Best Apple Laptops Reviews


Top rated laptops from Apple


When looking for the best laptop reviews, it cannot be denied that one of the best brands would be Apple, having gained global reputation for their excellence and innovation within the product category. In the rest of this article, four different models will be discussed, based on the feedbacks given by its users in various best Apple laptops reviews.


Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A


Best Apple Laptops Reviews

The MacBook Pro has 13.3-inch screen, 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive, and 1280 x 800 resolution. One of its most significant features is the Intel Core i5 processor, which means that users will be able to enjoy enhanced graphics and faster performance, which will be contributory to the overall user experience. In addition, in many of the expert reviews that have been published, it is also common to commend the Thunderbolt port. The main benefit that is being offered by the latter is that it allows the transfer of files from the laptop to another location to be completed in a snap.

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I bought the Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A as my personal laptop. I never had an issue with this laptop instead I enjoyed using this product with greater ease. I have the confident that this laptop will last with me for so long because it is equipped with materials and processors that are steady. The product is stylish which makes it attractive and enticing to the eyes.”  Jack Littlejohn


Apple MacBook Air MD231ll/A


Compared to conventional laptops that are currently seen in the market, one thing that makes the Apple MacBook Air different and better is the use of flash memory storage. This is a replacement to the old spinning hard drive that is still used in other laptops. Because of flash, it can be expected that the laptop can launch applications faster and that it will not take a long time before the unit loads. More so, the Multi-Touch track pad is one of the best features of this model, making it easier for users to control the functioning of the laptop as such becomes more intuitive.

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By the time I discovered the Apple MacBook Air MD231ll/A, I never have the strange feeling of buying it. This product is a perfect blend with me because I am critical on style and features. The product has a very nice memory which is capable to store large applications and files. It is also lightweight and easy to use because of the clear instructed buttons the product has in its surface.” Blanche Piper


Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A


Compared to the older model, this laptop has Intel Core i7 dual processor, which means that reliability and performance are enhanced. It has an intelligent and sophisticated design. The track pad is has no buttons, giving you more freedom to roll your fingers on the pad. More so, another thing that has been liked about this product, as it has been noted in best Apple laptops reviews is the HD FaceTime camera, making it easy to connect with your loved ones, even if they are in a different location. The camera has 720p resolution, giving you the best video chat experience.

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I have the best experience with the Apple MacBook Pro MD102LL/A. It satisfies me in doing video chats with friends and family members even they area away or across the globe. Furthermore, the product is very stylish that’s why I really like it. I am proud to have this apple laptop because it is especially made for people like me. It is sold in a very promotional price.” Robert Rojas


Apple MacBook Air MD232LL/A


If you are looking for a laptop that looks good and functions even better, you will surely not regret purchasing this specific model. It is thick and light, making it the perfect companion for people on-the-go and for those who would always want to gain access on their files. It has a long-lasting functionality as well, allowing you to be more productive. On a normal usage, this laptop has about 7 hours of functional time and 30 hours when it is in standby mode. It also has an integrated graphics processor, making sure that the resolution is optimal.

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The Apple MacBook Air MD232LL/A is very impressive. It makes everything goes better especially when I do my jobs. My files and documents are secured in this laptop. I can actually use this in a maximum of 7 hours and can stay alive up to 30 hours when not in use. This laptop is one of a kind. It is sturdy yet light in weight. I can bring it anywhere with greater ease.” Kelly Darden