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Now with technology in hand, driving the bad stuff away is not a big factor but picking up the perfect tool for the task from the hundreds of available options can be a tough job! Therefore if you ever had thought of buying a pressure washer for yourself but got overly confused on which one to buy, please read on the best pressure washer reviews and feel yourself lucky.


AR 383 Pressure washer


Best AR pressure washers reviewsQuite affordable having a price tag hovering around $150 – $190, this device boasts a Triplex 3 axial-piston pump with a capacity of 1,900 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) or 1.5 GPM (Gallons per Minute). Used by many across the globe, this product has caught the attention as being a very reliable and durable pressure washer. No wonder the product has a thirty feet long cord for immense flexibility that allows reaching in the corners of a bigger room or across to another room having it plugged in a single power source. On top of that the twenty feel long hose with hose reel and hand crank is another advantage for reaching to the impossible spaces without getting in its way. Constructed from copper, aluminum, and plastic; the unit is extremely lightweight compared to its heavy-set look and also features a useful Total Stop System to control the amount of pressure intended to be triggered by the gun.

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“ I searched amazon for the best AR pressure washers and the AR 383 Pressure washer is the only one that attract me. The feedbacks were all great and impressive. No negative comments were provided that’s why I was enticed to buy the product. This product was delivered at home after I purchased it. I saw it as very durable and user- friendly. It is user- friendly in a sense that it can be handled easily because of the ergonomic handle this pressure washer has. “  Clinton Orville Rosales


AR 240 Pressure washer


I was at first amazed to see such a small unit but once I knew about it more I was surprised to find that this little powerhouse can produce 1,750 (Pounds per Square Inch) or 1.5 GPM (Gallons per Minute) of pressure. The easy to assemble product is enough powerful to clean away the everyday grime off from your tiled home or courtyard. Ideal for home use, the unit may be available for around $125 – $150. Lightweight and with tempered stainless steel plungers, the pressure washer also features an adjustable and a turbo nozzle. Besides the twenty feet long hose with the thirty feet power cord is additional advantage for greater maneuvering capacity. A clear member within the best AR pressure washers reviews, this device is extremely fast in cleaning up your home and is also much quieter than other available brands. So do not just hesitate pondering on how much it can give you back but I promise with a fair amount of investment if you buy this thing, you will never regret for another day.

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“ I bought the AR 240 Pressure washer 5 years ago and I can say that this pressure washer will still last longer with me. I never feel any discomfort using the product because it is highly standardized. The controls of the pressure washer are easy to manipulate so I can manage it easily and comfortably. I will be happy owning this product for good. In just minimal expense, I owned one of the tops AR pressure washers being used by many people across the globe.”  Jared Michael


AR 118 Pressure washer


It is doubtless that this is the least expensive pressure washer of the group ranged within $90 – $100, but in term of effectiveness and efficiency it is not far behind. Coming from the same famed manufacturer of high-pressure pumps of fifty years, the Annovi Reverberi, this single unit with three axial-pistons and wobble-plate pump is able to generate 1,500 (Pounds per Square Inch) or 1.5 GPM (Gallons per Minute). The fine pressure washer that can be used with cleaning agents as well comes with tempered stainless steel plungers. Hence the GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) pressure controlling safety valve, detergent tank, the twenty feet hose, thirty feet long power cord, pressure controlling valve; all packed into one little device has easily got it within the listed best AR pressure washers reviews. Besides suitable for a small home use with its own power cord wrap support for easy storing, I absolutely loved the product and so will you too.

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“ AR 118 one of the top Pressure washers in 2019, is lightweight which allows me to bring it anywhere I want to for cleaning my house without feeling any fatigue and discomfort after. The product is also portable so it allows me to place it anywhere I want without thinking that it will consume too much space. The product is ideal in any households. It also doesn’t make any noise so it is quite useful to ave this product because it will not disturb others.” Clinton Orville Rosales