Top rated 18v cordless drills in 2018


The different reviews about the best cordless drills under $50 have revealed that although there are several choices, not all of them are superior in terms of quality and functionality. To be provided with the best value, it is recommended that you spend a little more and enjoy better quality, such as through considering the products that will be mentioned below.


Select a top notch 18V cordless drill – Buying Guide


Woodworking is an activity that requires skill and proper use of advanced equipment. There are many power tools available on the market. Each of them can help workers perform different applications easier and faster. According to recent statistics it seems that there is one power tool which can be found in any professional tool box: 18v cordless drill. So, we are not surprised to see so many people search for high quality cordless drills. On this note, we took it upon ourselves to do the research and help you identify the perfect product. After 95 hours of tests and analytical studies we managed to draft the best 18v cordless drills reviews. Once you consult relevant information, the right cordless drill will proudly welcome you every time you work!

It is important to have access to a professional power tool which can transform any job site in a productive one. A good cordless drill incorporates high speed, powerful torque ratings and impressive application capacities. Now, you need to determine the type of drill best suited to help you work. Another thing is understand whether or not you’ll drill in wood or concrete material. Cordless drills can also drill small screws in soft or hard woods. Depending on what you need during each construction project, try your best to identify just the right drill. According to the latest user testimonials and technical reports it seems that among the best 18v cordless drills in 2018, you can find models from Makita, Hitachi, Bosch, DeWalt or Metabo. The current drills are usually split into 3 major categories: impact driver, drill driver and combi drill. With a clearer picture on the power tool’s functions you will perform even the hardest of tasks.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power source Price Max RPM Batery cell type Our Rating Where to buy

Dewalt DCD940KX

Electric $$$ 2000 Lithium Ion A+ AMAZON

Dewalt DC720KA

Electric $$$ 1700 NiCAD A AMAZON

Dewalt DC970K-2

Electric $$ 1500 NiCAD B+ AMAZON

Hitachi DS18DSAL

Battery $$ 1500 Lithium Ion B+ AMAZON

Genesis GCD18BK

Battery $ 550 NiCAD B AMAZON


Combi drills offer 3 important functions: the ability to drill holes in metal or wood material, the ability to drive different screws and the ability to drill holes into concrete and masonry. Such drills offer two or three speeds. It includes low speeds for hi-torque projects like screw driving. High speeds can help you drill through wood and metal. Combi drills are present in the toolbox of professional workers! Usually drills have a strong metal construction with advanced metal chuck and solid gear box. Among the best 18v cordless drills in 2018 you will also find drill drivers. Such power tools offer users 2 functions: the capacity to drill holes into metal and wood; the ability to easily drive different screws. You will find that the drills incorporate 2 speeds and a wide range of torque settings.

You have to pay attention to details in order to narrow your search down to one single product. Furthermore take into account that your future drill includes a high rated battery. It is important to use a cordless device that won’t leave you hanging in the middle of a project. You could even opt for impact drivers for your work. These devices are high-torque, equipped with high levels of accurate impact functions. Impact drivers are used by persons to drive screws into tougher work pieces!


Dewalt DCD940KX 18v Cordless Drill


For many people, one of the things that they enjoy the most about this product is the XRP extended run time batteries, which allows it to be functional for a longer period compared to the models that are powered by regular batteries. This is a trademarked technology that makes this model a cut above the rest of competition. Another innovation that is worth noting is its all metal transmission that is able to deliver three variable speeds, which also extends the life of the product.



The DeWALT DCD940KX might be the answer to the question what is the best 18v cordless drill on the market, especially because of the incredible value for money it offers.

It is an incredibly lightweight machine with the ability to work for a really long time on a single charge.

Its design is especially conceived to improve efficiency and to also improve the time within which you finish your job.

All its parts are destined for heavy-duty task and also for prolonged use so you will not have to worry about replacing any parts too soon.



It is a bit loud which might mean you have to buy some earmuffs.

The work light could have been a bit more powerful.


“Most of my power tools are from DeWalt and own this cordless drill as well. I am extremely pleased by its performance level and it makes my work a whole lot easier. I bought it because I believe it’s the best 18v cordless drill 2018. Because it’s light, I don’t tire quickly when I have to use it extensively.” – John Allison


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Dewalt DC720KA 18V Cordless Drill


One feature of this product that should be given emphasis in this best 18v cordless drills review would be the fact that it is only 4.8 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest within the product category. This is an important thing to make sure that fatigue is reduced as you work, especially if you expect doing so for an extended period of time. If you are working in a dark area, this drill comes with a built-in work light that will provide you with the ability to see the entire area as clear as possible.



The biggest advantage provided by this cordless drill is the fact that it is so comfortable to use that you will not get tired at all even after long hours of intense drilling.

It is made by DEWALT which is one of the most reliable brands on the market.

It is completely safe and will provide all the necessary features to prevent unwanted incidents from happening.

It comes with an LED work light which will definitely help if you are working in poorly illuminated spaces.



The batter is not strong enough if you plan on taking on some long work hours.

The drill pilot will be worn-out sooner than you might expect.


“This kit has everything I need to carry on my work at a professional level. The drill works with a high precision level and has never let me down to this point. The battery life is another aspect which pleases me very much and honestly I couldn’t ask for more from an 18V cordless drill.” – Howard L. James


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Dewalt DC970K-2 18v Cordless Drill


Best 18v Cordless Drills ReviewOne of the best things that you will find to be exceptional about this product is its compact size. Because of such, it is easy to use and will not cause fatigue. Additionally, because of its small size, it can also work perfectly even in tight spaces. It has dual speed capability, which can run up to 1,500 rotations per minute, giving you the flexibility that is needed depending on the drilling that needs to be done. It also has long-lasting battery, which makes it an efficient drilling tool.



Amazon will give you the answer to the question what is the best 18v cordless drill available on today by pointing out customer reviews and customer feedback. Currently the DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit is their best-selling item which says a lot considering the vast number of devices available on

This drill is comfortable to hold and very lightweight which makes it perfect for long working hours.

Because it is small in size, it allows you to use it in the tightest of places without any trouble whatsoever.

It will run on two different speed settings which means it is versatile and that it can adapt to different materials.



The batteries that come with this device are a bit weak.

Women might have a hard time using this device because it is a bit on the heavy side.


“I recommend this cordless drill from Dewalt because in the time I have used it, I have been very satisfied with what it can do. Working at 1500 RPMs gives me numerous possibilities and all the jobs that I have done, have turned out exactly how I wanted. This drill is a top notch model, without any doubt and it has an affordable price. I know who makes the best 18v cordless drills – Dewalt.” – M. BreedLove


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Hitachi DS18DSAL 18v Cordless Drill


It is important to choose a drill that will provide you with flexibility, which is exactly the reason why this specific model is highly recommended. It will give you the opportunity to choose from speed that ranges from 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1,500 RPM, depending on what will be needed for the job. It is powered by a 1.5 Ah lithium battery, which apart from its long life, has also been credited because of its excellent position within the unit.



Because it weights in just 3.3 pounds, it can be used for heavy duty jobs but also for small chores you come across around your home.

It is affordable despite being one of the best devices of its kind.

It has a strong battery and it is built to offer a firm grip which adds to the safety features included with this device.

It comes with a very powerful flashlight and 2 batteries.



It can be easily overestimated. Keep in mind that this is not destined for constant heavy-duty use.

The keyless chuck tends to overheat and might burn your hand if you are not careful.


“After reading the best 18V cordless drill reviews, I knew Hitachi DS18DSAL was the perfect choice for my needs. It has a light design and I can use it for various tasks because the reliable motor can work at more than one speed. The Lithium-Ion battery really makes a huge difference too. All in all this is one of the most reliable drills I’ve ever worked with. I bought it cheap too, because I got it on Black Friday.” – David Baumgartner


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Genesis GCD18BK 18v Cordless Drill


This model is recommended in this best 18v cordless drills review basically because of its affordable price. This is one of the few products below $50 that will provide you with the best quality. Even if it is cheap, that does not mean that its performance is subpar. It comes with a magnetic tray that will keep the crews in their proper place. Additionally, you might also like the built-in work light that will provide the illumination that is needed when drilling in poorly lit areas.



If you are looking for a perfectly affordable device to fix things around your house than this is the best investment to make. It has excellent features, it costs less than $50 and it comes with a 2 year warranty.

It comes in a package that also includes a battery, a charger and a storage case.

It offers a firm hold because of its rubberized exterior.

It has a battery life of about 1 hour.



It is uncomfortable to use for long periods of time because of the uneven weight distribution.

The battery might act up after a while.


“I couldn’t believe such an affordable drill can be as powerful and reliable as Genesis GCD18BK. The whole tool kit that comes with it is of high quality and ensures that I get the job done properly. If you are looking for a reliable low price drill, then I suggest you get this one from Genesis. For me it was a bargain because I received it as a gift from my wife. There is no question in my mind, it’s one of the top 10 18v cordless drills in 2018.” – Adam J. Campbell


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