Top rated automatic soap dispensers in 2019


Your bathroom must be equipped with a lot of different things which make doing different things a bit easier. One thing which is more and more seen in a modern day bathroom is the soap dispenser which has many shapes and sizes but which all have the same basic function and that is to give you the liquid soap needed to wash your hands. Going over the best automatic soap dispensers reviews will reveal to you some of the most interesting models with the most intriguing deign and features.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Origin Batteries Our Rating Where to buy

Simplehuman ST1027

11 fluid oz $$$$ China No required A+ AMAZON

Simplehuman ST1015

13 fluid oz $$$ China 4 AA A AMAZON

Simplehuman ST1018

13 fluid oz $$$ China 4 AA B+ AMAZON

Simplehuman ST1031

8 fluid oz $$ China 4 AA B AMAZON

Umbra Otto

9 fluid oz $$ China 4 AAA B AMAZON



Simplehuman ST1027 Rechargeable Sensor Pump Soap Dispenser


Best Automatic soap dispensers reviewsThe Simplehuman rechargeable soap dispenser will add a bit of a modern touch to any bathroom, using its sensors to give you your liquid soap that you need to wash your hands. The valves which are made from silicone will prevent the drips from causing a mess only getting on the surface of your hands. Just charge the dispenser in 2 hour via its USB cable and have it working for 3 months continuously. Many satisfied customers consider it in their reports one of the best automatic soap dispensers in 2019.

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Simplehuman ST1031 Sensor Pump with Soap Sample/Lotion Dispenser


One dispenser which has a reputation as one of the best automatic soap dispensers in 2019 is this model from Superhuman. There is nothing complicated about its functioning, just place your hand under its tip which has the sensor and a certain quantity of soap will fall on your hand. You will manage to refill it very easily and at the same time it won’t create a mess of things thanks to its innovative set of features. Except soap you can place inside it sanitizer or lotion, whatever you see fit.

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Simplehuman ST1018 Sensor Pump with Caddy


For a very affordable price range you can get your hands on the Simplehuman Sensor pump which has a touch-free operation. In just 0.2 of a second liquid soap will drip in your hands so you can wash them quickly and uneventfully. If it is out of battery don’t worry you can also use it manually, pushing the button at its top. The volume of the soap can be adjusted easily as well thanks to the easy button controls. Even the best automatic soap dispensers reviews are very pleased with this model.

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Simplehuman ST1015 Compact Sensor Pump


One of the most common soap dispensers you will see in US bathrooms is this model from Simplehuman which has probably the best quality to price ratio around. You can get it in 3 different colors: white, black and the brushed finish. You can dispense as much soap as you like in one go because you can adjust the level through the button control. With 4 AA alkaline batteries this dispenser will last you one whole year. Its popularity recommends it as one of the top rated automatic soap dispensers in 2019.

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Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser


The Umbra Otto Automatic soap dispenser is another model you can go for so you can wash your hands, apply lotion and so on. The futuristic design comes in 5 different colors so you surely can find which different one best fits your bathroom. It will be powered by four AAA batteries which you will have to change once every few months, so not often at all. The liquid soap level can easily observed thanks to the front little transparent window.

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