How to purchase the right airbed:


When you have guests staying for the night or need a more comfortable sleeping surface than the ground when you’re out camping, reading the best airbed reviews will give you a pretty good idea which product can best address your needs. Although oftentimes the choices can be overwhelming, you can make a more informed decision when you do sufficient research into which are the most popular products in this specific category. You don’t have to just settle or buy the first product you see. This entails knowing what elements make a product stand out among the rest.


Material and Construction

Indoor top ten airbeds do not have to be made of overly thick materials. Since the product is to be used inside the house, making sure it is built with tough components is not a huge necessity. An airbed that is meant for outdoor use should be made of thick materials. The material has to be able to withstand the punishment of a rough, rocky and potentially puncturing surface on which the airbed will be placed during outdoor trips. The air pump should be able to fill the airbed with ease, taking just minutes to do its job.

Stay away from airbedsmade of flimsy material, though. There has to be a balance between functionality and construction. Be sure to get the highest rated airbed proven for its performance, non-sagging properties and premium construction.Such a product is typically made from heavy-grade vinyl. The seams have to be made expertly, preferably electronically welded to ensure durability and strength. Quality and craftsmanship need to be top grade so the product will last for years.



An air mattress meant for camping use needs to fit neatly into the tent’s floor space. For home use, the best airbed for the money should be in a perfect size for the room in which the unit is to be used. Thus, if you’re planning to use the airbed to convert a tiny kitchen into sleeping space, getting a large-size airbed is not a sensible decision. Getting an airbed that’s the next larger size to a typical spring mattress can be a good decision if the room can accommodate such size. A bed meant for use by children can be in Twin or College size. Adults require either a best rated product in King or Queen Size.


Sleeper Weight Capacity

Children do not need as much support from an airbed as much as adult sleepers do. The body size and weight of the sleeper have to be considered as well. A thick, raised airbed allows easy on and off as well as gives the right elevation from the floor. If you’re looking for an affordable product of this kind, make sure it is able to provide the right kind of support for whoever will be using it.


Things to consider:

  • Material and construction should be of reliable quality, making the bed usable for years and ideal for the purpose, whether indoor or outdoor.
  • The right size to accommodate whoever will be sleeping on it.
  • Ample support for the user of the airbed, with enough elevation to keep them off the floor when sleeping.


Top rated Airbeds in 2018


When you are on a search for the best airbed 2018, there are many products available from highly reputable sellers. Make sure you have a checklist of the essential elements you want in such a product. Take note too of return policies and product warranties as these elements ensure that you’re getting a good quality product and can expect courteous service even after the unit has been delivered to you. There are myriads of choices out there, so it helps to narrow them down to top selling products.


SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress


This US-made product is constructed with patented ComfortCoil technology, ensuring superior performance from 40 individual air coils that lay out the perfect flat surface for individual sleepers as well as couples. The patented ComfortCoils maintain the product’s firmness and shape, making it the best airbed 2018 for thousands of happy users. Optimal firmness levels are ensured thanks to the revolutionary EZ Pump. Added durability against normal wear is offered by the puncture-resistant material of the air mattress, which supports weights of up to 500 pounds. The raised double height construction of 19 inches ensures perfect elevation and easy on and off. A more comfortable sleeping surface is provided by the flocked top and durable 15-gauge material.

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Insta-Bed Raised Bed W/Never Flat Pump


Boasting of legendary Never Flat technology, the Insta-Bed Raised Bed W/Never Flat Pump gets the nod in many best airbed reviews. The revolutionary technology employs an auto-engaging whisper-quiet pump that keeps pressure in the airbed constant through the night. Get peaceful sleep with this airbed’s ability to stay firm. Moreover, the air mattress allows you to choose your comfort level, whether Plush, Firm or Medium. Insta-Bed keeps the unit to your desired firmness using a Primary Pump to inflate and deflate the product and a Secondary Pump that constantly monitors inside pressure. The Secondary Pump engages quietly when the bed starts losing pressure. Shape is maintained via horizontal and vertical reinforcements.

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Serta Raised Bed W/Never Flat Pump


Getting into and out of bed has never been easier thanks to the Serta Raised Bed. It employs patented Never Flat™ technology that helps maintain the most comfortable bed you can ever sleep on. The Serta Raised Bed is able to maintain its firmness level through the night, thanks to its auto-engaging hard working whisper-quiet motor. Whether you choose Plush, Medium or Firm, the Primary Pump lets you enjoy your desired comfort level. The Primary Pump is built with automatic shut-off feature once the air bed is fully deflated or inflated. The Secondary Pump monitors the firmness level and senses when it needs topping off, silently engaging to maintain the level.

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Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised-Comfort Queen


The raised surface of the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Comfort Queen air bed ensures that you sleep in complete comfort during the night. The quality tested 21.2-gauge waterproof flocked top offers a textured surface on which you can lie while you rest. Added stability is provided by the 15-gauge vinyl beams, bottom and sides of the air mattress. The built-in electric pump provides the power you need to inflate and deflate the bed effortlessly. The Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest offers customizable comfort level so you can determine which degree of firmness you prefer. The air bed has a 300-pound capacity, supporting two sleepers of average size and weight.

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Coleman Quickbed


The Coleman Quickbed lets you get alovely full night’s sleep thanks to its 32 comfort coils that provide exceptional support. The soft top offers rich comfort for campers and outdoor adventure lovers. The air mattress has reliably strong PVC construction and equally dependable Airtight System that maintains a personalized level of firmness and comfort for you while ensuring leak-free performance. The Double Lock Valve ensures quick inflation and deflation of the air bed. You can fold, roll and store the bed conveniently by mobilizing the integrated Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage System. Use the Coleman Quickbed as an extra bed in the house or as an on-the-go camping bed.

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