If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best automatic cat feeder money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about the different automatic cat feeders for sale on the market by looking into what actual owner feedback says about different products and comparing that with the ratings and reviews in expert review sites. Thankfully, after that exhaustive product comparison and evaluation, we were able to find what we believe is the number one product in this category, the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed. This automatic cat feeder can be programmed to schedule up to 12 meals each day, giving you peace of mind that your pet is getting fed at the proper time while you are at work. Meal portions are flexible too, with options varying from ⅛ cup to 4 cups so your pet can avoid overeating or be fed generously since customized apportioned meals are given every feeding time. The exclusive conveyor system  accommodates both dry and semi-moist foods of varying shapes and sizes to prevent food or taste fatigue. If the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the PetSafe Electronic.



Comparison Table


Product Batteries Price Warranty Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

PetSafe Electronic PF5-11

4 D $$$ 1 year 13 x 16 x 4 inch A AMAZON

Aspen 24232 Le Bistro

3 D $$$ 1 year 8.7 x 13 x 15 inch B AMAZON

Cat Mate 201 Cat Feeder

1 AA $$$ No 10.4 x 3.4 x 8.5 inch B AMAZON

QPets AF-108

4 C $$ No 12.6 x 12.6 x 5 inch C+ AMAZON

Petwant Large Automatic

4 D $$$ Graphite 17 x 9.5 x 14 inch C AMAZON



Buying Guide


When you have a cat in your home you have certain responsibilities and this means keeping it well fed and healthy. Sometimes you can be away for a longer time than usual and your cat may go hungry if you haven’t filed its bowl properly, but now there is an alternative for this problem and that is the automatic cat feeder. If you want to get one but don’t know exactly which models then read the best automatic cat feeders reviews.


One of the best things about owning a cat as a pet is that they are low maintenance. They come and go as they please and they are just easy to take care of. If you are interested in treating your feline friend to a gift for Christmas, you may be interested in a cat feeder. You can find affordable automatic cat feeders in many stores and they can come in handy, especially if you travel a lot. This guide will help you determine what features you will want to look for when choosing a feeder for your pet.

When you are deciding what kind of automatic feeder you want for your cat, the first thing you should consider is how frequently your pet will need to be fed. There are devices that allow you to program feedings from several times a day to over the span of several days. It is recommended that if you are going to use it for a period of days, the most popular automatic cat feeders feature a timer. These devices allow you to set the time, which the food will be released and can be used with apps for remote programming.


Speaking of timers, this is one of the most important aspects of choosing between the top 10 automatic cat feeders. You can choose between the timed feeder and interval feeders. Interval feeders means you will have to adjust the mechanism every cycle at a particular time. For example, you put new food in the feeder at 7 am. You will be out of the house all day, so you set the feeder up so it releases food slowly throughout the day until you come home and restart the feeder. This choice is perfect for pet owners who are trying to regulate how frequently their cat eats. Some pets gorge on all the food at one time and they have the tendency to overeat.

Something people tend to overlook is the size of the food that they use. Some devices are designed to work with small food pellets while others can adjust manually, just in case you decide to use the feeder for a dog later. If you have more than one cat, you will want a feeder that has a large hopper that can store large quantities of food.

If you are a cat owner who only feeds their feline friend wet food, you can find affordable automatic cat feeders that can be used with wet food. These feeders use cold packs that will keep the pet food in good condition. While these types of feeders are not as among the highest rated feeders available, it is nice to know that the option is still there.


Things to consider:

  • Decide how often your cat needs to be fed. From here, you can choose between a timed feeder and an interval feeder.
  • If you have more than one cat, you want a feeder that can hold a lot of food so that you have enough food for both cats.
  • Make sure the dispenser can dispense the right amount of food. You do not want to use a feeder where the hole is too small and not enough food is released or vice versa.



Top Rated Automatic Cat Feeders in 2022



PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed


1.PetSafe Healthy PetThe PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed is a convenient automatic cat feeder that ensures that your feline or canine friend gets fed at the right time each time. You won’t have to worry when you have to be at work the whole day since this pet appliance makes it easy to feed your pet on time. Just the right amount of food is set out every feeding time so your pet won’t be in danger of obesity due to overeating, with this fully programmable feeding system that automatically churns out each meal according to your selected schedule and portion sizes.



Schedules up to 12 meals a day, letting you stay at work while ensuring that your pet gets fed on time every time, giving you peace of mind.

Versatile enough to accommodate both dry and semi-moist foods with varying shapes and sizes so your pet doesn’t experience taste fatigue by eating the same kind of food with the same texture.

Enables you to provide versatile meal portions from as little as ⅛ cup for obese pets to 4 cups per meal for actively growing cats and small to medium-size dogs.

Multiple feed modes, from slow feed mode for dispensing of meals more than ⅛ cup in size for 15 minutes to prevent overly fast eating, to immediate feed mode so the next meal is set instantly. The pause feed mode stops the feeding temporarily without messing with the set feed schedule.



Can be difficult to program at the onset, but the process gets easier with time.

Meal portions don’t include other sizes like ⅓ cup and others, necessitating fraction conversion.


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PetSafe Electronic PF5-11


Best Automatic cat feeders reviewsA very popular cat feeder which many animal lovers across the US go for is the PetSafe Electronic PF5-11 with 5 tray capacity. The whole construction of the pet feeder is very solid with polypropylene, rugged and sanitary making it up. To power it you will have to get 4 D-cell batteries and then you can set its timer to the period that you think is appropriate. The food tray can even be washed in your dishwasher thanks to its sturdy construction making this model one of the top rated automatic cat feeders in 2022.



Often chosen to be one of the best rated automatic cat feeders thanks to its easy-to-set digital timer, which allows pet owners to program the unit to deliver meals at preselected times

Ensures no overfeeding and is particularly useful when a pet owner wants their pet to have controlled portions and servings of special or medical pet food items

Food tray comprised of five feeding slots that each have a capacity of one cup of dry food, to help with controlled portioning and optimum feeding results

Also ideal for puppies and smaller dog breeds, with a secure latching lid that won’t be easily opened by anxious pets and with easy-to-wash and dishwasher-safe food trays



Requires 4 separately-purchased D-cell batteries to operate

Not practical when pet feeding times are not on constant schedule


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Aspen 24232 Le Bistro


A very popular choice for pet owners all across the US is the Aspen Le Bistro automatic pet feeder mainly because it has a superior quality to price ratio. You can place 5 pounds of cat food inside it and program it to feed your cat at regular intervals without you lifting a finger. The shape and size of the food you place inside is not important because it can accommodate almost any of them. Normally a full set of batteries will sustain it for 6 months in average. The best automatic cat feeders reviews give this models a huge thumbs up.



Perfect feeder for fully automated feeding of cats and dogs, with a durable plastic base that securely holds a food reservoir for food on demand

Employs patented programmable electronics that prompt the feeder to dispense portions from 0.25 to 2 cups portioned out for three selected times per day

Can be programmed to meet scheduled feeding times and amounts, useful when pet owner is at work, away or recovering from surgery or sickness, with the food hopper holding 5 pounds of food

Food reservoir takes a full range of dry food types, sizes and shapes, with a detachable feeding bowl that can be cleaned easily



Dispenses only dry pet food

Unit not made for special medical diets or canned meals


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QPets AF-108


This pet feeder from QPet is recognized by pet owners as one of the best automatic cat feeders in 2022. With it you have the option of setting the timer at 6 different levels and you can even record 6 different messages for your pet while he is feeding. You will also see the low battery indicator which will alert you when they need to be changed. While other can be opened by your pets if they try hard enough this model has a specially designed lid lock that can’t be opened by your cat or dog.



Lid fitted with dual snapping locks and carries a novel design that keeps food safe for pets while protecting the trays from smart cats

Overanxious pets can try to unlock the food tray cover but the unit follows a programmed feeding time that can be set to six different periods of the day according to owner’s choice

With built-in Microphone and Speaker that play a pre-recorded 6-second personal message for one’s pet to let it know it’s time for feeding

Has low battery indicator, which ensures that a pet owner always keeps the unit running and their pet fed at programmed times of the day



Setting of feeding times takes a certain learning curve at the onset and gets easier with practice

Requires resetting when feeding cycle is completed


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Petwant Large Automatic


This pet feeder from Petwant has a huge pet food capacity which you can put to good use so you know that your cat or dog has all the foods it needs for a certain period of time. You can even record a message for your pet which will be played every time he starts feeding. The sized and the time intervals are programmable to the values that you see fit. The LCD display shows the numbers in large figures so they are easy readable, so you don’t make any mistakes when you set the time interval. The title of one of the best automatic cat feeders in 2022 is correct in this case.



Ideal electronic portion control feeder for dogs and cats, with an extra-large food hopper that has a capacity of 45 cups  or 10.65 liters

Has wide feed range from 1 to 99 days in programmable portion sizing varying between 0.25 cup and 2.5 cups, with scheduled feeding from 1 to 4 times a day

Engineered with smart sensor that prevents overloading of feeding tray, so pets only get the programmed portion size according to the owner’s choice

Is easily one of the top 3 automatic cat feeders due to its lid with pet-proof lock that is especially useful when one’s pet is smarter than average



Programming can be tricky at the beginning but gets easier with constant use

Turning the feeder off or changing the batteries resets the feeder system, requiring reprogramming


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Crown Majestic Diamond Series V2R – Not available


Another pet feeder you can go for is the Crown Majestic V2R that has even a water bottle dispenser so your pet has all the water and food it needs while you are away. You will be able to set the feeder easily with its simple controls and its backlit LCD display. The water bottle is spill proof so you cat can’t make a mess of things. All the machine is either powered by 4 AA batteries or you can plug it in via its power adapter.