Cheap 3D TVs prices


In order to complete your home entertainment experience, one of the most essential items to have would be a 3D TV. However, many people are skeptic in buying such because it is often associated with sky-rocketing prices. In the rest of this article, you will be provided with more insights regarding the best 3D TVs under $400, all of which are sure to provide the best value for your money or you can just look through the best Panasonic 3D TVs reviews.


Samsung UN32EH5000 3D TV


Best 3D TVs under $400

If you are looking for a 3D TV that can deliver realistic images and vibrant colors, this model from Samsung is perhaps one of the best choices that can be taken into account. It is equipped with Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which is helpful in showing the spectrum of color, making the images as vibrant as possible. It also has 120 Clear Motion Rate, allowing you to see images clearly and preventing them from being blurred, especially if you are watching fast-moving scenes.

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“I was very impressed with my new Samsung UN32EH5000 3D TV. Unlike other 3D Tv’s you can buy in the market, this one has the best features which makes it perfect and ideal for watching movies. It provides clear images as well as clear sounds. I recommend this product to all.” Marion Cook


Vizio E320i-A0 3D TV


One of the most significant reasons on why this has been considered in many reviews as one of the best 3D TVs under $400 is the incorporation of a slim frame in its design. Because the border is narrow, it means that you will be able to view in a wider space. It also makes the TV look sophisticated. Additionally, it is also common for its users to commend its Smart TV functionality, through Vizio apps, giving people the opportunity to access tons of applications over the internet, made possible by its built-in Wi-Fi.

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“The Vizio E320i-A0 3D TV is another product you can buy from Amazon which exhibits the best qualifications you can require for a television set. The product is very thin and has a very sleek design. The product is also durable and steady so you will never experience problem with it.” Leila Marroquin




This 1080p high definition 3D TV has been regarded as a good choice by many of its users because of its Plug ‘n Play compatibility. This simply means that it will allow you to access contents from various external devices in a snap, without the need to install complicated software and drivers. It has various inputs and outputs, offering you the flexibility to access from files from various devices. Additionally, it is also excellent when it comes to energy efficiency, allowing you to save in your utility bills.

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“In terms of electricity consumption, the TCL LE39FHDF3300TA 3D TV gave me the chance to save electricity and pay lower bills. Furthermore, I can easily access other devices and files by using the ports that was installed in the TV. This is very useful in order to make everything worth it.” Mark Hansen


Samsung UN22F5000 3D TV


With Energy Star 6.0 Certification, which is a proof to its energy efficiency, there is no wonder on why many people list this model as one of the best 3D TVs under $400. The backlight technology in this TV is also superb, which is highly contributory to the sharpness and contrast of the colors that can be seen on its screen. The image processor speed is also worth commending, as it makes sure that you can see nothing but the best images.

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“The Samsung UN22F5000 3D TV is one of the best television sets you can have for good. The product is worthy of the investments because it can totally give you an impressive output. Watching in this TV is very clear and real. You will experience the best and will enjoy entertainment for good.”  Ginger Hayes


Samsung UN32EH4003 3D TV


If you have movies and other contents in your USB drive and you want it to be viewed, such is possible with this 3D TV. This is basically because of the ConnectShare Movie, allowing you to easily see the contents of your USB by having it simply plugged on the TV. There were also satisfactory comments with regards to the natural-looking images that are delivered by this unit, as well as colors that are vibrant and full of life, more often than not, making the viewing experience more immersive.

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Watching my favorite movies through a flash drive is very easy with the Samsung UN32EH4003 3D TV. There is an instant connectivity that makes it better for me to enjoy viewing and watching my favorites. I don’t need to undergo long processes just to watch and experience the fun of this 3D TV.”  Linda Wade