Just can’t spare the time for research on the best affordable leather sofa? Through this paragraph, allow us to make things much easier. By doing an evaluation of the ratings and reviews for various products in different websites for home furniture, we have been able to compare the information with what actual owner feedback says on this type of item. All that evaluation and research led us to what consumers consider the best in this category, the Divano Roma Furniture 48-FB. Engineered with an exquisite blend of traditional and modern styling, this lovely sofa comes with a nailhead trim around the borders, which not only serves to keep the upholstery together quite smoothly but also provides an elegant accent to the all-black ensemble of the furniture. This sofa goes well with your existing decor thanks to its simple design and smart-looking lines. It comes with durable bonded leather upholstery supported by dark wooden legs and a hardwood frame to deliver years of use. As there is a high likelihood that the Divano Roma Furniture 48-FB may be out of stock because it is a widely bought piece, we recommend getting the second best option, the Divano Roma Furniture EXP49.



Buying Guide


One of the biggest, most essential, and probably one of the most permanent, pieces of living room furniture any homeowner should invest in is a sofa. This piece of furniture easily becomes part of your life because often, it gets placed in the family room, basement or bedroom once it is eventually replaced by a more contemporary piece. What aspects should you consider when looking at the different sofas for sale?

Take a look at the products in the best affordable leather sofa reviews that boast a durable construction

A long-lasting sofa always has a sturdy and strong frame. Although pine-framed sofas cost less, the soft food has a huge tendency to wobble or warp after just a few years down the road. Durability is guaranteed with frames made of costlier hardwood, including kiln-dried oak, beech, maple, poplar, and ash.

Steer clear of metal plastic and particle board frames that are not resistant to cracking or warping. Be wary of glued-on legs. Check out sofas with legs that are part of the frame or are held on via dowels/pegs or screws.

The joints of a solidly constructed frame are connected via single or double wooden dowels, metal brackets and screws, and wooden corner blocks. Some extra reinforcement may be provided through nails or staples. That said, a sofa held together only by glue, nails or staples is not a good product.

A high-quality frame is glued and screwed at every joint, which doubly serves to protect the components from coming apart.


The best leather sofa for the money offers superior comfort

Serpentine or sinuous springs, which are technically preassembled units of snaking wire, may be nicely supportive but can sag over time or press on the frame with their light metal construction. A high-end sofa features 8-way hand-tied springs that should be firm and close to each other. Sofas with this type of springs command a higher price but are made comfy.

A drop-in coil system is equally durable as hand-tied systems and is cheaper. A zigzag suspension offers a clean-lined, tight seat and comes in the same price range as a drop-in coil system.

Sofas that only have mesh or webbing and no springs are weak, flimsy, and uncomfortable. A low-cost cushion filling is a polyurethane foam, which is also easy to care for. However, the high-density type offers a hard feel despite its greater durability, while low-density, softer foam loses its integrity more quickly with constant use.

Highly resilient foam is a bit costlier but long-lasting and more comfortable. Another inexpensive alternative is polyester fiber, but the material flattens rapidly. Duck and goose-feather filling is comfortable but tends to clump together.

If money is not an issue, you could go for top-of-the-line goose down mixed with feathers, which is plump but high-maintenance. This type of cushion needs frequent fluffing. A cheaper alternative is a down-poly fiber blend, which does flatten rather quickly. Cushions with a polyurethane foam core should have heavy and dense material to guarantee lasting use.


Better quality furniture comes with Dacron batting.

The depth of the sofa seat should feel right, with your feet touching the floor and your knees bent comfortably. The angle of the backrest should also feel right and the armrests at a comfortable width and height. You should be able to tuck a pillow into the corner and lie down easily. The sofa should still feel comfortable even with two or more people seated on it.

The suspension system should be springy but firm enough when you bounce on it. There shouldn’t be any squeaking. The sofa should not bow or twist when one corner is held diagonally while one corner is lifted on the other corner. The frame should not wiggle. The seams and piping should be straight. You want tight stitching, with patterns properly centered and matched.


The best leather sofa deals offer a nice, clean look

Durable fabric marks sofas that are ideal for everyday use. Linen and cotton upholstery are top-notch, but be wary of loosely-woven fabric that tends to snag. Synthetic microfiber mimics most fabrics and is also resistant to stains. Synthetic and natural fiber blends have a proclivity for pilling much too quickly. Leather and wool are strong and smart-looking but are costly.

Silk is tactile but delicate. Woven in patterns on the fabric offer better resilience against wear compared to printed pattern fabrics.

A contoured back, rolled arms, and tufted cushions or skirting are best for traditional interior layouts. Non-traditional sofas have fewer embellishments and come with simple upholstery plus cleaner lines.



Top Rated Affordable Leather Sofas in 2018


There are plenty of options on sofas on the market. Although this somewhat complicates the buying process, the above buying guide will hopefully simplify your decision-making process. We have also highlighted the best products below for more shopping assistance.


Divano Roma Furniture 48-FB


If you want a smart-looking sofa that blends the traditional and the contemporary in a simplistic design, the Divano Roma Furniture 48-FB makes the best option. This sofa is made with a bonded leather upholstery that ensures dependable durability for lasting use. The black upholstery is prettily accented with a nailhead trim detail to provide an interesting facet.

This sofa is suitable for living spaces that boast elegant-style decor. The bonded leather upholstery is supported by the tough hardwood frame and dark wooden legs that deliver secure and sturdy support. This easy-to-assemble sofa comes with a seat depth of 24 inches and a seat width of 70 inches to provide the perfect seat for two people or more.

The two supplied pillows provide a resting place for your head if you decide to spend resting times lounging comfortably on the sofa. The sofa comes with the necessary hardware and instructions for assembly, helping you put it together quickly for maximum functionality. The sofa looks nice from any angle and makes the perfect centerpiece for your living room.

This sofa has a permanently attached seat for a sturdy and durable construction. The nice, clean lines enable the sofa to complement the rest of your living room decor effortlessly.

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Divano Roma Furniture EXP49


Perfect for small living spaces, the Divano Roma Furniture EXP49 makes a great addition to your contemporary living space in an urban setting. This sofa belongs to an exclusive line of contemporary Divano Roma Furniture that is aimed to spruce up any ordinary-looking living space and make it the perfect area to spend lazy days at home.

The sofa carries a Mid-Century style that makes it a nice addition to your living room without making your space look cluttered or ‘busy’. This piece of furniture features bonded leather upholstery for dependable durability and a lifetime of use. You’ll love lying on the sofa with its soft yet durable upholstery that provides comfort.

The two provided decorative pillows let you rest your head in maximum comfort as well. The plush cushions are upholstered using the same type of fabric as the pillows to deliver a fantastic-looking ensemble. This ultra-plush, contemporary sofa comes in black and white and is outfitted with chrome legs for tough support and sturdiness.

The deep seat style allows you to sit comfortably with your legs flat on the floor for easy in and out. The low arm rests and comfy backrest provide a nicely seated position every time. The hardwood frame is geared to last. This easily assembled sofa has screw-in legs for effortless setup.

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Divano Roma Furniture EXP17-WHITE


Suitable for a small studio or apartment, the Divano Roma Furniture EXP17-WHITE is a handsome-looking piece of living room furniture that makes a nice addition to any modern living space. The split back accommodates your preference for a seating style. You can have the back laid flat to expand the seating space.

You can also choose to have one side flat and the other side straight to enable you to lie down and have extra space in lieu of a table or desk. The durable bonded leather upholstery provides a durable surface. The chrome detachable legs offer support and a sturdy base to accommodate your seating needs.

The 19-inch high backrest provides a stable surface on which to rest your back. The screw-in legs provide easy assembly. You’ll love the tufted detail on the upholstery as it provides a cushiony feel and an attractive look on the sofa. With the entire back laid flat and the legs removed, the sofa serves as an extra bed in a pinch for any unexpected guests.

This sofa comes in a clean and modern white color that makes it look good together with the rest of your living room decor. The firm cushioning delivers adequate support to your bottom without sacrificing on comfort.

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