Top rated automatic litter boxes in 2021


A kitten can be a wonderful addition to the family bringing affection to the mix. But at the same time you have to be responsible for the little fur ball and you need to buy it some essentials like for instance a litter box. Advances in technology have gone one step further and have created the automatic litter box, to make things easier for you. The best automatic litter boxes reviews have been more then positive about the following models.


What litter box to buy – A buying guide


One of the “joys” of owning a cat is that you do not have to take it out for a walk when it has to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, you do have to clean its litter box frequently. Because this chore is a stinky one, it shouldn’t be surprising that automatic litter boxes are the highest rated litter boxes among cat owners. There are a lot of different types of self-cleaning boxes available, and we have created this guide to help you choose which is the best box for your feline friend—and you!

To make a decision, you must first understand how the litter box works. Don’t worry, it is a simple process. The most popular automatic litter boxes use a sensor that can detect when the cat enters and leaves the litter box. When the cat leaves, the sensor will trigger a timer that will send a rake to move across the litter pan, essentially raking the litter and moving the waste into a bin at the end of the box. This type of box is ideal for owners with more than one cat. Another automatic litter box in the top ten does not have a sensor that detects the cat, but uses a timer that you can set that will clean the litter periodically throughout the day. Don’t worry about the rake attacking the cat while they are doing their business—these litter boxes have a fail-safe that prevent the rake from going out while the box is occupied.

There are some litter boxes that require specific litter. You will want to choose the right kind of litter for the box. Some litter, like clay based litters, can be too heavy for the rake, or it could actually get caked up around the rake itself and then that is a bigger mess for you to clean up.

Because the dirty litter will be separated from the clean litter, you will want to make sure you choose the litter box that is best rated for keeping the odor isolated. Some boxes have a covered compartment where the excrements are stored, while others simply push the dirty litter into a compartment with a plastic bag and that’s all.

Be warned, self-cleaning litter boxes are not cheap, in fact, they can down right expensive. However, if you love cats but hate cleaning their boxes, then it may be a worth-while investment for you.

We hope that this guide was able to help you understand why you may prefer an automatic litter box over the standard litter box. If you find yourself looking for a self-cleaning box, keep these things in mind.


Things to consider:

  • Know which kind of litter box you are purchasing. Some boxes uses sensors that detect when the cat enters and leaves the litter box and then it will clean it, while others use a timer that you have to set.
  • Make sure you read the directions of the litter box so that you purchase the right kind of litter. Not all litters work with every kind of automatic litter boxes.
  • Think about if the cost of the litter box is worth it to you. If you do not mind cleaning the litter box (or live with people who do not mind the chore) and you are cost conscious, perhaps you may want to skip the automatic cleaning option because they can be expensive.


CatGenie Self Washing Cat Box


Best Automatic litter boxes reviewsYou won’t have to worry about any dirty stuff when you have this automatic litter box from CatGenie, which will dispose of the litter without any help and wash itself quickly. The granules which are used by this cat box are litter like so that your cat can’t tell the difference and use them normally. Two or three cats can use it at a time without any problem, not being too much for it. Cat lovers see it as one of the best automatic litter boxes in 2021.

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Littermaid Classic Series Automatic Litter Box


The best automatic litter boxes reviews agree that this Littermaid model is very reliable and will make you forget about cleaning the litter your cat leaves behind. If your cat has under 15 pounds than it can use this litter box for as long as it ones. The waste won’t leave the box because it is fitted with high walls. The high-tech features are also present and one of the most impressive ones is the motion sensor that will activate the cleaning cycle You can plug it in to a power outlet or you can run it even on batteries.

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SmartScoop Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box


The SmartScoop Automatic litter box has everything you would expect from a top model making sure you don’t have to worry about cleaning your cat’s mess. It will not only simplify things for you, but at the same time it will combat the foul odors that are left behind by your cat in the actual litter box. It is also recommended that you wash its removable parts from time to time, so the while litter box will last for longer. It is definitely one of the best automatic litter boxes in 2021.

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PetSafer Simply Clean Litter Box


One of the most popular litter boxes which a lot of cat lovers invest in is the PetSafer litter box that also has a very reliable price to go along with the excellent set of features. No loud noises will be produced while it cleans and washes itself, so your cat doesn’t get scared of it. Assembling it is not a very difficult process and you won’t even need to use any tools for it. The reputation as one of the top rated automatic litter boxes in 2021 is nothing less than this model deserves.

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LittleMaid LME5500 Automatic Litter Box


For a very accessible price you can get your hands on this litter box from Littlemaid and take care of your kitty problem, without you having to put any effort into it. You will have to clean its parts every now and then so you prolong its life span. The Ionic air filter is one of its key features that makes it be so efficient in what it does and helps it remove distinct odors. The Littlemaid LME5500 will come to you with 4 waste receptacles, the ionic cleaner and also 4 replaceable carbon filters.

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