Air Compressors – What to Look For:


An air compressor is a tool that can save you time and money on any project. When the compressor is used with a compatible tool, the power tool becomes much more powerful and is often lighter than regular power tools.

There are many different types of compressors on the market, but they all have the same function, which is to improve the pressure and reduce the amount of gases like air. It can be difficult to decide which air compressor is the best. We have created this guide to give you a look at what makes an air compressor worthy of being on the top ten lists.


Gas Vs. Electricity

Before purchasing a new air compressor, you may want to decide how you want your machine powered. Gas powered air compressors can be reliable, powerful, and incredibly useful—especially since you can take the machine anywhere and not have to be tethered to an outlet. These can be rather expensive and if you are on a budget, they may not be the best option. Electric air compressors may not be very portable, but they are cheap and very easy to use. These compressors are ideal for shop use and the higher end compressors are very reliable.

Horsepower and PSI

Although it doesn’t really matter how much horsepower your air compressor has, you will want a compressor that features at least 2HP. This should be able to fulfill your airflow requirements for any typical home usage. The PSI (air flow) is one of the main features you want to look at. The ideal air compressor for home usage should range between 125 and 150 PSI. This range will give you plenty of pressure to handle anything you need done.


Tank Size

When you are trying to decide what’s the best tank size your air compressor should have, you want to take into consideration what you are going to be using the compressor for. If you are working in a workshop and using a lot of power tools, you will need a big tank. It is recommended that the lowest tank size should be 20 gallons is a good starting point, however, 30 gallons is ideal for home mechanics. If all you plan on doing is blowing up basketballs, inflatable tubes, and tires, then you may want a small tank that provides 125 PSI. These tanks are usually called “hot dog” or “pancake” style tanks.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price HP Power source Customer Rating Where to buy

Makita MAC2400

20 x 18 x 18.8 inches $$$$ 2.5 Corded-Electric A+ AMAZON

Makita MAC700

18 x 22 x 10 inches $$$ 2.0 Corded-Electric A AMAZON

Senco PC1010

14 x 13 x 10 inches $$ 0.5 Air-Powered B+ AMAZON

Porter-Cable C2002-WK

19 x 18 x 20.9 inches $$$ 0.8 Corded-Electric B+ AMAZON

Craftsman 15310

21.8 x 21 x 10.3 inches $$ 1.0 Corded-Electric B+ SEARS


An air compressor can be a wonderful piece of machinery to have in your garage or home workshop. If you use a lot of power tools, the air compressor can make quick work of an otherwise difficult job. If you simply want the ability to keep your tires full of air, even a small compressor can come in handy just for that. Either way, you can’t go wrong with one of the best rated air compressors.


How to choose the best air compressor – Buying Guide


air-comprMillions of Americans are working on different construction projects, trying their best to add something special to everything they undergo. In order to cover every aspect of a project with precision, it is important to have all the necessary tools around and use them wisely. Out of the many tools that workers and engineers or even handymen need to have around, it seems one in particular should be present: air compressor. This useful tool can help people to inflate with ease tires and power up nail guns, wrenches, spray guns and many other power tools. Today, the market is more than generous when it comes to safe air compressors, designed to handle with ease any type of activities. How can you narrow the search down to one single product? Well, you might want to read the best air compressor reviews, written by technicians and experienced engineers, and use the information wisely.

When you are on the market for a brand new air compressor, you will discover that it can be pretty difficult to locate the ideal product. Identifying the best air compressor in 2021 will prove to be quite a challenge taking into consideration the wide range of products available on the market. Today, you will see that there are two major types of air compressors which can assist you during various projects: piston-type compressors and also portable air compressors. Usually these are some of the best power tools in this segment, which you can use with confidence with ease.

Piston type compressors come equipped with tanks that can store compressed air, and ultimately use with precision while inflating tires and powering up different power tools. The compressors in piston format come with a motor that shuts off when pressure in the tank reaches a particular level.


Best Air Compressor with Honda Engine


Industrial Air Contractor Air Compressor with Honda Engine


This low maintenance air compressor does not require the use of oil and features a direct drive pump. The patented-two piece cooling system is designed to prolong the life of the pump. This is considered one of the best air compressors with a Honda Engine because it utilizes a 5-horsepower Honda OHC/OHV premium residential gas engine. The OHC/OHV design ensures easy starting, smoother engine performance, and uses less fuel and produces lower emissions. The air compressor produces 155 PSI of air pressure which maximizes tool performance. The device features a pontoon-style tank that is excellent for on-the-job portability.

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While air is goes awry from the tank, you will see that the pressure drops inside and the motor restarts in order to build up pressure again. You discover that piston type air compressors come with special pressure settings which are adjustable, being able to respond well to a person’s needs. Under this category of air compressors you will see that there are 2 kinds of major models: single-stage compressors and two-stage compressors. With the best air compressor in 2021, you will be able to get the job faster and without restrictions. Single stage compressors have 1 piston which compresses and ultimately delivers air in a storage tank. Such device usually delivers a rating below 150 pounds of pressure per square inch for better pressure management. Two-stage compressors come with 2 pistons which compress and deliver air to a storage tank and then redirected by users to meet the job’s specification.


Best Air Compressor with Dryer


California Air CAT-1740D Tools Steel Tank Air Compressor with Dryer


This air compressor by California Air Tools is designed to be one of the quietest machines in the industry. The tool produces only 80 decibels of sound, even though the machine has two powerful 2.0 HP motors that operate at only 1680 RPM—this produces little noise and even less wear. The oil-free dual piston pump system is specially engineered for improved performance and incredible durability. This is one of the best air compressors with a dryer because it features two dryers instead of one. This system ensures the air is both cool and dry before it leaves the compressor. The moisture in the air is decreased by 80%, thus ensuring sensitive tools are protected from damage and eliminating much of the threat of condensation forming on surfaces.

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The second major type of air compressors is portable format. Today, portable air compressors are small and light, with not a lot of storage tanks which is aided by a continuous run process. Such devices should come in handy while accommodating caulk guns, glue guns, spray guns and even inflate other sport equipment.


Things to consider:

–  There two major types of air compressors available on the market: piston-type compressors and portable air compressors.

–  Piston type compressors have to types of precise models: single stage and two stage compressors.

– Air compressors can be used in order to inflate tires and power up wrenches, air guns, glue guns or other power tools.


Top rated air compressors in 2021


Air compressors are used in various heavy-duty industries like the construction industry which makes their jobs easier and faster. With many air compressors flooding the market, it would give the consumers a hard time picking out the best air compressor that would definitely fit their needs. These are my personal top Air Compressors that would surely help consumers in picking the right air compressors suitable for their needs.



Makita MAC2400 Air compressor


This air compressor is a product that has durability written all over it with its built-in thermal overload that keeps its engine from overheating. It also has an oil lubrication system which allows the air compressor to perform flawlessly. I liked using this air compressor because of its thermal overload capability that allows me to work with it longer than other air compressors and with its oil lubrication system that prevents this air compressor from breaking down. The fact that this air compressor has a low maintenance cost makes this air compressor one of my favorite and definitely deserves complements.



The MAC2400 Big Bore is powered by 2.5 HP motor and includes a highly resistant cast iron construction for enhanced durability

Features a 4.2 gallon twin-stacked tank which maintains a smooth operating pressure of 130 PSI and 40 PSI (4.8 CFM), perfect for 2 nailers

Due to its smooth functionality the model received the best air compressor ratings 2021

The air compressor runs silently without compromising in any way performance



Some assembly is required (read the user manual with attention)

The installation instructions are pretty vague


The features of the Makita MAC2400 Air compressor are exceptional compared to other air compressor I used before. Honestly, I am amazed with its abilities as well as its performance. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even pay that much for it . ” Kenneth Fanning


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Makita MAC700 Air compressor


Best air compressor reviews

This air compressor is made out of cast iron which makes it durable, making it suitable for heavy-duty construction with its low maintenance cost. Unlike other models, the MAC700 doesn’t have any trouble with loud noises being produced, on the contrary having one of the most quiet operations you can find on a air compressor. The 2-hp motor of this product makes your work faster. Because of its power and durability, it definitely deserves to be in various best air compressor reviews.



Backed by an exclusive 1 year manufacturer warranty the air compressor deliver high output when needed

The MAC700 comes with a durable cast iron construction for enhance durability even during tough job situations

It incorporates a 2.6-gallon tank which delivers a smooth operating pressure of 130 PSI

Features an oil-lubricated pump and powerful automotive filter for high air intake



Does not come equipped with a protective cover (accessory sold separately)

Quite heavy to transport from one location to another but it is a matter for debate for opinions vary


With my new Makita MAC700 Air compressor I can definitely work all day without worrying that I can disturb my neighbors or somebody in the house. The compressor is a durable product that can be used in heavy duty works. This is recommended for all as I am satisfied with its performance.”  Alex Ford


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Senco PC1010 Air compressor


The small and compact size of this air compressor made it very handy and portable which makes the transportation of this air compressor very easy. I was surprised when I first tested this air compressor. Even with its small size and weight, it generally had a slightly better performance than other air compressors. The size and weight of this air compressor had really saved me lot of space in my garage. This air compressor does not need a lube to operate which somewhat made it stand out than other air compressors in the market.



The PC1010 air compressor is lightweight and very easy to handle during long hours of work

Due to its portable design the device is powered by a reliable 1/2 HP, ideal for any household task

Backed by an exclusive manufacturer warranty the air compressor delivers from 20 to 44 drives per minute

With 1 gallon air capacity the air compressor delivers a maximum pressure of 125 psi



It includes only 1 air filter with no replacement part (this is an accessory sold separately)

Great air compressor for small jobs but struggles with more demanding ones


This small Senco PC1010 Air compressor is a good investment which I am proud of making. It doesn’t use too much of your space. I personally store it in my garage and because it is not heavy, I don’t have much trouble moving it. If you don’t have the money to get it, I recommend waiting for Black Friday because there are great deals on Amazon and other sites.” Richard Davila


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Porter-Cable C2002-WK Air compressor


Positively review by various best air compressor reviews, this air compressors is definitely worth buying whether for heavy-duty use or for your personal use. This air compressor has an induction motor which significantly increases the life of the air compressor and provides superior quality performance than other air compressors. I like the soft-start of this air compressor, it made it easier for me to start this thing without spending too much time. I really recommend this air compressor to people for its superior performance that would really get their job done in no time.



Receiving the best air compressor ratings 2021 the C2002-WK incorporates an induction motor for enhanced performance

The air compressor is perfect for filling car tires or even firing frame nailers

Incorporates a 6-gallon tank which is fairly easy to recharge while running at 3.5 SCFM

It includes a motor with replaceable brushes which extend motor life and delivers 150 PSI max pressure



The operating system can be pretty loud but the overall performance is makes it up

Does not include a detailed user manual (only brief references on each function)


I was convinced to buy the Porter-Cable C2002-WK because of the positive feedback the product had from its valued customers. Aside from that, it has the right features to make it one of the most popular models in the market. I use it for a lot of different purposes and it acquits of them without any complications. In my opinion it’s the best air compressor for the money I had to spend on it.” Mark Cantero


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Black & Decker ASI 300 Air compressor


This Product was commended by multiple best air compressor reviews for its compact design and portability. It has an integrated gauge that makes the usage of this air compressor very easy. The portability of this air compressor made it easy for me to transport it to any location that I need this air compressor to be. This air compressor has an edge against other air compressors in the market because of its compact design and portability that makes this air compressor easy to store which other air compressors lack to do so.



Manufactured in the U.S. the ASI300 represents the perfect addition to anyone seeking to inflate bike, vehicle tires and other items

Due to the portable design the air compressor is very easy to transport

Benefits from an exclusive 2 year warranty and features an easy to read gauge

It comes with an integrated gauge which keeps track of the air pressure for proper readings



The AC power cord length is a bit small but for different household jobs performs very well

The inflation hose is pretty short but then again no shorter than other inflators in this particular price range


Black & Decker ASI 300 Air compressor is one of the highest rated models I have worked with. It is portable and durable and that’s why it chose it. I never have a hard time using this compressor to this point. My experience with it pushes me to recommend this model. My brother managed to make me an most useful Xmas gift.”  Rick Howard


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WEN 2276 Oil Lubricated Air Compressor


A reliable tool shed is not complete without an air compressor which can prove very useful in different scenarios. One of the best air compressors in 2021 is the WEN 2276 which is fitted with a very powerful motor of 2HP. The maximum air pressure is at 125 PSI but you can choose a lesser value to work with if that is the case.



Powered by 2 HP motor this air compressor delivers air pressure from 85 to 125 PSI

Due to the maximum 125 PSI air pressure the 2276 compressor can be used for various household applications like inflating tires, frame nailers, sport balls and many more

Includes 2 durable wheels which makes it easy to transport

Benefits from an exclusive 1 year limited warranty



Manufactured in China but the overall performance combats the low quality stereotype

The power cord is a bit shorter than one might want but no more than similar models


 “I only settle for top quality and this is why I have this air compressor in my garage. I have used it in various occasions and it has acquitted itself of every task properly. For under $150, I think this is an excellent choice.” ­– Erick Madison


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Craftsman 15310 Air Compressor


Use this air compressor for a lot of different purposes thanks it to its versatility and its ability to be fitted with a lot of detachable tools. The cylinder is built from cast iron which makes it extremely durable so it will be a long term investment. The rubber feet which have a large size will make sure it will be stable on any surface. The best air compressors reviews conclude that it is a reliable investment.



Lightweight design and oil-lubricated compressor which is perfect air source for a wide range of household items

It features a universal quick-connect attach that permits users to connect it with other devices fast

Incorporates a large rubber feet for enhanced stability

The air compressor comes equipped with a cast iron cylinder and a durable aluminum outlet



Weighs 41.6 pounds which makes pretty heavy to transport without assistance


 “Buying this air compressor has given me the opportunity to use it for a lot of different purposes. I didn’t even pay that much for it and I am thankful for the numerous things I can use it for. I get everything done professionally with it. I have no idea who makes the best air compressors, but this model from Craftsman is surely one to rely upon for common tasks.” – Walter Cosby


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