Baby crib mattresses Compared


As you look for a safe and comfortable place for your baby to play and sleep, the different reviews about the best baby cribs under $200 have identified some of the best choices. However, it is not enough that you have a high quality crib. It should be complemented with a relaxing mattress, including those that will be mentioned below.


How to get a comfy mattres for your baby


34When a child enters your life, things begin to slowly change. You need to invest in the little one’s comfort and daily security. Buying a baby crib comes with its challenges but one even greater resides on the mattress quality. Parents need to install on the crib a high quality mattress which the baby will love. You should be pretty picky while browsing for a new mattress! I worked as a midwife for 12 years and mattresses represent an essential component to any crib. Since most mothers don’t have the luxury of researching different crib mattresses, I took it upon myself to carefully study the market. I analysed and tested over 35 crib mattress models, recommended by baby care specialists and experts. After 70 hours, I managed to write the best baby crib mattress reviews, important sources of information which can guide you through the maze of products.

How can you choose the best baby crib mattress for 2016? Only by accessing professional information will you be able to discover the ideal product for the baby’s crib. There are a couple of things to take into account while browsing for a new mattress. The first thing that you need to do is measure the crib size and look for an appropriate mattress. As you probably know most of the present cribs and crib mattresses are pretty standard. If you are not attentive with the details you might end up with a mattress that doesn’t fit well with the crib. So, look closely on the manufacturer’s recommendations and select the ideal product. Fitting is essential for the baby to enjoy every sleep cycles. It is important for the mattress to fit nicely in the crib. You have to make sure that not even your finger fits between mattress and crib rail. If this is the case then find another mattress.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Max weight Price Dimensions Material Type Our Rating Where to buy

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer

No $$$$ 5 x 27.5 x 52 inches Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free A+ AMAZON

Simmons Kids Beautyrest

No $$$$ 27.5 x 6 x 52 inches Natural cotton fire protection wrap A AMAZON

Sealy Soybean Foam-Core

65 lbs $$$ 51.6 x 27.2 x 5 inches Soy-based high-density foam A AMAZON

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

No $$ 52 x 27.5 x 5 inches Thermo bonded fiber core B+ AMAZON

Dream on Me Foam Pack ‘n Play

25 lbs $$ 25.5 x 37.5 x 3 inches Vinyl 10%/ Foam 90% B+ AMAZON


With the best baby crib mattress in 2019 in your nursery every night becomes a comfortable environment. Try your best to find a firm mattress. Why? Well, doctors recommend for babies a solid sleep surface to sleep on. It is a technical safety function. When the baby turns over, his face won’t sink in the mattress. Your mattress needs to be firm enough in order to provide proper comfort levels. Another thing to take into account is mattress construction. There are mattresses made out of coils and foam materials. Most of the present foam crib mattresses are cheaper than the coil ones. Both mattress models are safe enough to use.

Foam mattresses are firm and with a light construction. You can change the sheets with ease because the mattress is light and easy to handle. Coil mattresses are firm and with a smooth surface. The more coils present in the mattress the firmer it will be. This is why you should count the number of coils. Crib mattresses will be used for a short period of time, providing shelter and comfort to the child. It is important to invest wisely in the crib’s mattress!


Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Mattress


It is without a doubt that this mattress is made from excellent materials. A combination of these materials makes it possible for the mattress to be hypoallergenic, water-resistant, non-toxic, and lead-free, among others. In addition, comparable to the mattresses that have been mentioned below, it is also important to note that it has the right level of firmness, which will surely be comfortable for your child.



Precious ones will surely grow up safe and secure from harmful elements as the Little Dreamer  crib mattress is constructed with durable nylon cover made waterproof and non-toxic without using polyethylene, vinyl, PVC, lead and phthalate

Foam given Certi-Pur certification, with high-density foam toddler side and extra-firm high-density foam on the infant side, making this the best tempurpedic baby crib mattress 2019

Seams are side-stitched for extra strength and durability while being hypoallergenic and waterproof, for baby’s ultimate comfort

Antimicrobial protection from ultra-fresh treatment, with easy cleaning using a damp sponge



Nylon cover is an economical alternative to the more expensive stretch-knit cover of Starlight Support

Economical cover can be made nicer with a lovely-looking sheet


“I have gone to great lengths to ensure my baby has everything he needs to feels comfortable. This is why I got Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer mattress, a model highly recommended by the best baby crib mattress reviews. It’s hypoallergenic too, making be believe I have made the best choice possible.” – Yuriko J. Dicarlo


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Simmons Kids Beautyrest Sleepy Whispers Mattress


This is another product that is highly recommended in this best baby crib mattress review. One thing that has been liked by many of its users is that it can accommodate the growing needs of your child, which simply means that it can be used for a longer duration. For infants, one side of the mattress will provide the firmness that is needed. Through the years, however, you can just flip the mattress and the other side has the ability to provide the comfort that is being sought by toddlers.



Firm and even support provided by 231 luxury pocketed coil springs with exclusive Innofoam ® protectors for added stability, making this product a usual favorite in many best tempurpedic baby crib mattress reviews

Fire protection wrap constructed of pure natural cotton material with no chemicals used for superior non-toxic covering

Woven fabric cover has medical-grade waterproof barrier so it remains germ-free and not saturated with germs even with continuous use

Stain- and water-resistant cover has two-in-one functionality- one side is made ideally firm for newborns while the other offers convoluted foam comfort for toddlers



Only one user has complained of having a difficult time telling which side is the infant side and which is the toddler side, but a check with the manufacturer or the product description can address the concern easily


“My baby likes this mattress very much and he is always fast asleep when he is all out of energy. It had a reputation as the best crib mattress 2019 and now after I see my child so comfortable on it, I can definitely see why.” – Shirley Clark


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Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Mattress


This product is made from soy-based high-density foam, which is a major reason for why it is asserted as being one of the best choices in this best baby crib mattress review. Such material is beneficial in terms of increasing the durability of the mattress and the prevention of sagging, even after several years of use. Aside from having the right level of firmness, which will provide the highest level of comfort, it is also lightweight, which will make it a snap for you to change the sheets when there is a need to do so.



Made extra firm and lightweight, this crib mattress uses organic ingredients from the get-go, with soybean oils sourced from American farmers

High quality sleep surface from all-natural resources, with Green Guard Gold certification as testament to its creation of a healthier indoor environment for the family

US-made crib mattress constructed with pearl-embossed, stain-resilient cover so surface is easy to clean and is sanitary to sleep on

Square-corner design made to fit into any baby crib so baby can sleep in supreme comfort and safety



Soybean percentage is not so high but good enough to support a growing baby’s sleeping requirements in a crib mattress

Fits modern toddler beds well but some parents may seek a thicker padding on the mattress


“This mattress for baby cribs is as compete as it gets, it has a high level of comfort and it’s made from eco-friendly materials. I can tell it has all these features because my infant hasn’t cried once because he is uncomfortable on it. My guess on what is the best crib mattress is this model from Sealy. Because I bought it for a Xmas discount, it’s price was quite cheap too.” – Helen Elmore


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Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Mattress


Best Baby Crib Mattress ReviewThis product most probably has everything that you would want in a baby crib mattress. It is water-resistant, which will make it able to preserve its best possible quality over the years. It is also lightweight and made from materials that will not cause allergic reactions. Because it is hypoallergenic, you will be more confident that it will not cause irritation on your baby. Lastly, it also comes with a cover that can resist tear, odor, and stain.



Thermo-bonded fiber core made to be of high density to give optimum support where it’s needed by the growing child

Phthalate-free and lead-free sleeping surface is also made to be hypoallergenic so baby doesn’t suffer from allergies or asthma-causing elements

Cover is made to be tough against tearing while being resistant to stains and odors, giving baby a comfortable rest  and sleep

Given Green Guard certification for employing premium materials in its construction so as to promote healthier indoor environments



Not available in brick-and-mortar stores but easily available through online sellers, and mattress may take a long time to get shipped to buyer but definitely worth the wait


“I know that my toddler has a top mattress through Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams which I definitely recommend to other parents. Bacteria are not allowed to form on its surface, thanks to the hypoallergenic materials gone into its construction. I’m positive it’s one of the highest rated models in the market and it’s price is under $85 ”  Carola M. Lawrence


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Dream on Me 3-inch Foam Pack ‘n Play Mattress


This mattress is made from 90% foam and 10% vinyl. Many of the parents who have bought such for their babies have reported that it has just the right level of density. The foam is not too soft or too firm, making it possible to provide the highest level of comfort for the child. Additionally, another good feature of this baby crib mattress is that it is designed with a waterproof cover that has the ability to resist bacteria, giving you the confidence that your child will not be infected.



Constructed of 10% vinyl and 90% foam for great support and comfort for a growing child

US-made mattress fitted with a waterproof cover that not only wipes clean but also given anti-bacterial protection

Complies to 16-CFR 1633 standards that apply to the flammability requirements of all mattress sets before they are introduced into the market or put up for sale

Has wider fit than the Portable Crib Mattress by Dream on Me, guaranteeing a comfortable sleep for baby



Firm support may be a little tough for those who have not used firmer crib mattresses before, but it’s all a matter of getting used to the product


The materials from which this mattress is made from were to my liking and I knew they would keep my little one nice and comfy. The cover is waterproof, allowing me to clean it easily with a damp cloth. I would advise other parents to get this mattress for their little ones. If you get it for something like a Black Friday discount, it will prove to be extremely affordable.” – A. Culp


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