. It’s a good thing moms can consult the best baby lotion reviews sites to look for the best products. Here are some of the highly recommended products that our team has compiled.


Johnson’s Baby Lotion


Best Baby Lotion ReviewsJohnson and Johnson’s is such a trusted brand of personal care products, especially for infants and kids, that almost every household has at least one item from this brand. According to the best baby lotion reviews, the Johnson’s Baby lotion is the number one choice in hospitals because of its mild hypoallergenic properties that keep baby’s skin moisturized and protected. This lotion is pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested, just like all of Johnson and Johnson’s products. And since it is paraben-free, it gently nourishes baby’s sensitive skin.

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Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion


Made from plant-based ingredients, the Babyganics Moisturizing Daily Lotion is the best baby lotion in 2018 that utilizes 100% natural neonourish seed oil blend that supports and nourishes baby’s sensitive skin. This ingredient is specially created by Babyganicsto serve as a protective and nurturing agent that takes care of baby’s developing skin. It is basically a combination of essential oils from tomato, black cumin, cranberry, sunflower, and red raspberry. All of the components are well-balanced, resulting to an effective and affordable baby lotion that is guaranteed safe for babies.

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Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion


Inspired by the best baby lotion in 2018 made from organic ingredients, the Earth Mama Angel Baby lotion is making a name on the market. More and more moms are using the Earth Mama Angel Baby Angel Baby Lotion because of its pure ingredients that are clinically proven to be safe for babies. This lotion is a mixture of Shea butter, olive oil, healing rooibos, and soothing calendula. It does not contain any artificial dyes, preservatives, and fragrances that might cause rashes and other skin problems for babies.

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Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion


For over 60 years, pediatricians have been recommending the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture lotion to parents. It is one of the safest lotions to use for infants with very sensitive skin. It doesn’t have the artificial fragrance ingredient that usually irritates the skin. With its mixture of natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients, this moisture lotion effectively soothes baby’s dry and delicate skin. Furthermore, because of its natural skin-nourishing properties, it can be used to prevent chafing, chapping, and cracking of skin.

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Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion


Shea butter and sunflower seed oil are excellent moisturizing agents; and both of these elements can be found in Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion. Instead of artificial fragrance substances, the Baby bee nourishing lotion is made of 100% natural fragrance ingredients. And since it has no paraben, petrochemicals, and phthalates, it is very safe to use for baby’s extremely sensitive skin. The lotion is stored in a pump bottle with a 12-ounce capacity, which is very convenient and easy to use.

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