Top rated 70 inch 3DTVs in 2020


The 3D technology has taken the world by storm since its popularization and more and more people want it in their homes. The TV manufacturers have created some excellent models which can sometimes make it a bit difficult for you to pick the most reliable one for your case, but this is where the best 70 inch 3D TV reviews step in. With their help you will find that elusive model which will look wonderful on your room’s wall.


What TV suits best for you?


Who doesn’t love 3D television? It seems that a growing number of people are searching for amazing 3D TVs, designed to offer true and realistic cinematic experiences. According to recent statistics it appears that one of the most cherished sizes for HDTVs is set around 70 inches in diagonal. There are thousands of 3D movies and TV-shows that people adore to watch in their spare time. Still, there are many things to take into consideration while browsing for a brand new 3D TV. You need to start things off with image processing, high definition format, 3D Theater system, refresh rate and back-lit technology. These are the visual features which ensure crystal clear images every time you turn a TV on.

Since there are so many people interested in discovering high quality television sets we took the liberty of helping out. We tested 30 top rated 70 inch TVs with 3D technology for over 80 hours. When the test results came through we were able to safely draft the best 70 inch 3D TV reviews. People that need a great TV in their homes should consult professional information. Now, it is important to set an adequate viewing distance between the TV and viewers. Specialists recommend a distance of 8 feet for 50 inch TVs and 20 feet for 70 inch TVs. This is the proper viewing distance for vibrant 3D experiences worth sharing with friends and family members. Another important thing to take into account is the spot where you’re going to install the TV. You can consider wall spaces, TV stands or special nightstands for TV placement.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Resolution Price Refresh Rate HDMI Ports Our Rating Where to buy

Sony KDL-70R550A

1080p $$$ 120 Hz 4 A+ AMAZON

Sharp LC-70LE857

1080p $$$$ 240 Hz 4 A AMAZON

Sharp LC-70LE550

1080p $$ 120 Hz 3 B+ AMAZON

Vizio M701d-A3R

1080p $$$ 240 Hz 4 B AMAZON

Sharp LC-70LE757

1080p $$$$ 240 Hz 4 C+ AMAZON


How to find the best 70 inch 3D TV in 2020? Well, some TVs with 3D features incorporate LCD, DLP, LED or plasma display technology. According to recent statistics it seems that people opt for LED TVs with 3D feature. The current LCD TVs display amazing 3D experiences, ideal to install in rooms with poor light conditions. Still, if you have control over the room ambient lighting conditions then you could opt for plasma TVs. As you probably already know the current 3D HDTVs come with passive and active glasses. You have to wear glasses whenever you watch a 3D movie or TV-show. Passive glasses are pretty cheap, varying from $5 to 25$. Active glasses include batteries and special transmitter which synchronizes with the TVs 3D images. Still, you should know that active glasses cost quite a bit from $75 to $150.

With one of the best 70 inch 3D TV in 2020 safely installed in your home, daily 3D experiences become pretty special. It is very important to opt for 3D HDTVs that benefit from exclusive warranties. Furthermore make sure that TV comes with 120 Hz or 240 Hz refresh rate for image processing. Your future television set should include special settings that can enhance the overall visual experience. You should have the possibility to adjust brightness, format and color intensity. One thing is certain: a 70-inch TV will definitely ensure amazing viewing experiences!



Sony KDL-70R550A 70-Inch 3D Internet LED HDTV


Best 70 inch 3D TV reviewsA prime candidate for the best 70 inch 3D TV in 2020 is the very stylish and very capable Sony KDL-70R550A. A super thin and stylish design will make it look just great on your TV table or mounted on your wall. Even though it is a 3D TV it consumes very little energy and this has a lot to do with the LED technology behind it. It has integrated wi-fi as well so you can stream your desired movies quickly and watch them in 3D. If you can’t watch them in 3D you can watch them normally in Full HD.



Present among the top 10 70 inch 3D TV in 2020, the KDL-70R550A model from Sony offers a breathtaking cinematic experience in full 1080p high definition

Due to the built-in Wi-Fi technology users will access virtually unlimited sources of entertainment direct from the internet and the exclusive Sony Entertainment Network

Features Motionflow XR 240 technology which adds clarity to each picture rendered during movies, shows, games or sport events

Incorporates Sony Edge LED backlight technology which offers rich and intense colors even in dark or dim lightened scenes



Does not include a HDMI cable (sold separately)

The Sony remote control is IR operated only but it gets the job done


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Sharp LC-70LE857 70-Inch LED 3D HDTV


The latest technology when it comes to HDTVs has been incorporated in the Sharp LC-70LE857 which can offer you superb 3D images and Full HD resolution for normal 2D pictures. It has 2 million subpixels backing the normal sized pixels for brighter images which results in more life-like details. Another thing that will work in your favor is the 240 Hz refresh rate that cancels any motion blur. Even best 70 inch 3D TV reviews recommend investing in this model.



The current 70 inch 3D TV ratings best to worst placed the LC-70-LE857 Aquos from Sharp in the high end segment, due to the model’s capacity to offer a vibrant cinematic experience

Features the exclusive Quattron technology which produces rich details, intense colors and bright images, making every video a pleasure to watch

Includes the advanced Super Bright contrast engine that automatically adjusts images to the right quality parameters

Offers smart control over video and audio content through the Smart Central menu which permits users better interaction with the TV



The 3D glasses come with batteries that are not rechargeable which means a later purchase (after approximately100 hours of use)

The user guide doesn’t offer a comprehensive insight on the 3D set-up


Buy from for ($500)




Sharp LC-70LE550 70-inch Aquos LED HDTV


The Sharp LC-70LE550 Aquos LED HDTV is another great option to mount on a wall in your home and to see all your favorite channels and movies in Full HD. The slim design makes it very easy for you to get it up on your wall, with the help of some sturdy brackets of course. Clear Voice technology will mean that its integrated speakers are capable of a great sound quality. Fast-motion scenes from movies will be shown without the blur effect thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate.



Regarded by many as the best product for the money the LC-70LE550 TV from Sharp incorporates the Aquos 1080p LED technology for a comprehensive high definition visual experience

This advanced 70-inch HDTV features 120 Hz refresh rate and 4 million: 1 dynamic contrast ratio which maintains video clarity and fluidity even during fast moving action scenes

With a slim and elegant design this HDTV can fit virtually in any room of the house without compromising the existing vibe

Incorporates 3 HDMI ports, 3 audio inputs, 1 audio output and RF in cable which ensures heightened connectivity with other media devices



Does not offer SMART TV features but the solution is purchasing an external media center like Roku or TiVo

The remote control doesn’t not come with included batteries (sold separately)


Buy from for ($500)




Vizio M701d-A3R 70-Inch 3D Smart LED HDTV


With a very modern design and some fantastic characteristics the Vizio M710d-A3R is definitely a top rated 70 inch 3D TV in 2020. Use the internet through its Wi-Fi to stream movies from the most popular sites and then view them in 3D or in Full HD, whatever option suits you the most. The Smooth Motion technology which enables the TV to have a 240 Hz refresh rate is perfect for watching fast action movies or for playing video games. This TV also has Energy Star ratings so it won’t consume too much electricity.



Receiving the best Black Friday deals on 70 inch 3D TV, the M701d-A3R LED TV from Vizio comes equipped with SMART TV features and Theater 3D function for a thriving home entertainment experience

Including Razor LED backlighting technology which delivers sharp and thriving picture clarity during each video played

Features the exclusive Vizio Internet Apps Plus that permits people to access top video sources like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, eBay, Pandora and many others

As the most reliable product from Vizio, this model is fitted to render 1080p Full high definition videos



Some installation is required but it doesn’t take long


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Sharp LC-70LE757 70-Inch Aquos Quattron 3D HDTV


If you want to invest in a large screen 3D TV a very good option would be the Sharp LC-70LE757 which has received high ratings from customer reports. Everything you would expect from the best 70 inch 3D TV in 2020 is incorporated in this model, from 3D technology, Full HD 2D pictures to a 240Hz refresh rate. It is a smart TV as well and you will be able to take advantage of the opportunities the internet offers you. And all of these features will come to your in a sleek and modern design.



As the best product for Christmas or special occasions the LC-70LE757 Aquos HDTV from Sharp incorporates Quattron Color technology which ensures a thriving video experience with rich gods, deep blues or bright yellows

Incorporates Aquos LED display which uses photo-alignment technology for a complete Full HD 1080p resolution

Features 240Hz refresh rate and AuqoMotion 480 that permits people to see blur-free images even during high action movie scenes

The HDTV has an intuitive SmartCentral Smart TV and built-in WiFi for a pleasurable content management



Some color and contrast tuning is needed but the interactive panel delivers proper assistance

The user guide is written in only 4 languages English, French, Spanish and Japanese


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