Top rated angle grinders in 2019


A building’s construction implies a lot of phases and the usage of different power tools. Out of all the different jobs that need to be done, two are very important even though they are related to the finish: grinding and polishing. This is where you need to use with confidence an angle grinder, a professional power tool that can help you get the job done. The power tool can also be used in order to remove excess material from various pieces. Consult with attention some of the best angle grinders reviews and use the information in order to find the model that is right for your needs.


Dewalt DW840K 7-inch angle grinder


Best angle grinders reviewsThere are many products available on the market that might suit your interest. According to the present top rated angle grinders reviews it seems that more and more people use Dewalt DW840K, a model with 13.0 Amp AC/DC. This model incorporates 8.000 RPM motor that delivers high power and precise speed for 7 inch grinding applications around the house. Furthermore the grinder offers high power-to-weight ratio which permits you to obtain heightened efficiency and safely reduces user effort. Easy to manage and affordable, the grinder features keyless adjustable guard that maintains your productivity high. It also includes rear handle design that gives you heightened control.

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Makita 9557PBX1 4-1/2 inch angle grinder


Shopping for a brand new angle grinder can be easier if you consult with attention the present best angle grinders reviews. Well, current data points to Makita 9557PBX1 angle grinder, a powerful 7.5 amp model that will help you polish any type of floor. It comes with an exclusive labyrinth format that safely seals the motor. The grinder incorporates a switch which is located on top of the motor and a circumference barrel grip that gives you better control during every action. Heavy professional grinding applications will become easier once you start using this model. It also has a carry case for easy transportation.

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Bosch 1380 slim angle grinder


Which is the best angle grinder out of the many products available on the market? Well, according to thousands of construction workers and woodworkers it appears that one of the best angle grinders in 2019 is Bosch 1380, a slim and powerful model that allows you to cut and grind anything you want. It is powered by a reliable 7.5 amp motor, making it the best power tool for metal workers, plumbers and vehicle designers. It includes a lock-one side switch that permits you to work continuously with no problem. The grinder comes with a wheel diameter of around 4-1/2 inches.

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Metabo W8-115 4-1/2 inch angle grinder


With the right power tool, you will be able to get things done easier. Now, for grinding operations you should consider using Metabo W8-115 angle grinder. As one of the top rated grinders available on the market, this model reaches a strong maximum torque of 19.5 inch lbs for precision during your work. It offers you the chance to master around 10000 RPM, more than enough to handle every type of grinding and cutting operation. The angle grinder incorporates 2 position side handle and also the highly exclusive Metabo S-automatic torque clutch. This is a power tool that can get the job done!

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Black & Decker G950 small angle grinder


When it comes to advanced power tools, one brand is known for releasing reliable models: Black & Decker. You have the possibility to use with confidence G950 small angle grinder, a reliable instrument which can perform various cutting and grinding applications. The grinder is powered by a precise 6.5 amp motor and operates smoothly at 10.000 RPM. It offers 3 position handle and contours the body grip which permits you to work in comfort and without interruptions of any kind. In the basic package, you will also benefit from a side handle, spanner wrench and metal grinding wheel.

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