Top rated Baby Bath Seats in 2018


When your baby outgrows his baby bath tub and is able to sit up by himself, it may be time to get a hold of the best baby bath seat reviews to ensure that he continuously enjoys bath time. With the standards that have been carried out in such products since 2010, getting used units may not always be a great idea.

Search for the highest rated baby bath seat with a strap or T-bar that runs between the baby’s legs. This ensures that the baby stays in the bath ring or bath seat safely. Making sure that your baby does not accidentally slip out of the seat is your top priority, as helpless babies can drown even in two inches of water. Ensure that any adjustments or latches can be used with just one hand, since your other hand may be holding baby down while he’s in the bath.

The best rated product to be used for baby’s bath should be perfect for his weight and size. A bath ring or seat that is built too small may just give baby an unpleasant bathing experience, making it necessary to just throw the product away. Get baby a unit without sharp corners or edges that could scrape his delicate skin. You would never want baby to feel traumatized during bath time with a product that is too tight around and with no room to move around just a tiny bit. Attached toys on the bath ring can help make bath time fun and exciting for your precious one.

For Christmas, a baby bath seat made of fine quality and material is perfect. Flimsy material can cause the product to break or get damaged easily. Soap can make the material brittle. Ensure that the product can be washed clean easily. Baby can mess up his baby bath seat so it should be easy to clean. Also, make sure that it is easy to remove baby from the bath seat and that he won’t end up stuck in it.

Try to look for good Black Friday deals on units with clamps or bottom-located suction cups that will hold the gear onto the sides or bottom of a full size tub or sink firmly. Remember though that even if the product has these elements, leaving baby unattended at bath time just for a few seconds is never advisable. Toys attached to the bath ring can keep baby entertained as you bathe him. Make sure you can bathe baby easily in the bath seat.

Always make sure that what you pick as the perfect answer to what is the best baby bath seat has not been recalled due to safety issues. The Consumer Products and Safety Commission (CPSC) should not have issued warnings on the safety and security of the product and if it has, the manufacturer should have been able to resolve the problem with appropriate measures or with redesign of the product to pass safety standards. This is also why buying second hand units is not recommended. The second hand product may have been the most popular one in the market prior to its recall, so vigilance is the key.  To sum it up, the best baby bath seat 2018 has the elements presented above to make it deserve its title.


Things to consider:

–          Crafted of superior quality materials with strong and excellent craftsmanship with no sharp edges or corners, to ensure baby’s safety and comfort

–          The right fit for your baby’s weight and size, to ensure that baby enjoys bath times

–          With integrated safety features such as a T-Bar or strap between baby’s legs, suction cups and enough support, to ensure safe use for baby

–          Makes it easy to bath baby in or remove him from the unit


Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub


Best Baby Bath Seat ReviewsThe Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tubis a four-stage convertible bath center that has a plug for easy drain & clean. It comes with a convenient squeeze bottle and whale scoop for gentle rinsing or play while baby bathes. This tub integrates a revolutionary  “Sit-Me-Up Support” to aid babies who are unable to support themselves  in the tub. The infant lies at a gentle recline on a soft-foam surface, effectively preventing slipping and sliding. When baby is ready to sit up and play, the baby stopper insert transforms to a unique Stage 3 Sit-Me-Up Support that helps unsteady sitters sit comfortably while enabling mom to have full access for washing. The Sit-Me-Up Support easily removes to reveal a roomy tub made for a toddler. All this makes the unit the best baby bath seat 2018.

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PRIMO White Infant Bath Seat


The PRIMO White Infant Bath Seat has a lightweight, special contoured design that helps mom safely bathe baby during the first few months of life, from 0 to 6 months. It provides support to baby’s legs and arms while bathing, preventing him from slipping underwater. It can be used in the sink or bathtub and is suitable for babies 18 pounds and 28inches long. This US-made baby product is easy to clean and is made of lead-free, BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic. Suction cups hold the Bath Seat securely in place. It is perfect for the home or for traveling. It does not have any sharp edges or curves that could hurt baby while bathing.

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Safety 1st Swivel Baby Bath Seat


Suitable for babies from 6 months to 13kg, the Safety 1st Swivel Baby Bath Seat is great for use with babies who can sit up unaided. The patented 360° swivel allows mom to gently turn baby in the seat to allow washing of those difficult-to-reach areas, making this gain high ratings in the best baby bath seat reviews. The Safety 1st Swivel Baby Bath Seat has an ergonomically shaped back rest that supports baby’s back. Attached is a rotating ball that will keep baby entertained  while he is being bathed. The unit includes four independent suction pads on the base for stability plus a clear “Max Level” water indicator to let mom know there’s enough water in the tub to enable bathing of baby. Extra support is provided by the unit while mom’s hands free to bathe baby.

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KETER Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat


Made of non-toxic plastic, the KETER Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat comes in attractive light colors to make bath time fun and exciting for baby. It has a closed ring design that makes baby’s safety the top priority. Baby can enjoy fun time during bath time thanks to the bath tub/ ring seat’s non-toxic plastic toy shapes at the front bar. Baby can feel safe while in the ring as she splashes around in the tub. This product keeps mom’s hands free to play with and complete baby’s bath. It has four anti-slip suction cups for maximum safety on a flat surface.The suction cups keep the unit immobile while baby is being bathed.

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Keter Baby Bath Seat Ring


The Keter Baby Bath Seat Ring provides the perfect support for baby to be bathed in a full-size bath tub. It is suitable for babies 7 months to 16 Months old, and weighing a maximum of  13 kilograms  or 28.6 pounds. This baby bath seat offers maximum safety for your baby and can make an amazing gift with its attractive color. It makes bath time more fun with the integrated toys mounted on the front of the baby bath seat. It ensures maximum safety on a flat surface thanks to the suction cups that stick to a smooth surface with ease. These cups keep the unit upright and stationary so bathing baby is not stressful.

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