If you’re here just to find the best axes and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about different products in this category by checking out product ratings in various review sites for expert hand tools and comparing what we have read with actual owner feedback. Thankfully, after our extensive product research and comparison, we have been able to find what we believe is truly the best one on the market, the Fiskars X27. This axe is quite easy to bring down into and take out of the log so you can effortlessly finish the wood cutting tasks in less time. The power-to-weight ratio and perfect balance ensure higher swing speeds for greater power, so you can use it with the same efficiency as an aluminum baseball bat. Make more one-strike splits each time whether you’re working on medium or large-size logs, thanks to the advanced bevel convex blade of this axe that makes it easy to wield with sufficient power while ensuring problem-free extrication from the wood. Should the Fiskars X27 be unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Husqvarna 576926201.



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There are many reasons why someone would need an axe, especially if they are an outdoorsy type of person. Axes come in a wide range of sizes, from as small as 8 inches to as long as 36 inches. If you only recently have started getting into outdoor activities, you may be a little confused when it comes to what is the best axe on the market.

We have created this guide to help you choose the perfect axe that you pick up on Black Friday. We hope that with the information in this guide, you’ll be able to take your new axe and cut down your very own Xmas tree, or at least get the Yule log ready.

Husqvarna Multi-Purpose Forest


The Intended Use

Before you can purchase one of the best rated axes, you will want to decide what you intend to do with it. Axes are primarily used for chopping or splitting. If you are going to be chopping wood or cutting down a tree, your axe should have a very thin blade that will come to an extremely sharp edge. When you go to sharpen the edge yourself, you can do so easily without taking too much metal off. The head of an axe should be made of a heavy duty, solid steel. There shouldn’t be any joints or connections, as it should be one solid piece of metal.


The Handle

When you pick up the axe, you will want to look down the handle to the head. The handle should be wood and the grain of the wood should run lengthwise. If the grain does not run the length of the handle, then there are chances that when you strike a piece of wood, the handle may break. Also, the length of the handle will depend on the intended use. To cut down a tree, it should be the same length from the middle of your palm to your arm pit. Of course, if you are going to be using the axe for smaller or close cutting jobs, the handle should be the same size of your forearm.


The Weight

One of the most important aspects of choosing a new ax is picking one that you can actually lift! When you are buying the ax, lift it and rest the head on your shoulder. This may seem like a silly test, but if this simple motion requires too much effort, then you won’t be able to swing the ax repetitiously.

There are a lot of axes available on the market and although we cannot tell you who makes the best ax, we do think that this information will be able to guide you in the right direction. Also, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy the most expensive ax on the market. Sometimes even the cheap ones work just as well!



Products for Specific Needs


Best Axes for Splitting Wood


Fiskars 7884 X27


If you are a tall person, this is the best axe for splitting wood because it measures 36 inches and gives you excellent chances of getting one-strike splits when you are chopping logs. The axe has blended balance and power to weight ratio perfectly. This allows you to swing the axe powerfully with an increased speed. The Shock Absorbing DuraFlex handle is lightweight in your hand, but it is stronger than steel handles as it prevents damage caused by overstrike. When the axe is not in use, you can safely store it in the sheath that comes with the axe.


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Best Axes for Camping


M-Tech USA Traditional


The M-Tech Stainless Steel Conventional Axe is considered to be one of the best axes for camping because it features a three inch thick stainless steel blade that can easily chop firewood to create a roaring camp fire. The handle of this blade is made of a durable rubber that was designed to withstand long term, heavy use. The axe measures 11 inches, which makes it compact enough to carry with your camping gear without sacrificing strength or durability. When you are not using the axe, you can store it in the black nylon sheath that comes with the blade.


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Best Axes for Backpacking


Ultimate Survival Technologies Sabercut


If you are looking for one of the best axes for backpacking, then this heavy duty camp axe made by Ultimate Survival Technologies may be the exact axe you’re looking for. This ax is made from 5mm 440 stainless steel, which is ideal for tough cutting jobs and features a specially designed head suitable for prying. The heavy duty TPR molded handle with a bead blasted texture provides you with a secure grip so that you can comfortably and safely use the axe even in cold temperatures and the rain. The fully extended tang blade has been skeletonized in order to decrease the weight and makes it an excellent tool to pull up tent pegs.


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Top rated axes in 2019


There are thousands of Americans that work all day with wood, from collecting raw materials to the more precise refinement process. It is important, if you are a woodcrafter, to have a reliable axe, designed to cut any type of wood with precision and less effort. How can you find the best axe from the many products available on the market? Well, the answer will come easier once you consult some of the current best axes reviews. With reliable details on what makes an axe great, you will be able to cut down any type of wood easier. Are you ready to find the best cutting tool?



Husqvarna 576926201


Best Axes reviewsShopping for a powerful axe can be pretty hard, taking into account the sheer number of products. Yet, according to the latest top rated axes reviews it seems that you should use with confidence Multi-Purpose Forest axe from Husqvarna. This hand forged axe is ideal for cutting down trees and various logs with precision. The blade is made out of powerful Swedish steel, capable of cutting any wood. It has a total weight of 2.7 lbs and with a head length of 6-2/4”, ideal for any operation. You will have complete control over various cutting activities and thus get the job done.



Which product is the best from the many available for purchase? According to our data, it seems the woodworkers will appreciate owning the 576926201 multipurpose axe from Husqvarna, a model made to perform well even during the harshest of cutting applications

The axe comes with a hickory handle and powerful Swedish steel blade which can be used to perform clean cuts on various wood materials

Due to the curved handle people will be able to hold the axe better while cutting wood for hours and hours

It includes a protective leather sheath which protects the axe’s blade when not in use, thus prolonging its lifespan



Because the axe doesn’t have wedge shape it presents a challenge for people to split large logs


Buy from Amazon.com for ($69.69)




Cold Steel 90PTH


Are you trying to find a powerful axe capable of cutting different types of wood? If you are then you should consider using one of the best axes in 2019 from Cold Steel: Trench hawk axe. This model can be used in order to break out of tight spaces such as trenches, bunkers and more importantly cut wood with ease. It has a 3-1/2 inch cutting edge and also a solid wedge shaped spike. Furthermore, the axe has a poly propylene handle that is very resistant to impact and shock. The axe includes a patented Secure-Ex sheath and also an articulate design for better usage.



Present among the top ten products from Cold Steel, the Trench Howk Axe comes with 3-1/2 inch cutting edge and special wedge shaped spike, ideal design for splitting wood, peeling trees or making fire wood

The axe is fitted with a durable head which resists to powerful cutting bows and limits the stress of continuous work

Features a comfortable handle that allows users to perform clean cuts, while reducing shock and impact pressure on the hands

Weighing 24 ounce and with a length of 19 inches, this powerful axe is completed by an exclusive Secure-Ex sheath which ensures heightened durability



The axe is fitted with a handle that lacks textured layer but it is made by powerful polymer

The included sheath does not include a belt loop


Buy from Amazon.com for ($37.95)




Gerber 31-000917


When it comes to high quality axes, you should know that Gerber is well-known for its cutting precision. To this end you can use with confidence Gerber 31-000917 splitting axe, a product that can cut any type of wood. This axe’s head is made out of durable forged steel which maintains the edge sharp. It has a fiber comp handle which cannot be destroyed, letting you handle diverse cutting actions with ease. Due to its unique design, the axe provides the ideal balance and weight while you swing to cut different wood. Good to know: the axe has a protective sheath that protects the head.



As the highest rated axe from Gerber, the 31-000917 model is fitted with a carefully forged steel head which resists well to prolonged hits on different types of wood

This high quality 28.46 inch axe comes equipped with an indestructible fiber comb handle which feels right and secure while cutting branches, twigs, logs and many other wood materials

The axe is designed with a durable head, made from forged steel which delivers proper cutting performance during simple and complex tasks

This powerful splitting axe can be used as an axe or hatchet, making it perfect for hunting, camping and hiking



The axe comes with a sheath which some users consider pretty hard to put over the head


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Innovation Factory IF-221 Trucker’s Friend


Do you want to cut different types of wood with ease? Well, if you do then it is time to learn more things about Innovation Factory IF-221 trucker’s friend. This powerful handy multi-functional hand tool was especially designed for truck drivers that sometimes need to cut different things. This advanced axe can be used without any problems to cut branches, chip ice and many other small things. The set includes a curved axe, nail puller, spanner, tier chain hook, hammer, ideal to meet all that you need to accomplish during long drives. Made in the United States of America, this axe is certainly a great addition to any trucker.



Regarded by many as a great product under $200, the IF-221 Trucker’s Friend from Innovation Factory is an all-purpose tool, designed to respond well during prying, hacking, pulling or pounding

The axe incorporates Shock-Absorbing PowerGrip which minimizes shock and vibrations during various cutting applications

It features a powerful axe head, engineered out of cast alloy steel blade with a rust resistant finish, making it a great companion during long drives

As one of the most popular axe from Innovation Factory, this professional cutting tool is great for removing objects stuck in tires, chopping away ice, debris or cutting wood



Comes with a sheath but it is made of cloth


Buy from Amazon.com for ($49.99)



Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian – Not available


It is important to be equipped with a powerful axe that can get things done faster and easier than you used to do. How can you achieve heightened cutting precision? Well, according to the latest best axes reviews, you can use Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian forest axe, a model capable of cutting anything. It was forged thing, curved a bit and precisely sharpened in order to cut branches from fresh wood. The axe has a long handle that gives you additional strength and power while cutting anything. This premium axe incorporates Swedish expertise, with 3-1/2” face and 25” handle, weighing only 2 lb head.




Axes. What to Look for:


Every handymen or professional woodworker should own a professional ax. This powerful cutting tool can be used to safely cut through different wood or plastic materials. Today’s market is more than generous when it comes to high quality axes. In the right hands a good ax can make short work of a log or set of branches. Seeing as there are so many ax models available on the market, you need to learn how to spot the primary characteristics. It is important to invest in an ax that can cut through a wide range of wood materials. There are many things to take into consideration while browsing for a new product. So, at the end of this buying guide you will be able to find a solid ax, ideal to use when needed.

Going through the best ax reviews helped us to fully understand what makes a product efficient. We also read extended user testimonials on popular axes in order to determine which components form the perfect cutting tool. A good ax contains the following elements: heel of head, bit, tee of head, cheek or ramp, poll, neck, belly, shoulder, toe of haft, heel of haft, eye, wooden wedge and metal wedge. This is the standard construction of a powerful ax. The first thing that you have to do is determine the ax’s primary purpose. Axes will serve 3 major purposes: shaping wood, splitting and also cutting. There are slight differences between a splitting ax and cutting ax. The particularities are mainly caused by the ax profile and construction. You need to find a product with a thick razor blade that can cut through various materials. Furthermore the ax should have a stainless steel for proper cutting performance even while splitting wood.

How to choose the best axe in 2019 since there are so many models out there? Well, this is a tricky question which needs to be handled with attention. Now, you should take into account the head of the axe. It has to be a solid head, slamming with precision the log. The axe should include a great wedge for proper swinging force during each use. A narrow profile of the axe enables you to safely cut even the hardest of wood materials. The knife point is very important because it reflects the wood penetration depth. Recent statistics showed that a growing number of workers prefer axes with single bit. This particular design optimizes the torque of the user. As a result, at the end of each swing you will be able to safely cut the material.

With the best axe in 2019 cutting tasks become easier to perform. Some people use without hesitation double bit axes, which come with a symmetrical design for proper swinging force. This axe incorporates 2 blades that splint wood with minimal effort. Furthermore due to the flexible profile the axe can perform better than standard models. You should also find a powerful axe with a sturdy yet comfortable handle.


Things to consider:

–         A solid metal head, so you can cut logs and branches with ease

–         A sturdy handle, to have the possibility of comfortably cutting through different wood pieces

–         Single or double bit, for proper cutting performance during various situations

–         Sharp blades, so you will cut without problems different materials