Top rated Air Mattresses in 2019


In various best air mattress reviews that have been published in the past, a number of options have been listed when it comes to one reliable product that can provide an additional comfortable sleeping space to any house. In this article, I will provide a quick look at five of the best models that are currently available in the marketplace.


Best buying guide on air mattresses this year


There are times when air mattresses can offer a comfortable good night sleep. There are situations when such sleeping devices are more than useful. As so many campers pointed out, air mattresses offer more comfort than camping cots. This air mattress evolved a lot since the thin vinyl blow-up mattresses. Today you can find a model that is comfortable and easy to inflate, ideal for homeowners. You will offer your guests a place to crash and enjoy every moment on it. Since there are so many products available on the market, finding just the right model may prove to be more than a challenge. In order to select with ease the right model you need to consult the best air mattress reviews. Once you are properly informed you will be able to understand what to look for in a mattress.

The first thing that you need to do is determine the right size. The size ranges from small to king size, ideal to accommodate children, adolescents and adults. Identifying the right is directly linked with what you need. For example: a cheap mattress works very well for casual visitor or camping trips. On the other hand, for long term stays you need to invest wisely in a sturdy and large air mattress. Going through the best air mattresses in 2019 represents a great way to ensure that you invest in a product that won’t compromise your sleeping comfort. Now, inflatable mattresses come in different sizes: twin/single, long twin, full/double, queen, king and also California king. Depending on your preference, you will be able to find a model that respects your needs.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Style Price Dimensions Pump Customer Rating Where to buy

Insta Raised Bed

Queen $$$ 78 x 60 x 19 inches

Never Flat Pump


Insta-Bed Raised Sure Grip

Queen $$$ 80 x 60 x 22 inches Dual-Zone pump B+ AMAZON

Coleman Air Bed

Queen $$ 78 x 60 x 18 inches Electric pump B+ AMAZON

Intex Comfort Frame Airbed

Queen $$ 71 x 95 x 22 inches Electric pump B AMAZON

Intex Supreme Air-Flow

Twin $$ 39 x 20 x 75 inches Electric pump B AMAZON



As the best air mattress reviews underline everyone can find a comfortable product to sleep or relax on. A good mattress represents a safe investment in the quality of your daily sleep, no matter where you are. One important thing that you need to take into account revolves around materials used to make the mattress. In most conditions inflatable mattresses are made out of PVC plastic. Some of the newer models come with textile-reinforced urethane for added stability and resistance. It is vital that the mattress can resist continuous pressure for long periods of time. Still, the material should be thin enough to be deflated within a short period of time, and stored away with ease.

One crucial point of air mattresses revolves around installation. You need to invest in a mattress that comes with powerful pumps. Fortunately most of the best air mattresses in 2019 comes with either manual or automatic pumps. Such devices make inflating and deflating mattresses a synch. You should also know that recent demonstrated one curious thing about sleeping on inflated mattresses: they do wonders for your back. People that suffer from chronic back pain can sleep on inflated mattresses and experience a comfortable experience. There are also many hospitals that already invested in air mattresses in order to help people with back pain sleep better. Such mattresses manage to reduce or increase certain pressure points on the body for maximum comfort.


Insta Raised Bed


In many best air mattress reviews, one thing that has been highlighted about this specific model is its use of the Never Flat AC Pump, which is a patented innovative feature. With such, you can make sure of the bed’s powerful mechanism to inflate and deflate without requiring much time and effort. Another thing that I like about this bed is the ability to select the firmness of the mattress, depending on what is preferred or at which you are most comfortable with.



Impress guests with an instant bed that easily inflates and deflates quickly thanks to the patented internal Never-Flat Primary AC pump that has an automatic shut-off feature to turn the pump off once the bed has reached its full inflated capacity or deflated status

Secondary Never-Flat pmp acts like a sensor/monitor to make sure the bed has adequate pressure to offer the preferred comfort level through the whole night

Easily adjustable Comfort settings controllable on dial, offering Firm, Medium or Plush for customized comfort

Elevated height off the floor makes it easier to get into bed and out while horizontal and vertical strengthening of bed material enables mattress to maintain its shape



As with all other airbeds, the product has to be re-inflated or topped off occasionally to combat the effects of changes in temperature, humidity and location

Never Flat pump will keep the bed inflated as long as it is activated while the bed is in use


The Insta Raised Queen Mattress is the best sleeping air mattress I have at home. My children love sleeping here because of the solemn feeling the product gave them. It was also cheap that’s why many would love to buy this product. It was sold in a very minimum price.” William Miller


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Insta-Bed Sure Grip Mattress


Best Air Mattress ReviewsThis air mattress has dimensions of 80 x 60 x 22 inches, which can provide ample amount of sleeping space without the need to sacrifice the comfort of its users. One thing that I found good about this model is the addition of an integrated pump on the product, making it a snap to inflate and deflate the mattress. It can be assembled in just 90 seconds. To add, another commendable feature of this mattress is the underside design, making it possible for the mattress to have a solid grip on the floor.



Patented Secure Air dual-chamber construction permits very little air movement inside the bed so it stays constantly firm and comfortable

Stable edges and raised profile (same as in a standard mattress) employing the innovative dual chamber design so it’s effortless to get into bed and out

Slippery floors are no problem thanks to this best queen air mattress 2019’s exclusive Sure Grip design that offers a firm grip on the floor so the bed does not slide no matter what

Comes with a carry bag for convenient transport and storage



Requires occasional topping off or re-inflating to maintain the firmness of the bed as airbed material stretches with time, a common air bed characteristic

Humidity, temperature and location can affect rigidity, as with all other air beds


I am happy that I bought the Insta-Bed Queen Mattress two years ago. It is very reliable product which I bought from Amazon. This one is comfortable to sleep in which I like the most. This is an amazing product which makes my sleep straight and easy as possible.” Derek  Ham


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Coleman Air Bed


Coleman is one company that has proven itself for a variety of outdoor products, and this air mattress is not different. One good thing about this mattress is the fact that it comes with extra height that raises the bed above the floor. It is also commendable that it is designed with Air Tight System, as well as Double Lock Valve, making it possible for the bed to stay inflated. Lastly, it comes with a built-in pump, making it unnecessary to bring a separate pump to inflate the mattress.



Built with extra height so users are always comfortably off the floor while soft suede top drives that level of comfort a notch higher to ensure sound and peaceful sleep

Double Lock Valve ensures that the Airtight System is always effective so the mattress stays inflated without sagging through the whole night, both supplementing the special coil system that ensures a most comfortable sleeping position on any part of the bed

Engineered for durable service through the years

Convenient deflating and inflating via the built-in electric pump and a zippered carry or storage bag for outside adventures when sleeping on the bare ground is just not a good idea



Changes in temperature, humidity and location can have effects on the air mattress, but this is something that is common to air beds, as explained in dozens of the best queen air mattress reviews

Cord can not be detached for storage but comes with a bubble wrap so as not to damage the mattress material


I am fortunate that I have Coleman Premium Quick Mattress so I always have an extra bed if someone comes over. It have had it for two years an I think I got one of the most reliable models. I wasn’t expensive because I got it for a Black Friday sale and the comfort level is quite high as well. ” Aaron Hayes


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Intex Comfort Frame Airbed


This air mattress is not just for emergency use. In fact, many of its users have used it as a permanent bed, which is an excellent alternative to the traditional mattresses that are commonly used. It consists of a frame and an inflatable inside mattress, which can give you to sleeping beds when needed. You just have to separate the two. The bed is made from high quality materials that can prevent slipping, making it be laid solid on the floor.



Made for more than just sleepovers, this air mattress can become a permanent bedroom fixture when a traditional mattress and box spring seem too ho-hum for people with exquisite tastes

Offers two beds in one: a soft inflatable frame usable as a bed with deep edges and an inner mattress that can be taken out of the frame to give a second bed for sudden sleepover guests

Unique pillowed headboard on the inflatable frame adds a factor of snugness and comfort, while tubular side chambers provide extra support and firmness

Constructed with top-quality 20.8-gauge waterproof flocked top, 16-gauge sides and bottom and 15-gauge vinyl I-beams, all contributing to a consistently soft and well-crafted surface



Inner mattress is a bit low but serves nicely as a second bed

May not fold tightly to a small package after the first use, but just needs some skillful folding to facilitate storage


With my small room space, I decided to buy the new Intex Comfort Frame Airbed Mattress. It provides me with a good’s night sleep and I’m able to wake up fresh in the mornings. What is the best air mattress? is a question I can’t answer, but this model is comfortable and I would recommend it to other people. ” Melissa Miller


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Intex Supreme Air-Flow Airbed


One thing that I commend about this model is its unique engineering system, which makes it possible for air to flow freely inside. This feature makes it of the best air mattress in 2019. Thus, it results to a bed that is not too firm or too soft, just right to trigger a comfortable sleep even if you are outside of your house. This mattress has a capacity of 300 pounds, which means that it can stay functional, and more importantly, inflated properly, in spite of the heavy weight of the users who will be enjoying a comfortable sleep in this bed.



Interconnected air pockets in the mattress provide superb comfort and reliable durability that will also impress house guests

Users can always have a restful sleep with the super-plush patented Velvetaire™ sleeping surface complemented by heavy-duty vinyl construction so the bed can be used for years

Constructed with a built-in pump that allows easy and effortless inflating and deflating, with high power to facilitate inflating in just under three minutes

Subjected to intensive testing to ensure that the product adheres to established standards of quality and safety



Made for a single user or has specific weight limits to protect seams

Folding up after first use can require some skill to enable easy storage


This air mattress proved to be a great Xmas present and it has been quite useful since I’ve received it. The structure makes the mattress really comfortable and it’s quite easy to set up. I read that the best rated air mattress reviews recommended it, so it must be one of the top ten models money can buy.”  Timothy Arreola


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