Best baby carriers for the money


Baby carriers are an important piece of equipment which are used by parents all over the US so their little ones are close and safe at all times. Because there are so many different models that can be acquired, it is sometimes difficult to choose one that is best suited for your infant. This is why we have made a list of the best baby carriers under $50 so everyone will be able to afford one.


Find a safe and cheap baby carrier – Buying Guide


1In the present thousands of American parents are searching for reliable and comfortable ways to take their children along during various activities. Some people use strollers while others resort to more direct methods like baby carriers. Today’s market on baby care products is flourishing, offering moms and dads necessary tools to take better care of their little ones. Now the growing interest for baby carriers is not surprising given the positive traits it presents. Parents love carriers because they offer freedom and stability! If you are searching for a baby carrier then this guide will be more than helpful. A good baby carrier allows you to use your hands while also keeping the child close. With the right product, you will be able to go through crowded places and easily go about your business without restrictions.

We took the liberty of venturing through the most popular baby carriers in order to determine what makes them so special. After a week of tests on over 35 products we managed to draft this guide as a comprehensive look into the world of carriers for babies. Now, you can use this particular guide in order to find the best baby carrier under 50 and safely take the little one with you wherever you go. Recent baby expert studies underline the positive effects of baby wearing for both parent and child. It seems that “baby wearing” can easily sooth fussy children and also lowers mom’s risk of going through postpartum depression. Furthermore keeping the little one to the wearer’s chest strengthens parental bond and solidifies future maternal links.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Fabric Price Weight Limit Available Colors Our Rating Where to buy

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

Cotton $$$ 25 lb Black, White and more A+ AMAZON

Infantino Sash Mei Tai

Cotton $$$ 36 lb Black/Gray A AMAZON

Infantino Union

Cotton $$ 40 lbs Gray B+ AMAZON

Infantino Swift Classic

Nylon $$ 25 lbs Black B AMAZON

Infantino Breathe Vented

Mesh $$ 25 lbs Gray B+ AMAZON


Some doctors and experienced nurses recommend moms to carry their babies around right from infancy. This action will help the baby recognize parental warmth and compassion. With one of the best baby carrier under 50 in 2019 you will be able to take better care of the little one. Some fathers call the carrying experience as “a convenient, safe and bonding experience”. This is why the interest for efficient baby carriers is currently growing, registering new demands on a monthly basis. Wearing the baby carrier should be done until the age of 4. When the child goes over 20 pounds it becomes harder to take the child along on short or long trips around town.

There are many types of baby carriers available on the market, each designed to suit the needs of different parents. With more information consulted you will be able to find one of the best baby carrier under 50 in 2019 and thus keep your baby boy or girl close to your heart. You will find on the market front carrier, sling type carrier and wrap type carrier. These are the primary types of carriers you can choose from. One of the most popular types is sling type carrier, a product used by thousands of parents. A sling carrier is made of wide swath fabric, carefully worn across the torso and over one shoulder. Most products have padded materials for additional comfort during breastfeeding.



BABYBJORN Baby Carrier


The BABYBJORN carrier can be just what you are looking for and it comes at a very reasonable price. It is fully padded so your child sits comfortably and you are able to hold him for a long period without feeling any discomfort. It has a two piece design which makes it extra simple for you to strap the baby on. Safety is another key feature that makes this carrier such a popular tool for parents all over the US.



Made of cool and comfortable cotton that is not only soft and durable but also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, so carrying baby is always an experience of closeness and comfort

Easy to use as a 2-way baby carrier, thanks to easy adaptability both for face-to-face/heart-to-heart carrying or outward-facing system, for newborn and growing babies

Is one of the best baby carriers for the money thanks to its extra affordable price that leaves more resources for other baby essentials

Easy to put on and take off, with well-designed latches that tether up securely and  conveniently in front and quickly release using just one hand



Is not suitable for breastfeeding baby while in the carrier, but that is not its primary function

Great carrier for babies up to 22 pounds, to help baby transition to the walking stage past the carrying stage


“The simplicity of the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier never diminishes its ability and functionality. This baby carrier has it all so you will surely be satisfied with its functions. This is just sold in a very cheap price so you can buy its easily. The comfort brought by this carrier is one of a kind. “ Sally Booth


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Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier


If you want a baby carrier that is comfortable and safe for you and your child, than the Infantino Sash Mei Tai is a wonderful option. It’s quite fashionable too, if you compare it with other models in its price range. While its competitors offer 2 position, this one manages one more, the backpack exploring position. It comes also with a detachable hood which will protect the infant from the sun. The innovative design is not just for good looks it also allows the carrier to be very flexible as well.



Helps baby transition easily to the walking position thanks to how it supports baby in the natural seated position

Comes with a detachable hood to keep baby protected against the elements while being out for a walk with mom

Carries an exclusive Mei Tai design with sash that is not only flexible but also ensures optimum comfort and carrying convenience

Offered at a greatly affordable price that makes it one of the best baby carriers for the money, so parents can meet more of baby’s needs



Initially, sash configuration takes practice to use efficiently but this gets easier with time

Does not have too many pockets in order to ensure baby’s total comfort while being carried


“ The Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier is the most used and popular baby carrier mothers used for their baby. This carrier is what admires the most because it is delicate and comfortable. My baby has the convenience in the carrier because it is really made for babies. “ Marisa Buckner


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Infantino Union Ergonomic Carrier


Studies have shown that using an infant carrier has positive effects on the baby. The Infantino Union is an affordable model which is ergonomically designed so that both parent and child feel comfortable. The baby will be sitting in a natural position which won’t cause any discomfort, whether you opt for the front or the back position. The chest strap and the lumbar support are both adjustable to guarantee a maximum comfort level. With the maximum weight limit of 40 pounds this carrier is superior to the other models presented in our list.

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“I read the best rated baby carrier under 50 reviews and decided that this model from Infantino was the best purchase I could have made for the money I was prepared to spend. My baby feels very comfortable in this affordable and reliable carrier.” – Wendy Thompson


Infantino Swift Classic Carrier


Best baby carriers under $50

One of the most popular carriers you can buy for a cheap price is the Infantino Swift Classic. It offers you the choice to opt between 2 carrying positions, one facing-out and the other facing-in. The head support is padded so your baby feels very comfortable when he is in the carrier. As a matter of fact all of it is padded to ensure the comfort of both baby and parent. All these features granting it the title of one of the best baby carriers under $50.



Carries baby from newborn stage to growing stage with capacity to support from 8 to 25 pounds, so baby can go with mom everywhere in the house and out

Has padded shoulder straps so baby can be comfortably carried without causing pain to mom’s shoulders, back and neck

Also has padded support for baby’s head and adjustable fit side straps so baby stays comfortably embraced right next to mom’s heart

Evenly distributes baby’s weight thanks to the ergonomic design of the product, which also ensures that baby’s weight is effectively carried by the carrier and not solely by the parent



May be difficult to set-up at the beginning but gets easier to use with time


“ Every time we go out, I always take the Infantino Swift Classic Carrier because it is a very useful equipment that makes my baby safe no matter what we do. This product is soft and coated with comfortable padding which make my baby feel relaxed every time she’s in it. I got it for under 50$, sometime around Xmas, so it doesn’t cost much at all.”  Angelique Alford


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Infantino Breathe Vented Carrier


Another solution which you can rely on even when you need to use it for a prolonged period of time is the Infantino Breathe Vented carrier. This particular carrier is very useful in hot summer days because it is made out of quality BreatheMesh which will keep your baby cool so he enjoys his time outside. The buckle system is simple to use, adjusting smoothly with a strap so you don`t encounter any problems with it. One other brand from the business that is very popular can be found on our best ERGObaby baby carriers reviews



Pouch-style baby carrier makes baby carrying simple and easy, with lightweight design that uses hypoallergenic materials and configuration

Has two carrying options so the parent can carry baby next to the heart on either a face-in position or face-out style

Has side openings that allow dad or family friends to take baby easily from the carrier when mom needs to catch her breath

Materials used in the product are washable and easily wipe clean, to help mom do more for baby without sweating it out on clean-ups



Optimum fit has to be obtained to ensure better comfort for both mom and baby

Pockets are kept to a minimum to ensure more room to carry baby


“ I feel very comfortable when I’m carrying my baby with the the Infantino Breathe. This carrier is adjustable so I can adjust it whenever I want to for the comfort of the two of us. You can buy the product for a much cheaper price from Amazon, but I don’t think a Black Friday discount is necessary because it’s not really expensive. I think it’s definitely one of the top ten baby carriers in 2019.“ Joyce Johnnie Henderson


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Gaorui Baby Carrier – Not available


One of the best baby carriers under $50, voted by its satisfied customers is the Cotton Gaorui. Its is built so that it holds the baby in a correct way and protects the spine and keeps it in the normal position. Three positions are covered by it: hip, back and belly positions. A hood comes also with the whole package for your baby when he is sleeping. The design is also a very good looking one which fits great on any stylish mother.

“ Another baby carrier which attracts my attention is the Cotton Gaorui Baby Carrier that is really functional and trustworthy. The carrier is reliable enough since it was made of good materials that will never get easily destroyed. Aside from that, it is also fashionable and user- friendly.”  Jannie Kirk