Best acoustic guitars for the money


If you are curious if you’ve got the next song writer/ musician on your hands – you may be wondering where to turn to get started.  A basic acoustic guitar is a great way to go and we have a list of the best acoustic guitar reviews.  Music is a great way to get kids interested in music. Direct their creative energy and it could end up providing them with a great career.  Read through our reviews and you will find the one that is best for you.


Lauren LA30N acoustic guitar


Best acoustic guitars under $50This 30-Inch Guitar comes with Nylon strings so is easier on small hands.  It is the perfect choice for guitar beginners with its small size and ‘gentler’ strings.  The Lauren LA30N is built from quality wood with durable metal hardware to outlast the wear and tear of young learners.  This isn’t a toy, it is a real guitar designed for smaller users to be able to get their hands around the neck as they learn the note positions and strum without the pain of true steel strings.

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“I wanted to start playing guitar so I bought the Lauren LAN30N acoustic guitar because I read in the reviews that it is excellent for beginners. I learned quite a bit on this small giutar and I recommend it for people which would like to play the guitar.” Erika Moore


Mighty Instruments MG38-PK acoustic guitar


This fabulous pink acoustic guitar is good for beginning guitar students.  It comes with a gig bag, pic, tuning flute, extra strings and more.  This guitar, with extras and great pink color definitely score high on our best acoustic guitars under $50 list. If you are looking for that perfect starter guitar for a special girl – this sweet pink guitar with all of its great accessories is sure to fit the bill.  She can put everything into her gig bag and have a traveling show!

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“My daughter wanted a giutar and because I’m a good parent I bought her the pink Mighty Instruments MG38-PK. She took to it immediately and now she plays it as often as she can. She is getting quite good actually, after she practiced for a while.” Chris Michael


Lauren LA30BK acoustic guitar


The Lauren LA30BK is another great guitar; it is good for beginners but also, since it has steel strings, is good for those with a little guitar experience under their belt.  The smaller size makes it easy to use and for those who are looking for something with a great sound and quality in an instrument that is half the size of a standard guitar, this is it.  This is NOT a toy guitar, just an under-size guitar for those who need a narrower neck to be able to hold finger positions better.

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“This guitar has impressed me even though it is quite small. I came across it in a shop, tried it and seeing that it felt and sounded great, I bought it. I have another more expensive guitar, but when I saw it was that cheap I didn’t saw no harm in having two guitars.” Dan Richardson


Rogue Blue Burst acoustic guitar


This Rogue starter acoustic guitar is a great deal for those just starting out as well as for those simply looking for a smaller sized guitar.  The blue color is a fantastic accent and gives it an artsy look.  The smaller size is easy to manage even for children yet it has a really good sound.  It is well made with a maple neck and rosewood fret board – gives it a sturdier heft.  It also comes with Martin strings which help create the nice smooth tones.

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“I liked the classy blue color about the Rogue Blue Burst acoustic guitar,  plus everyone told me I need to get a smaller one first to help me learn easier how to play one.  I get better and better now that I practice with it and I am very satisfied by my investment.”  James Larkin


Generic 38-inch Red guitar


What a deal – this smaller-sized guitar comes in RED! Plus, it comes with a carrying bag and great accessories including: guitar strap, pick, tuner, gig bag, extra strings and 2 decal pick guards.  Your young guitarist will love the loud and clear sound they get while playing this great instrument.  It definitely is a great addition to our list of best acoustic guitars under $50.  At thirty-eight inches, it is a great size for budding musicians.  It’s well made of wood construction which adds to the high quality sound.

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“I was impressed that the Generic 38-inch Red guitar comes with so many accessories and it has such a low price. Its bag allows me to carry it anywhere with me easily, plus the strap is very useful when I play as well. I definitely recommend it for whoever is looking for a guitar, even if it is a bit small.” Andy Horner