How to choose a top baby bouncer


When the doctor tells you “it’s a bouncing baby boy” when you give birth, he surely doesn’t mean that the stork delivered your baby on a bouncy seat. This type of baby gear gets proper exposure in the best baby bouncer reviews.Top quality ones regularly get high ratings, while the low-selling ones don’t get mentioned at all. Use your judgment here.

To make things easier, experts and reviewers put forward some worthy suggestions on what to look for in a product to make it truly the best rated baby bouncer among the lot. Parents simply have to check these elements out-if they are present or not-  before making any decision to sign on the dotted line or entrusting their credit card to that friendly sales clerk at the baby store. Different products offer varying features, and sometimes they may even have identical features. This doesn’t make the job any easier. Nevertheless, it does give you a good idea what sets apart one product from another.

If you want a great baby bouncer for Christmas that junior can enjoy to his heart’s content, get one with a sturdy frame. By sturdy, we do not mean stiff here. Some brands may be built with an overly stiff frame that the bouncer does not do what it’s supposed to: really bounce. It should be made strong enough to take a baby’s gentlest bouncing efforts to her most vigorous. A wide stable base ensures that the unit will not accidentally tip over with your baby in the seat. Rubber grips and other non-skid material should be found on the base to give better traction on the floor. Testing the frame by pressing on the seat will give you a good idea how much pressure triggers a real bounce.

Weight capacity is another important factor to think about when considering some of the Black Friday deals you can find on baby bouncers. Do find out how heavy a baby has to be to ensure that the bouncer seat will not fall apart with the child’s movements. Some babies grow slower than others do, so the weight limit may not be something you have to worry about for a few more months or so. However, large babies logically need a higher weight limit on a bouncer seat. This is especially important when such babies grow fast.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Color Price Weight Limit Features Our Rating Where to buy

Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer

My Little Snugabunny $$$$ 30 lbs 8 songs, nature songs and more A+ AMAZON

Sassy Cuddle Bug Bouncer

Violet Butterfly $$$ 25 lbs Soothing lullabies, soft vibrations and more A AMAZON

Fisher-Price BBT60 Bouncer

Rainforest Friends $$$ 25 lbs Take-along monkeys, toybar and more B+ AMAZON

Bright Starts 60139 Bouncer

Playful Pals $$ 20 lbs 2 interactive toys B+ AMAZON

Bright Starts 60049 Bouncer

Up Up & Away $$$$ 25 lbs Interactive toys B AMAZON


The most popular bouncer seat units feature adjustable angles on them. The angle can be adjusted via two- or three-position recline. This allows newborn babies that are still unable to support their heads to lie on the seat in full recline. A more upright position can be chosen for toddlers.

No creature needs safety more than your baby does. It is imperative that the highest rated product you purchase has an adjustable safety harness or tether. There are brands that offer a three-point harness to keep baby safely on the bouncer seat. Ample padding should be provided on the structural components of the bouncer.  A certification from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) should give you a good idea of the safety of the unit. Check for this element or for news about recalled products. It could save your baby’s life.

Some thoughtful inclusions are a toy bar with suspended plush or squeaky toys, which could help calm a cranky baby. Sound effects and soothing songs are played on some models. However, don’t compromise comfort for additional features. What’s the best bouncer seat available? Let me answer that by reiterating the components to be considered when buying the best baby bouncer 2021.


Things to consider:

–          Has the ability to bounce with the gentle pressure that can be exerted by a baby, otherwise what’s the use?

–          The right weight capacity for your baby’s size and weight, for safety during use

–          Soft, comfortable materials used in the construction, with sufficient padding to protect baby from getting bruised while in the bouncer seat

–          An adjustable recline position plus safety harness, to keep baby well-positioned and firmly on the seat


Top rated baby bouncers in 2021


Fisher-Price Deluxe My Little Snugabunny Bouncer


This snuggly bouncer is made of soft luxurious fabrics to ensure optimum comfort for baby. A snuggling cushion provides cuddly support from head to the neck and sides of baby. The head is supported by the head snuggler and the neck and sides are supported by the newborn body support insert. The plush body insert is removable for when the baby grows big enough to support its own body. The unit has a safety harness to keep baby securely in the seat. The bouncer plays nature sounds and eight songs, and it also generates calming vibrations to keep baby soothed in the seat. Quick access to the easy-touch control panel is provided via front mounting.

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Sassy Cuddle Bug Violet Butterfly Bouncer


A built-in cuddle blanket keeps baby comfortable with its softness. An oversized cradling seat with newborn headrest ensures optimal support for baby’s most delicate body parts when she’s still unable to support her whole body by herself. Baby stays safe and secure in the bouncer seat thanks to the non-slip feet, safety harness and sturdy legs. This bouncer has received high ratings in the best baby bouncer reviews due to the two stages that it offers to cuddle baby: Stage one, which offers newborn baby wing adjustment; Stage 2, which provides growing baby wing adjustment. Baby will feel like she’s in a warm and safecocoon while in the bouncer. The unit also has hanging toys plus calming songs and vibrations.

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Fisher-Price BBT60 Rainforest Friends Baby Bouncer



Calming vibrations soothe baby as mom goes about her house chores or prepares food for baby. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Friends Baby Bouncer keeps baby safe in the seat with a 3-point fabric harness. The machine-washable pad ensures problem-free handling of messes that baby makes on the bouncer seat. Non-skid feet keep the unit sturdy and secure on the floor. The soft toybar can be removed when needed and offers baby amusement while on the baby bouncer. The toys include take-along monkeys with clacker beads and a roller ball. The detachable toys are suspended on spinning leaves. This is the best baby bouncer 2021 due to its maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds and battery life of 2.25 hours.

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Bright Starts Playful Pals Bouncer


The removable head support pillow in character design is made to gently cradle baby’s head. Soothing vibration along with seven sweet melodies keeps baby calm  and quiet. The toy bar has two interactive toys to further amuse baby as she lies on the baby bouncer. The toy bar can be removed to enable mom to take baby out of the bouncer seat. The adjustable 3-point harness keeps baby secure in the seat. It accommodates baby’s growing girth till she’s nearly 20 pounds. The deep cradling seat ensures that baby is secure and comfortable, with a soft headrest to support the baby’s delicate head. The seat pad is machine washable so handling baby’s mess is never a problem.

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Bright Starts 60049 Up Up-&-Away Bouncer


The cradling seat of the Bright Starts Up Up-&-Away Bouncer is designed to give comfort to baby while supporting her most delicate body parts. The toy bar is detachable with one hand so having access to baby is not a problem. It even has interactive toys suspended on it to give baby more entertainment while she’s in the bouncer seat. The baby bouncer is built with an adjustable 3-point harness. This keeps baby secure in the seat, holding her down even when she bounces hard in the seat. The seat pad can be washed in the machine so when baby makes a mess while in the seat, clean-up is not a huge problem. The bouncer has non-slip feet to ensure that it stays upright and with good traction on the floor.

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