Top rated 36″ gas cooktops with downdraft in 2018


In the succeeding paragraphs, it is expected that you will learn more about the different choices that have been highlighted in the best 36 gas cooktop with downdraft reviews. Aside from knowing the specific products that can be taken into account, you will be briefly informed as well on some of its most notable features.


Electrolux Icon E36GC75GSS Designer Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop


In your search for the best 36 gas cooktop with downdraft in 2018, Electrolux is one brand that should not be missed. With this being said, this model is perhaps one of the best that can be possibly taken into account. The controls are known to offer the highest level of comfort to the user, which simply means that you will be able to enjoy its ease of use. It is also good in terms of versatility as it can offer you with a variety of cooking functions. You do not have to be worried about maintaining it at its best as cleaning the unit is something that can be done in a snap.

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Bosch 500 Series NGM5624UC Gas Cooktop


This is another model that should not be forgotten when you are looking for the best 36 gas cooktop with downdraft in 2018. This model comes with 5 different burners, which will allow you to maximize the use of your time as you can cook more all at once. It is designed with centralized controls that will make it more user-friendly. Another thing that you will like about this product is its automatic re-ignition system. This means that once the flames fade out, there is no need for you to do anything as it will be ignited on its own.

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KitchenAid KFGS366VSS Architect II Gas-Sealed Burner Cooktop


Being considered by many as amongst the top rated 36 gas cooktop with downdraft in 2018, this has been the preferred choice for many people basically because of its versatility. It has dual tier burners with 18,000 BTU that can prove to be good for some serious cooking. On the other hand, another burner has 6,000 BTU, which will prove to be enough for keeping the warmth of the food or for simmering. The well-thought design of this model makes it possible to avoid mess in the cooking area. Lastly, it also has the mechanism to automatically reignite flame.

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GE PHP960DMBB Electric Induction Cooktop


According to the best 36 cooktop reviews, the size of this model is perfect as it is not too big or too large. While many of the options within the product category are complicated in terms of how they are operated, such is not the case with this specific model. Even if you have been used to the traditional gas stoves, the use of this innovative product will be a piece of cake as you can easily figure out how it is controlled. Of course, make sure to read the comprehensive instructions provided by the manufacturer to be sure.

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KitchenAid Architect Series II KFGU766VSS Gas Cooktop


Similar to the case of the model that has been mentioned above, this is also made by KitchenAid, which is being considered by many as one of the best names within the product category. The generous capacity of this model is one thing that has captivated the attention of its buyers. The cooktop has a scratch-resistant surface that will make it possible to maintain its best possible look through the years. The unit also comes with intuitive controls and responsive display in order to make sure that cooking will be a lot easier for you.