Tips for choosing the best Fly Fishing Rod:


Whether you are a seasoned pro or you are a new angler, the key to your success lies in the kind of fly fishing rod you choose. You could choose any old rod from the best fly fishing rods of 2018, but that won’t guarantee that you will do well.

Instead of blindly going into shopping for a rod or following the advice from some of the best fly fishing rod reviews you may have found, we have created this buying guide to help you make the selection process a little smoother.

As you look through the most popular fly fishing rods, you will see a wide range of prices. A good rule of thumb is to avoid cheap rods and plan to spend twice as much on your rod as what you spent on your reel. Why? Well, your rod will help you hone your skills and to do that, you need a high quality piece of equipment.

As important as knowing which is the best fly fishing rod may be, you want to first consider where you will be fishing the most. The ideal rod should be versatile, but it should be best suited for the type of water you fish in the most. Granted, almost all fly fishing experts agree that a nine-foot rod with a 5-weight line would be an excellent first-time angler rod. However, the highest rated fly fishing rod for saltwater fishing, especially if you are going after bonefish or striped bass, should be 9-feet with an 8-weight.

Since a rod isn’t the cheapest investment, you don’t want to choose a rod with slow action. And in the very same breath, you do not want a crazy fast rod as an all-around rod either. In order to get the best rod for the money is to choose a medium, medium-fast, or a fast action rod. The best fly fishing rods of 2018 are one of these three types for a very good reason. These middle ground rods aren’t too stiff and they aren’t too flimsy. Medium rods are ideal for those who are going to be fishing in small bodies of water, roughly 15 to 45 feet across. These rods have a deep flex without using a whole lot of line.For an easy cast and to be able to enjoy the fishing experience, you’ll do well with a medium-fast rod. Then if you are going to be out on a larger and livelier river, you’ll want a fast action rod.

While we cannot tell you what is the best rod for you to fish with, we fully recommend the ease of travel with a four piece rod. This will allow you to take your rod anywhere you go because it can be taken apart and stored in any sized vehicle.

We hope that when you are out looking for your next rod, you take this information with you and let it help you make the decision.


Things to consider:

  • Set a budget. Keep in mind that you will want to spend twice as much on your rod as your reel.
  • Take into consideration where you will be fishing. A good all-around rod is 9-feet with a 5-weight, not only for beginners, but seasoned anglers as well.
  • Always choose a rod that is either medium, medium-fast, or fast action. Slow rods and ultra-fast rods are used for special circumstances and not general usage.


Top rated Fly Fishing Rods in 2018


Wright & McGill Plunge Fly Fishing Rod Collection


This rod is constructed using a high-modulus graphite material which gives you a lightweight rod that feels comfortable to hold, even for long periods. The rod can be taken apart into four sections for easy storage and it makes traveling with it a breeze. Simply reconnect the pieces with a twist and you are ready to fish again. For new anglers, the rod comes with an instructional DVD on how to properly care for your rod and gives you a breakdown of how to get started. The large-arbor reel gives you an increased retrieval speed and it greatly reduces any stress on the line.

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Okuma SLV Graphite 4-Piece Fly Rod


This lightweight rod is made of a durable graphite, which gives you incredible comfort and flex while out on the water. The fast-rod gives you an easy cast that sends the line out further and smoother than other rods on the market. The compact design of the rod allows for easy storage and is excellent for traveling. The Aluminum reel seats, stainless steel snake guides and the titanium oxide stripper guides lend to the versatility of this rod, as it can be used in a small quiet stream or in large saltwater flats.  The rod features full wells grips to help you maintain control of the rod without sacrificing power or comfort.

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Adamsbuilt HO2 Fly Rod Combination Package


This rod combination uses a medium-fast action that uses a smooth action to cast the line. The precision cast aluminum reel with a balanced weight makes the rod both comfortable to hold without being too heavy for prolonged usage. It comes with 5-weight floating fly line and backing already loaded onto the reel. In order to keep the rod in good condition, simply break it down into four pieces and then you can store it in a felt lined case until the next time you want to go out.

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Okuma Crisium Graphite 2-piece Fly Rod


The Crisium rod takes a traditional style that includes a half-wells grip, the reel seat is made of rosewood, and the stainless steel snake guides help keep the line moving smoothly. Crisium fly rods have been made to give casters exceptional smoothness when casting and they can appreciate the protection the light tippets provides. The two piece models ranges from seven to nine feet; however, they are fantastic for smaller waters where the rewards are more important than how far the line flies.

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Eagle Claw Featherlight 5/6 Line Weight Rod


The Eagle Claw rod is an ultralight rod that is very sensitive because it is made of a polyester fiberglass that gives you the handling you would expect from an expensive rod. This rod uses stainless steel guides for an ultra-smooth casting experience and provides a higher sensitivity due to the graphite reel seat. This particular rod uses a high-quality cork handle for increased comfort while you hold it, even for long periods of time.

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