Best Asus Gaming Monitors Reviews


Top rated gaming monitors from Asus


For those people who are passionate about computer and video gaming, the best Asus gaming monitors reviews have identified some of the best choices that are available when looking for the right product within this category. The rest of this article will provide a brief discussion of some of these choices, including the features that might convince you that it is the best that you can have.


Asus VS247H-P Gaming Monitor


Best Asus Gaming Monitors Reviews

This gaming monitor is 24 inches and delivers images in stunning full definition, making it possible to have a more immersive gaming experience compared to what is possible with other gaming monitors. It is also a common choice for many people because of its sleek appearance, which is basically because of the Slim Form Factor. This makes the gaming monitor look very sophisticated. The Asus Smart Contrast Ratio is one of its features worth mentioning. It gives an assurance that the contrast is always optimized to allow the product to deliver high quality images that will make it easier for you to emerge victorious in the games being played.

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If you love virtual gaming then I recommend the Asus VS247H-P Gaming Monitor for your use. This product is widely used in the US. And actually have received various positive feedbacks from its satisfied users. This gaming monitor is the best I can consider because it can gave you the satisfaction you want to have especially when playing. It is good to the eyes.” Mary Palma


Asus VS228H-P Gaming Monitor


One of the most important things to consider when looking in our best gaming monitor reviews is the response rate. In such case, this model will prove to be a nice choice because it has 2ms response time, allowing the unit to have smooth motion playback. In addition, with the Splendid Video Intelligence Technology, this monitor will allow you to pre-install your desired video settings and have such easily chosen depending on the activity that you would want to do. It also offers advanced connectivity, making it a snap to have such linked to various devices.

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The Asus VS228H-P Gaming Monitor has all the features of a gaming monitor you want to have. I can guarantee you great quality and immediate satisfaction with this gaming monitor. The product is very much compatible to anyone because it of the response rate that makes it outstanding and one of a kind. This gaming monitor is one of the best inventions in the market.”  Robert Jose


Asus VS248H-P Gaming Monitor


If you are concerned about the impacts of your actions in the environment, the Asus VS248H-P can be one of the best choices. One of the reasons for its high ratings in best Asus gaming monitors reviews is that it is excellent in terms of energy efficiency, which is essentially because of using LED backlight. It is part of the Corporate Stable Program, which can guarantee the stock of such unit for a minimum of one year. It is also eligible for the Asus Rapid Replacement Service, which will provide an assurance that if there is any problem with the unit, it will be immediately attended by the manufacturer and a replacement unit will be sent the soonest possible time.

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I don’t have any problem with my new Asus VS248H-P Gaming Monitor. This gaming monitor makes my game more challenging and exciting. I don’t have any problem with this product because it is made of good materials and has the features that other gaming monitor doesn’t have. The product is impressive in action and can have the quality you don’t expect for good.” Ruth Tramel


Asus VE228H Gaming Monitor


With the use of LED backlight technology, some of the notable benefits that can be enjoyed from this model are its increased brightness, better saturation of colors, and less consumption of power. It is also lauded because of its intelligent design, which does not only make it look elegant, but will also allow users to easily adjust and control the monitor. It will be good for people who are environmental-friendly. Aside from the Energy Star certification, it is also designed without the use of mercury, has a packaging that is made from recycled materials, and consumes less energy.

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The Asus VE228H Gaming Monitor has the quality I am looking for a gaming monitor. It has a very clear images and video projections. The sounds are also good to the ears. The style is very impressive and the whole gaming monitor is really reliable. I don’t have to look for more with my new Asus gaming monitor because it has all the good features that makes it one of a kind.” Vernon Berg