Best Atom skateboards reviews


Top rated skateboards from Atom


If you love skateboarding, mountain boarding or snowboarding then Atom boards are for you. Made from the finest wood, Atom skateboards offer enthusiasts precision balance, maximum stability and excellent grip for turning leverage. Great for any terrain, whether zipping around town or on a professional arena, these skateboards are fun to ride anytime, anywhere. We round up the best skateboard reviews to help you pick the right board. Check out our top three skateboards this season.


Atom Drop-Through 41 inches skateboard


Love downhill carving? Pick our Drop-Through Long board now. The board is ideal for carving and town commuting. Atom’s long board comes with a complete maple laminate deck, super high rebound urethane wheels (SHR), ABEC 9 bearings with lubricant for high speeds, a 70 by 51 millimeter wide lip, Reverse King Pin (RKP) long board trucks offering 245 millimeter axles and 80S grip tape for stronger grip even at high speeds. The board is aerodynamically designed to offer users lowered clearance from the ground for super stability. A 9 ½” turning leverage and the ultra-low design ensures the best downhill carving experience you will ever have. Whether you are using your board for comfort riding or competitive carving, the perimeter shape of the long board eliminates wheel bite, offers great turning leverage and cuts through the air for added speed. Smartly priced, this 41 inch long board is ideal for cruising, carving, down hilling and commuting around town.

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“ The Atom Drop- Through 41 inches skateboard takes the stage of being one of the most used and demanded skateboard off all times. I never assume that this skateboard works as perfect as what I expected. I was very lucky to have this product in just a very smart and affordable price. Commuting can be fun and exciting with this skateboard because I can do routines and other tricks without the thinking that I might get in danger. The over-all features of the product are impressive and delighting.” Rubin Hoover


Atom Pintail skateboard


New to skateboarding? Are you excited about all the cool stuff you can do at skateboard events? Those classic tricks you’ve seen experts perform. Get your Atom board today. Our Pintail long board features in the best Atom skateboards reviews and is in great demand. Great entry-level long board, this board features a maple laminate deck, ABEC 5 bearings for high speeds, 78A urethane wheels, a classic deck shape to avoid wheel bite during carving and 8.5 inch aluminum trucks. 80 grit aluminum oxide tape covers the entire top of the long board. The bottom is colored with interesting patterns and designs for a hip look. Well priced, this long board is ideal for beginners learning how to carve and commute. The Pintail is very easy to adjust and maneuver and rides smoothly. It comes fully assembled and ready to go. If you are a beginner or new to skateboarding, we recommend the Atom Pintail skateboard as your perfect partner. Enjoy your day’s downhill carving with the smoothest long board in the market.

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“ I really wanted to learn skateboarding and I am happy that Amazon offers a great product that meet all my needs and requirements as a novice skateboarders. The Atom Pintail Skateboard is what I am talking about. The features of the product were perfectly matched with its performance. Considering its appearance, this skateboard has a very nice outlook which is really outgoing and mood boosting. The wheels are tough so I can make carving and commuting more fun.” Chester Mcintosh


Atom Drop Deck 41 inches skateboard


Rounding off our list of the best Atom skateboards reviews is the Atom Drop Deck skateboard for professional skateboarders. Another great product by Atom, this board offers riders 9.6 inch leverage turning with its unique perimeter shape, maximum stability with low clearance, aerodynamic design to cut resistance and comfort riding to prevent chafing and wheel bites over long commutes. The drop deck forty-one inch long board features a full maple laminate deck, 245 millimeter axles, 80S grip tape, Reverse King Pin trucks, ABEC 9 bearings and super high rebound urethanes wheels. Brilliant specifications for a long board, Atom’s products are superior to other boards in the market for both beginners and pro’s.  The product is an excellent buy for its price and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year. Perfect for gliding or stunt riding this long board is a must-have for skateboard lovers.  Get out and get carving on your new Atom Drop Deck skateboard.

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“ You will be interested with the Atom Drop Deck 41 inches skateboard  just like what I am feeling right now. Before, I thought about this product as simple and useless but as I read the reviews about this product and I begin to be curious. In this reason, I bought the product in its best affordable price. I used it every time I want to go somewhere else or make fun with my friends. We’ll, I was disappointed about myself because I judge the product even I didn’t yet experience its performance.” Louise Lane