Top 3-cup rice cookers in 2018


Cooking rice is really easy and simple work which can be done by anyone. Traditional rice cooking takes a lot of time and the process is not convenient for. This is why people consider buying commercial rice cookers which may save a lot of time and it will keep the rice heated for about 6-7 hours straight which will be ready for serving just after opening and you can cook a lot of rice with the help of rice cookers. Our review on best rice cookers under $40 may help you to find your own rice cooker.


Aroma Arc 743 rice cooker


Best 3-cup rice cookers reviewsCooking rice will never be easier if you use Aroma Arc. You can cook rice pretty quickly and keep it warm automatically for 8 hours. It can withhold up to 3 cups of uncooked rice. It can easily prepare 2-6 cups of cooked rice and keep it ready for serving. Cooking rice and steaming vegetables might sound a really great combo work and Aroma help you to steam vegetables or even meat while you’re cooking rice. It can be cleaned up easily.

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“One of my prefered dishes is rice and so I cook it in the right way everytime, I purchased this rice cooker from Aroma Arc. Now that I have it I truly understand the difference of rice cooked in a proper way and what I cooked before.” Gene Lancaster


Aroma ARC 753SG rice cooker


This is another great product from Aroma costing a higher than the previous one. It’s one of the best products of our best 3-cup rice cookers reviews which feature a stainless steel pot made out of surgical grade 304. It can prepare 3 cups of uncooked white rice while featuring 6 cups of cooked rice. You can also cook brown rice with it. It offers a simple, one-touch operation. It’s also great for making soups or stews.

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“I saw the list of high-tech features of the Aroma Arc 753SG rice cooker and I was impressed to say the least. I bought it and the results were immediately seen in the quality rice I was eating with my family. It costs a bit more, but it is worth the effort.” Jessica Wright


Oster CKSTRCMS65 rice cooker


Oster rice cooker can make moist, fluffy and delicious rice up to 6 cups while it can hold 3 cups of uncooked rice in it. Once you’re done cooking the rice, the indicator light will automatically change it to warming mode which will keep your rice warmed and ready to serve. The tempered glass lid will show you the cooked rice through it. The nonstick bowl is removable and it features easy cleanup while it can keep vegetables and fish for steaming.

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“This Oster rice cooker was so cheap and I thought it would be a good idea to have it in my kitchen for when I decide to cook rice. The rice I make with it is very good and my family seems to like it very much whenever I serve it for dinner.” Laura Hosby


Zojirushi NSLAC05 rice cooker


This is one of the best computerized products in our list. It can withhold 3 cups of uncooked rice and 6 cups of cooked rice. It features built-in retractable power cord and lots of menus like sushi, porridge, brown, while/mixed rice cooking. Any modern kitchen will love to keep accompanied by this modern rice cooker. It’s really attractive and it provides a thick and stick-proof bowl which doesn’t burn. The cleanup procedure is really simple and anyone can adapt to it.

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“I have a modern kitchen so it was only normal that I buy a modern rice cooker. Who can do rice cookers better than the japanese and this was my line of thought when I bought this one from Zojirushi. I was right the rice is cooked perfectly and I couldn’t be more happy with this cooker.” Christina Mackie


Black & Decker RC3303 rice cooker


Cooking rice at home which will adapt the restaurant quality can never be easier than this. It offers a handy appliance with the capacity of withholding 3cups of uncooked rice. Once you finish cooking the rice, it will change its mode to “Keep Warm” which will keep the cooked rice warm for hours with an indicating light. It doesn’t show over-cooking and the unit is made of non-stick pot which ensures to clean it easily and comfortably.  We hope you’ve loved our review on best 3-cup rice cookers reviews.

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“Getting the Black & Decker RC3303 rice cooker was a great idea from my part because it manages to do the rice in a way which I couldn’t do previous to having it. Based on its performances I must recommend it to other rice lovers out there.” Kara Osman