Top rated arc welders in 2018


If you are building something in your garage, doing an extension to your house or maybe even repairing, sometimes you will need to weld some pieces of metal together. For this operation you will need to get your hands on a very reliable arc welder. So you don’t choose a welder which doesn’t have the best performance rating, you should read the best arc welders reviews. They will show you the top models which have a complete package of features.


Northern Industrial Welders Arc 200 Stick Welder


Best arc welders reviewsIf you need to do some serious welding then invest in this state-of-the-art model from Northern Industrial Welders. With it you will be able to weld mild steel together, a operation not may other welders can do. You can easily adjust the amperage to the value required by the task at hand. If ever a thermal overload will happen, the device will alarm you before it occurs with its protection light. Our team of experts have placed it on the top of our list because it is safe and reliable.

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Hobart 500549 Wire Feed MIG Welder


One of the best arc welders in 2018 is Hobart 500549 because it possesses all the features you need to use for completing a task professionally. You won’t find it hard to operate, just plug it in, select the right amperage and you are ready to start welding. The welds made by this model will resist the test of time, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your work. You also have the option to weld with or without gas.

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Ucostore 250 AMP ARC Welder Welding Machine


Another option you can buy for your personal use is this model from Ucostore, which has the ability to work at 250 amps for some heavy-duty welding. It also comes with 2 wheels, so you easily move it around from one place to the other. It is very simple to operate as well, thus you won’t encounter any problems. It doesn’t weigh too much either and thanks to its compact design, a storage space can be easily found.

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Pro-Grade Ultra-Portable Electric Arc Welder


The price-quality ratio on this specific welder from Pro-Grade is superior to most of its rivals and this is one of the reasons why it’s so popular all across the US. For minor and medium welding jobs this welder is ideal. Also, the compact design and the very low weight means you will be able to take it easily with you wherever you need to weld two pieces of metal together. The best arc welders reviews hold this model in high regards because it proves to be reliable and perfect for tasks that require mobility.

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Hot Max ARC100 DC Arc Welder


This light arc welder is a great tool to have in your garage and to use when you need to weld metal for different projects. Its operation is extremely easy to master, you just plug it in and you are ready to start using it. Because it just weighs a little more than 6 pounds, you will be able to move it wherever it is needed. You can set it to different amp levels from 10 up to 100 amps. If welding is what you need to do, the ARC100 is a solid choice and top arc welders reviews recommend it for its versatility.

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