Tips on how to buy the best Alarm Panel:


Home owners and even home renters are well-advised to check out the best alarm panel reviews in order to protect their property, their loved ones and even their lives. In these uncertain times, having a good alarm system has become tantamount to protecting those that you hold dear. The choice is not easy, but it is possible to make a really good one.

The most popular alarm panel provides the necessary front-line security for protecting windows and doors from intrusion. It arms the entire house or dwelling with sufficient security whether the homeowner chooses a monitored security system or DIY. When the unit is placed in a convenient location, whether close to the front door, in the bedroom or close to the bed, it provides the same level of security all throughout the house.

The best rated alarm panel also offers easy set-up and installation. Whether wired or wireless, it comes with a set distance to effectively communicate with the sensors. The homeowner or installer should not have a hard time understanding the concept of installing the unit, with simplified instructions and easy integration with the alarm system’s other essential components. Although it is generally hard to install a wired security system in a house that has already been built, with necessity to drill holes and do other related work, the installation itself should not be that complicated. After all, of what use is an alarm system if the homeowner has to suffer at installing it as much as an intruder will have difficulty at bypassing it? The homeowner should be able to install it quickly but intruders should find it an impossible feat to disarm the system.

An exceptional alarm panel for Christmas security monitoring is essential, since most people spend the holidays with relatives and friends. If the unit is for a monitored security system, it is connected to a central monitoring station. The station watches the home for a specified monthly fee. If it’s a self-monitoring system, the control panel should not have trouble at dialing the homeowner’s private phone or a set of preselected phone numbers once the alarm is triggered.

Check out the numerous  Black Friday deals on products that are able to monitor the home solidly. Every device, door or window connected   to the system should be considered by the panel as a security zone. The alarm panel should be able to integrate all these so there is more than enough security to cover the whole dwelling.

Furthermore, the most reliable unit should be able to cover the zone that is farthest from the control panel. It should seamlessly work with home safety sensors including gas detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, flood detectors, among others. It should provide a personal emergency and panic button to remain really dependable.


The best product for the money  should be user-friendly. This means it is quite easy to add new codes and users and everyone in the family can learn quickly how the system works and how it is activated and disarmed. Remember the essential factors presented above that make the best alarm panel 2018.


Things to consider:

  • User-friendly system to allow everyone in the family to learn how to optimize its security-ensuring features
  • Ability to monitor the entire home to the farthest point from the alarm panel, with no blind spots to ensure fail-safe security
  • Able to transmit intrusion alerts to a central monitoring station or preselected numbers straight to the home owner
  • Easy installation for convenient activation


Top rated Alarm Panels in 2018


Honeywell Ademco L5100 Lynx-Touch Wireless-Alarm Control-Panel


Best Alarm Panel ReviewsThe Honeywell Ademco L5100 Lynx-Touch Wireless-Alarm Control-Panel belongs to Honeywell’s proprietary collection of self-contained wireless controls. It features a brightly-illuminated full-color touchscreen with graphic icons and intuitive prompts, allowing easy and effortless operation. The alarm panel has been featured in many best alarm panel reviews thanks to its garage door notification and control plus tornado alerts for those who live in the US and Canada. It is geared with  Z-Wave® automation capabilities and advanced alarm communications, for timely and stable monitoring of security. The Wi-Fi® module offers the lowest cost alarm communications, enabling quick and convenient installation time and also reducing monthly operating costs. It can be sued as a primary or back-up unit. It rides on advanced 4G radio signals (2G, 3G or 4G) in the area, to maximize installation processes and improve longevity.

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Honeywell Ademco VISTA-21IP Control Panel


This high-capacity feature-rich control panel from Honeywell has onboard IP communicator, which gives users the ability to  upload or download using Internet Protocol or to send alarm signals. This ability improves the speed of delivery of information to and from the control panel. It provides up to 48 zones of security and protection, making it the best alarm panel 2018. The Vista-21IP can be integrated at option with AlarmNet® GSM that snaps right to the board, making it easy to install in premises that do not have telephone lines. It also has graphic keyboard support and dual partitions for easy and convenient installation and operations. The unit offers robust alarm capacity that’s coupled with simple installation perfect for high-end installation. Wireless keys can be used to program the system without employing the various security zones.

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Honeywell Ademco L5000 Lynx-Touch Wireless Alarm-Keypad


Part of Honeywell’s collection of self-contained wireless controls, the L5000 Lynx Touch Wireless Alarm Keypad boasts of exceptional end-user appeal. It has a full-color touchscreen that’s bright and easy to read, simplifying security system operation. It doesn’t matter whether you are  arming or disarming the system, leaving messages or reminders for fellow house residents  or bypassing zones. Operation is always clear and simple thanks to the graphics and intuitive, menu-driven prompts. There is no need to conduct training for all joint users of the system and there is no need to worry about false alarms. The L5000 has an all-in-one integrated design that combines flexibility of installation for every security monitoring  job with the proven reliability of Honeywell’s technology. New and experienced installers can reduce mistakes via the intuitive touchscreen programming.

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DSC TYCO PTK5507 Touch Screen Keypads


Thanks to the  7″ full color display, the DSC TYCO PTK5507 Touch Screen Keypad is genuinely easy to program, with its 800 x 480 resolution. It features intuitive LED indication of security system status, making both new an seasoned installers equally capable of setting up the entire alarm system successfully.  The high-resolution LED display doubles as a digital picture frame. It also features clock functionality. The PTK5507 offers language options of English, Spanish and French, making it ideal for households with multi-lingual residents. It has intuitive user interface that makes the unit easy to use by everyone in the family. It features a customizable home screen and wallpaper and menu user programming to enable everyone to use it effortlessly.

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2GIG  345 GO CNTRL Security Control-Panel


The 2GIG  345 GO CNTRL Security Control-Panel offers the most advanced revolutionary home management and security solution today. It has a reliable color touch-screen interface that is engineered to be intuitive and user-friendly, providing users access wherever and whenever they need it, via computer (internet) and web-enabled phone. No problems with cut-off telephone lines or the absence of residential phone lines as the control panel is powered by GSM (cellular) radio signal platform. The GO CNTRL Security Control-Panel allows a central monitoring station to listen in and communicate with the homeowner when a signal is received, all thanks to integrated two-way voice capability. It also carries built-in Z-Wave RF Protocol so users can control HVAC, lighting and other Z-wave home appliances straight from the keypad.

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