Buying Tips for Airplay Speakers:


Airplay is Apple’s answer to wireless audio streaming technology. This technology enables users to stream their media from any of their iDevices to their speakers. With the introduction of the lightening connector that is being rolled out with the latest Apple products, streaming wirelessly is a no brainer. With this new technology, you may be wondering which Airplay speakers are the best. While we cannot make that decision for you, we can offer you some advice as to what features you should look for when choosing from the best airplay speakers of 2018.


Airplay VS Bluetooth

When compared to the highest rated Airplay speakers, the older Bluetooth speakers have been considered inferior because they produce poor sound quality. This has changed with the recent upgrades in Bluetooth technology. Instead, the difference lies in the features. Airplay speakers have the ability to connect to any Apple products that are on the same network, regardless of the distance. You have the ability to stream music from one source to multiple speakers throughout your home, whereas Bluetooth only allows you to stream music from one device at a time, to a single speaker.



When it comes to choosing among the top ten Airplay speakers, you will need to decide if it will be a stationary speaker or if you will want to move it from room to room. You can find Airplay speakers that can be integrated into your home theater system and be fixed to a wall, or you can find compact speakers that can go with you on your travels if you want. Keep in mind that the stationary, home entertainment speakers will be more expensive than the most popular portable Airplay speakers will, as they are designed to create an immersive sound that permeates the entire room.



If you are going to choose portable Airplay speakers, you will want to make sure they are durable. While you may be enjoying the summer sun at the beach, you do not want to find your speaker buried under some sand and it be damaged. Look for Airplay speakers that feature a rugged design, made of strong materials and offer some kind of water resistant protection. Because Airplay speakers tend to be more expensive than Bluetooth, you will definitely want to choose a device that will last.


Although Bluetooth is a popular option when it comes to wireless speakers, Airplay is gaining traction. To have the ability to use one device to connect to several speakers at once may be an appealing option to many audiophiles. When you read some of the best airplay speaker reviews, it is easy to see that for those who have many Apple products, the speakers are an essential accessory.


Things to Consider:

  • Decide which will suit your needs better, Airplay or Bluetooth.
  • Is portability important to you, or will the speakers be integrated to your home theater set up?
  • If portability is important to you, make sure you choose a speaker with durable construction.


Top rated Airplay Speakers in 2018


While Bluetooth speakers may be easily accessible and a more convenient option, Airplay speakers are quickly gaining popularity. For those who have many Apple products in their home, by using these speakers, they have the ability to make the most of their music library. The interconnectivity of the speakers and iTunes allow you to stream music to a multitude of Airplay speakers—as long as they are on the same network.


Panasonic SC-NE1 Wireless Speaker System


Enjoy innovative streaming music capabilities with this speaker by Panasonic. The device supports all streaming technologies (Airplay, Bluetooth, and DLNA). You can be certain that all sound emanating from this speaker is clear and true because the speaker automatically compensates for any lost audio signals during wireless transmission. You are guaranteed high quality music, no matter the streaming technology that is used. Since the speaker features a two-way speaker system that boasts 3-1/8” long stroke woofer with a nanosized bamboo cone and a 1” tweeter, you will have a rich and robust sound, clear treble, and deep bass.

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Xtrememac Tango Airplay Speaker


This particular speaker by Xtrememac gives you the option of versatility, as it can be positioned horizontally or if space is a concern, it can be placed vertically. The premium sound configuration features two tweeters, two full-ranged drivers, a subwoofer and a passive radiator. When these components are combined, you can expect well-rounded music, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. The rear USB slot can be used to charge your iPhone, iPod, or iPad while the auxiliary line-in enables you to plug in other devices that has a headphone jack.

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Philips Fidelio SoundAvia Wireless Speaker


Enjoy incredibly balanced and rich sound with this Airplay speaker by Philips. You can wirelessly stream music from any iTunes compatible device. The speaker also has an auxiliary line-in jack that enables you to plug in any device with a headphone jack, offering you optimal compatibility with your other electronic devices. The Fidelio uses 10 watts of RMS of total output power. The curved front panel of the speaker provides a fuller, richer sound while the back bass pipes are positioned to give you incredible sound balance and produce sound waves that fills your entire room with sound.

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iHome iW3 Airplay Wireless Audio System


The iHome Airplay Wireless Audio System uses your Wi-Fi connection to allow you to stream music from your iTunes library, whether it is on a Mac or a PC. The rechargeable Lithium ion battery allows you take the speaker anywhere in or outside the home. As long as there is a device with iTunes and a Wi-Fi signal, the speaker will be able to tune in and play the music! The iW3 has a USB port that can be used for charging your electronic devices, as well as playback music in case Wi-Fi is not available.

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Wren V5 Portable Sound System with Airplay


For a sleek and compact design, the portable speaker by Wren can create beautiful music while adding a bit of sophistication to any room. You can enjoy beautiful music with this speaker because it features two 3-inch throw drivers with four-layer voice coils that and throw off big power without overheating. Higher frequencies are rendered to sound silky and natural, thanks to the pair of edge-driven, and wide dispersion 19mm soft dome tweeters that are positioned on the front of the speakers. The 50 watts of power helps to enhance the overall sound that is produced by this 16.8 x 4.2 x 6 inch speaker.

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