In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best axe and tool sharpener? We have you covered! This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best axe and tool sharpeners on the market, by looking at expert review sites, owner feedback, value for money, and even sales figures. Out of the products we have reviewed, the Byers 21800 is the best because it uses diamond sharpened carbide inserts in a small and light package that will fit in any pocket. Its simple design allows you to have it on you at all times, and the plastic handle makes it incredibly easy to use. Moreover, this model has some of the best axe and tool sharpener reviews. If the Byers 21800 is unavailable, you could also try the Smith’s 50582, as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


Indeed, every man who possesses an axe or a pair of gardening scissors has found himself on more than one occasion in need of a tool sharpener. However, not many of us have struggled too much with the shopping process, although a little more care could save us money and time. So what are the key features of a good sharpener?


Obviously, the material that comes in contact with the blade and which does the actual work is the most important detail you have to consider. Sharpeners on the market vary considerably even in this area, and while diamond is the roughest of them all, tungsten carbide or polished ceramic are appreciated as well, especially since they are considerably cheaper.

If you do want to go with the diamond type, be sure to check the grit number, as it will tell you how much material will the sharpener remove when used.



While some sharpeners on the market are suited for just one type of blade or specific tools, heaps of models can be used to sharpen anything you need. Paying a little more at first might save you a lot of effort and secondary investments.

However, a sharpener that’s perfect for an axe might not be the best sharpener for tools and knives, so you should always be informed about how exactly you are supposed to use it on the tools you own.


Safety features

Working with blades always involves a risk, and no amount of security features can be too many, no matter how wary you like to consider yourself. That being said, there is a point where a tool loses its usability if it becomes overburdened with features that modify too much of its aspect and use. The usual safety additions you can find on a sharpener are large-sized handles and finger guards. Furthermore, some sharpeners are suitable to be used with gloves so that you can protect your hands during work.


Ease of use

Another thing you have to consider is how much effort does the handler have to put in, so that the sharpener does its job. Also, the position and the angle in which the blade must be placed might turn out to make a big difference in the ease of use of some models.

If your wife or children are usually joining in this area of housework, try and imagine what they would be comfortable using. A heavy, bulky sharpener will be a hassle if you’re the kind of man who takes long camping trips or likes to keep his tools close at all times.


Value offered for the money

We’ve already mentioned the cost variation between models caused by the material used. Surely, there are a lot more factors that influence the price of a sharpener. Unfortunately, in this consumerist society we often end up paying for the brand instead of the product itself, and that turns into disappointment just as often.

So instead of looking for a certain manufacturer, try and assess the value of the sharpener based on the actual features and how helpful they will be for you. Only then you will be able to tell if the price is worth it or not.


Top Rated Axe and Tool Sharpeners in 2022


The best axe and tool sharpeners have been showcased below. Based on what we have discovered about them, these are the critically acclaimed units available for sale these days. It won’t hurt if you gave them a look if you haven’t decided just yet.



Byers 21800


This sharpener from Byers can make quite an impression: it gives you the option of operating with one of the two sharpening slots, one that’s for double-edged tools and another one that’s suited for single-edged tools. Aside from this unique feature, the Byers model has a surprisingly slick and straightforward design, which comes in handy for storage and transportation.

The straight plastic handle makes it lightweight and easy to use, and the diamond sharpened carbide inserts make room for a clean, proper sharpening. Most sharpeners require that you hold the axe or another tool with one hand and operate it with the other one.

But this Byers model brings your contact with the blade at a minimum since it requires that the axe is stuck in a vice or a tree stump, and the sharpener is moved across the blade, using both hands. This will allow you to have great control on the angle and firmness of the push, and remove the usual risk of getting cut or scratched by the blade. You will find that this sharpener is a little over the average price, but it is our firm belief that its price fails to reflect the whole value of such tool.

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Smith’s 50582


Advertised as best suited to sharpen axes, machetes, hatchets and so on, this Smith’s model has the looks and features of a power sharpener that will get your blades cutting in no-time.

The safety features on the 50582 include a large finger safety guard and a large handle with soft grip that will allow you to wear gloves while working with it. This sharpener promises to give your tools a clean precision edge with its preset carbide blades, hidden in a plastic head. The blades are replaceable, and the size of the sharpener allows you to carry and handle it with ease.

A cleaning brush with wire bristles helps you keep your tool debris-free, and you don’t have to worry about losing it, as it can be placed in a special slot in the handle. We must underline the exceptionally affordable price of this tool which, along with the possibility to replace the blades makes it a great investment.

Moreover, the model has received a lot of good reviews, which gives us the confidence to say it is probably the best sharpener for axe you can find in its price range, and it is a good buy.

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Smith’s 50429 


Coming from the same manufacturer as the previously presented sharpener, the 50429 model shares a lot of similarities with it, but also brings a couple of different features on the table. First of all, the head of this sharpener is made out of cast aluminum, making it much more resistant and prolonging the tool’s life.

The aluminum head is weighted so that the operator has more balance and can maneuver the tool with a surer hand. The large finger guard is present on this sharpener too, but its design is less bulky, and the handle is less large, contributing to the ease of use, but minimizing the safety feature.

Also using carbide blades, the Smith’s 50429 has a great chance at matching its counterparts in what the quality and smoothness of the sharpened blade are concerned. The same cleaning brush with metallic bristles accompanies this model as well, but to get it in your possession, you will have to open your wallet a little wider.

With overall good features, the Smith’s 50429 sharpener is surely a good tool to have around the house, especially if you don’t mind spending a few bucks on your gear.

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