If you’re looking for the best air hockey table for home use that won’t set you back nearly as much as a commercial model, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked through scores of air hockey tables reviews, both from satisfied customers and specialists to conclude that the Sport Squad HX40 might be the item to serve you best from under the 100 $ price range. It comes with everything needed to provide hours of fun for children and adults alike, two small pucks, two pushers, a manual scoring system and a reliable electric motor. Furthermore, unlike other similar items, it’s made of wood for good durability, and it’s a tabletop design, meaning it doesn’t have its own legs to break and can be conveniently placed on any sturdy support you already own. If this is unavailable, then the Harvil 40-inch Tabletop would be our second pick.



Buying guide


First off, we are only addressing items intended for casual home use, which are effectively little more than toys. If you’re looking to participate in competitions or equip your arcade with the best air hockey table under 500, then you might want to get your pointers from the US Air Hockey Association’s official site, and skip this guide entirely.

Otherwise, a cheap air hockey table can still provide you with hours of fun, and there are a number of things to look for when buying the product to ensure that this is as carefree as possible.


While you shouldn’t really expect the best build quality from this category, especially as most of them are manufactured in Asia to cut down on cost, you can still find a good air hockey table that could last you for years from what’s available for sale.

The part of the table that will see high strain are the side edges, or rails, which you will often be pushing against when trying to catch the puck. You should look that these are thick enough not to get bent under pressure if made from laminated aluminum or that they are well connected with the base if wood is used.

Most air hockey tables will have the corners reinforced so that the sides won’t begin to come off when forcibly pushed against, as you can get with a simple drawer or a wooden crate. Even less expensive models feature this, so there’s no excuse not to make it the prime criteria for selection.


Features you might need or do without

Even tabletop models will feature short legs so that they sit a little higher on their base. This has the advantage of both providing better player comfort and better ventilation for the electric motor. However, legs can become liabilities if they aren’t sturdy enough and are often prone to wobble, as well as break if someone were to press against them.

Unless there’s some particular requirement for the table to reach a certain height, like if you are expecting to only play it off the carpet or there’s no tall enough piece of furniture available to provide sturdy support, you might as well do away with legs entirely, with the added note that this isn’t really an option when it comes to the best  air hockey ping pong table combo.

Likewise with an electronic scoreboard, which might provide an arcade feel to the whole experience, but also an additional piece that could break while also requiring batteries. Manual boards will handle the function of keeping score just as well.



Unless you have a rec room set up in your house, chances are the table won’t be permanently set up. That’s why it’s important to look for a model that is light, compact, and easy to store. The sleek design of a legless table will prove a further benefit in this regard.

The table will also need some assembly when straight out of the box. This is usually a pretty straightforward process, and instructions are almost always provided, but some cheaper units might not fit properly due to poor manufacturing quality.

This is not such a great impediment since their wooden construction means that it will be easy enough to drill holes into them, but you might still want to check out consumer reviews to inform yourself when this is the case, as it is a general indication for quality.



Top Rated Air Hockey Tables for home in 2021


With these criteria in mind, feel free to take a look at our top suggestions below. Based on our research, it looks as if these products are worthy of your consideration, what with them being some of the critically acclaimed ones available today.



Sport Squad HX40


Sometimes less is more, and this might very well be the case with the legless Sport Squad HX40. The fact that it doesn’t have any legs will spare you the work of installing them once this product arrives, but more significantly, it allows for a very low frame that can be easily stored in a drawer when not in use.

As we’ve pointed out, this will also eliminate the potential inconvenience of having one of the legs wobble, as well as make it safer to rest against it, since the little supports don’t allow much room for them to break.

These are outfitted with rubber pads for better stability and traction, as well as for the safety of your furniture. The table itself is made out of hard essence wood, with plastic used on the playing surface and for the two manual scoreboards.

This gives it a good strength to weight ratio, and at just around 10 pounds in weight it will be easy to set up by a primary school child, which might be the age group to get the most enjoyment out of it, since the pucks are fairly light and small, not be perfectly suited for forceful play.

This comes with the added benefit of a smaller motor being used for supplying the air cushion, hence decreasing the risk of overheating as well as energy consumption.

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Harvil 40-Inch Tabletop


Unlike many products intended for casual play, this Harvil is powered by a UL certified AC 12 V motor, which means you can be sure it will provide an adequate cushion for its lightweight puck, 55 mm puck, as to give it roughly similar characteristics to those used for higher levels of play.

It rests on four stubby legs which give it a height of around 8 inches so shorter furniture or playing it off the floor won’t prove so uncomfortable for taller people. This will also allow for enough air between the fan and the floor, so thick carpets or other such surfaces won’t make its motor overheat.

If you don’t expect this to be an issue, the legs are removable for easy storage or if these become an impediment. This might also work to reduce the item’s weight since, at 14.77 pounds, it might not be that easy to move around or set up by kids.

The table part is made out of laminated thick essence wood with the corners reinforced for additional resistance. It features two manual scoreboards on either side and rubber padding is used on the legs, so these won’t scratch your floor or furniture.

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Best Choice Products SKY2896


At just under 50$, this is the most affordable item on our list but doesn’t really differ significantly in regards to specifications. A point of distinction is that this is powered by a 100 V motor, and might not require an adapter, depending on your electrical setup.

Its dimensions are close to similar designs at, 40-inches in length; 20 wide; and 8.5 in height, sitting on four short legs. As a point of warning, these might not be so kind on your furniture because since they don’t appear to have any rubber padding, but they can potentially be removed with the use of basic tools.

While the motor does have a UL certification some customers have complained that the 2.25-inches pucks don’t slide as well as they should. This is most likely due to their abrasive texture, and the issue has been found to be easily solvable by sandpapering the base of the pucks.

It also comes with two plastic hitters and a couple of scoreboards at each side of the table that can also be used as handles for transport. At 16 lbs, it is significantly heavier than other models we’ve reviewed, but it should still be easy to set up by two 10-year-olds.

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