Top rated baby bassinets in 2019


Every nursery should come equipped with a beautiful and carefully designed bassinet. A portable bassinet becomes a mom’s best friend because it offers a comfortable sleeping and relaxation environment for the child to enjoy. A young family should invest in such a baby product, which can become indispensable during the early months of the little one. Fortunately, the market offers different models which can suit any child. The trick is to read some of the best baby bassinets reviews and easily determine which product deserves to finds its place in your child nursery. If you are well informed, you will end up with a great bassinet that your child will adore.


What is the best Baby Bassinet in 2019?


33During those early months of a child’s life, safety and proper care need to go hand in hand every day of the week. You need to keep the newborn close and if he or she needs to, provide aid. Most child care specialists and baby sleep experts underline the need for continuous bond between parents and child until the age of 1. During the first 6 months of the baby’s life, you need to keep a close eye on him. This is where bassinets can provide the ideal assistance. A high quality baby bassinet can help save space in your dorm room while also keeping the child comfortable and safe. Since there are so many bassinet models available on the market, finding the right one can take some time. After analysing over 35 top rated products and 90 hours of tests, we drafted the best baby bassinet reviews.

There are some things to take into account before you decide upon one particular product. Selecting the best baby bassinet in 2019 represents a significant investment in your child’s early development. It is very important to look for a bassinet that meets the current U.S. safety standards and regulations. To this end you need to weigh your options carefully and opt for a bassinet that has the Consumer Product Safety Commission certification and ATSM quality seal. Try your best not to opt for a bassinet with harmful decorative stickers or posts! It is important not to expose your baby to any toxic elements. You should know that most of the present bassinets have a weight limit set somewhere between 15 to 20 pounds.  There are also some models that can hold heavier babies. Still, you need to take into account the fact that your child will ultimately outweigh the bassinet and transit to infant baby cribs.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Colors Price Max Weight Wheels Our Rating Where to buy

Arm’s Reach Ideal Arc Original

Cocoa/Natural $$$$ 30 lbs No A++ AMAZON

The First Years 5-in-1 Carry Me

Cream, Ivory, Ivy $$ 17.5 lbs Lockable A AMAZON

Badger Basket Elegance

Black with Black Toile and more $$$ 20 lbs Removable B+ AMAZON

Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep

Sweet Lamb $$$ 15 lbs YES B AMAZON

Baby Jogger Compact Pram

Black, Gray $$$$ 25 lbs No B AMAZON


First time parents understand the importance of keeping their babies safe and comfortable. This is why you need to carefully check the product’s weight limits. Some manufacturer’s underline in the instruction manual the basinet maximum weight and age limit. Another important thing to take into account is rocking capabilities. As thousands of parents pointed out on various occasions, a rocking basinet is a great feature that babies adore. When the baby begins to move on its own or even roll over the shifting weight rocks the basinet. If you consider investing in a rocking bassinet, you should make sure that it has a solid construction. In addition, you should also have the possibility to use the bassinet in stationary mode for added security.

How can you find the best baby bassinet in 2019? Well, you should also consider reading parent reviews. Once you read first-hand experience with different types of basinets you could take one product easier. Another important feature revolves around portability. Check with attention that the baby bassinet is easy to take from one place to another. If you travel a lot and can’t leave your baby at home, be sure that the bassinet is air travel approved!


Arm’s Reach Ideal Arc Original Co-Sleeper Bedside Bassinet


Our experts place this Arm’s Reach Bassinet at the top of our list because it has been designed with great attention being paid to safety and comfort. The first feature that impressed our experts was the space available for the baby, more than enough for him to play or sleep in. Even more impressive is the fact that this bassinet can be the perfect place for breastfeeding or bonding between the parents and their baby. All its sides are made from mesh material, allowing great air ventilation and its comfy liner is removable, plus machine washable too. The maximum weight limit is 30 pounds, making sure this bassinet will be a part of your baby’s life for well over a year.

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The First Years 5-in-1 Carry Me Near Sleep System


Best baby bassinets reviewsWhen it comes to high quality bassinets you need to regard with utmost attention products released by The First Years. According to the present top rated baby bassinets reviews it seems you can use with confidence 5-in-1 Carry Me Near from The First Year, a special product very popular among parents. This portable sleeper, changing table and play seat accommodates with ease all of your parental needs. You will be able to take better care of the child, with less effort and more comfort. It made out of 100% cotton for added comfort, and is also very easy to clean.



Multiple functionality as a portable sleeper, play seat, bassinet and changing table, made for an infant’s first months with mom close by

Separate vinyl-covered changing table is easy to clean and made of 100% cotton for year-round comfort for baby that keeps rashes and irritation-causing elements out

With three sleep modes that let moms keep baby close while sleeping and wherever they may go, thanks to the easy-fold design

Handle made with ergonomic design  so baby can be comfortably carried from room to room in the sleeper, with night light that offers a gentle vibration and 5 slumber-inducing audio selections



The fabric material is not machine washable, to ensure long term use and maintain its lovely design

The entire unit can be bulky or heavy, but that only comes from having multiple functionality


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Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet


There are a lot of parents that emphasize on elegance and utility when it comes to their daily child care. To this end, we are not surprise to see such a growing interest for Badger basket Elegance Round bassinet, a model that makes your nursery simply delightful. As one of the best baby bassinets in 2019, this model comes with full bedding set and a comfortable pad, so you won’t have to buy new ones. The bassinet has reliable caster wheels and also a solid storage shelf, located on the base. It provides a generous sleeping surface for the child to sleep in.



Comfortable and stylish bassinet that packs in the charm and easily lovable price, making this end the search for where to find cheap baby bassinets

Makes a charming addition to any nursery due to the special round shape and generous interiors

Comes with complete bedding set that includes the following components: a lovely skirt; a bumper; a fitted sheet; a draped canopy, all making a most comfortable space for baby to sleep in during the first months

Custom-tailored foam mattress pad with vinyl cover ensures complete safety for the precious one in the generously-sized sleeping area



Since the product is eventually outgrown, wood material in its construction may not be a practical choice, but that makes it strong and sturdy

Painted material may not be what some users like, but that’s all a matter of preference


“From the first time I saw this bassinet, I knew I had to have it in my nursery. My baby has outgrown it and in the time I’ve been using it, the bassinet has proven to be most comfortable and most reliable. When I got it around Xmas, it was pretty cheap and I don’t think this baby bassinet can prove too expensive for anyone.” – Laurie Jock


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Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep bassinet


Are you looking for a reliable baby bassinet, designed to make your parental responsibilities way easier? If you are, then you should consult the present best baby bassinets reviews and understand better why thousands of parents use Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep bassinet. With a beautiful and stylish design, this bassinet has a silent tranquil motion that helps you put the child to sleep. It includes a multi-speed sway dial that permits you to control every phase of the motion, thus keeping it in direct accordance with the child’s mood. Furthermore you can play music, womb and nature sounds that can soothe the baby easier!



Offers silent sway motion to lull baby to sleep gently and peacefully so they can grow big and strong through their first months

Multi-speed sway dial allows easy control of the swaying motion, so baby can have the right amount of movement depending on their mood

Provides nature, music and womb sounds that baby can be soothed by to make them fall asleep quickly and without fuss

Quilted design on bassinet has adorable embroidery pattern that goes well with other nursery or bedroom fixtures



Changing the batteries requires using a tool and reattachment of the module to the underside, basically a non-issue for moms who know how to use a screwdriver


“My daughter loves this bassinet and I can tell she feels very comfy. Even I like the embroidery pattern and whenever I swing it, she goes straight to sleep. I don’t care who makes the best baby bassinets in 2019 because this model is perfect for my princess. The fact that I got it around Black Friday, made it cheaper than usual.” – Mary L. Ellington


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Baby Jogger Compact Pram baby bassinet


A professional baby bassinet can make your life way easier because you can meet all the child’s needs with no restrictions. According to recent parental statistics, it seems that you can use with trust Baby Jogger compact Pram baby bassinet, a model which will improve your child management skills. It is compatible with Baby Jogger strollers, due to the included mounting bracket. This particular model has a 25 pound weight capacity, which is more than enough to put your baby to sleep. Still, you need to know one thing: it is not suited for overnight sleeping, try to avoid such actions.



Accessory mounting bracket makes the unit compatible with single strollers from Baby Jogger, to help baby sleep comfortably in the stroller when mom has to do grocery shopping for milk formula and diapers

25-pound weight capacity ensures that the bassinet is still usable as baby grows, with practical two-in-one functionality that makes it ideal for the home and outside strolls with mom and baby

Integrated with plush padding for baby’s ultimate comfort, plus an adjustable sun canopy to keep the sun out of baby’s eyes while sleeping near a window

Bassinet apron amply covers baby’s legs for added warmth, and carrying handles enable easy transport to and from a stroller



Not designed for overnight sleeping, as it comes with no legs, but perfect for daytime use

Mounting brackets require significant muscle strength to set-up easily, but gets easier with time


“My new baby bassinet is just the thing for a active mother like me. It’s comfy for my son and I find it pretty easy to carry. I bought it because expert reviews were recommending it as one of the highest rated models money can buy.” – Becky Lawrence

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Fisher-Price Zen Collection Gliding bassinet – Not available


The time has come to have in your home a special baby bassinet: Zen collection gliding model from Fisher-Price. Designed with attention to keep the child in a tranquil state and ready to sleep, this bassinet will give you the break you need from time to time. It comes with a variable speed control knob, which permits you to personalize the baby’s sleeping experience. Your life as a parent will be easier and comfort is the best word to describe your interaction between your son and the bassinet. It has a contemporary appearance, due to the rectangular tubing frame, wooden accents and also soft goods while bedding the child.