What is the best sling box alternative from Belkin



Expands the capability of your mobile device

Watch shows over your home WiFi network on multiple devices

Allows you to record shows

Lets you use your portable device as a TV remote

Sleek and stylish profile



One of the Belkin TV Plus G1V1000 reviews laments the fact that the unit does not have HDMI in or out.

The product does not include software. Downloading takes up a hefty 250 megabytes.


Customer rating –> B


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  • With this best sling box alternative from Belkin, you can watch live TV, sports, movies and plenty more on your tablet or Smartphone. See live and recorded shows on a single mobile device when you’re not home. You can also use the WiFi network to watch TV and movies on multiple devices wherever you may be. Record directly to your mobile device.

  • Being at home with the Belkin TV Plus G1V1000 allows you to watch movies and TV delivered through your WiFi network on multiple devices. Just connect your cable or satellite receiver or DVR to the unit using the supplied component or composite cables. Download the @TV Plus app on your mobile device. The TV Plus G1V1000 transmits directly to your router and the web, while your mobile device receives TV programming via 4G, 3G or WiFi.


  • Record shows straight to your mobile unit and be able to use your tablet or phone as a TV remote. Use a tablet or smartphone anywhere you have the Belkin @TV Plus. The one-time download fee is well worth it for the @TV Plus app that works great on Mac computers, PCs, tablets and Smartphones. You can watch what is already recorded on your DVR or what is directy recorded on your mobile device, so you can enjoy movies, the news, shows, sports games and more on your tablet or Smartphone even when there’s no internet connection.


  • The @TV Plus expands the usability of your tablet or Smartphone by doubling it as a remote control for the TV. The revolutionary Swipe Surf feature allows you scroll through the TV channels easily, or record a show with just a tap of a button.


  • Get smooth video streaming from a tiny device that is lightweight, sleek and stylishly compact. Set it up at any convenient location and start enjoying the easy-to-use features of this small device.


Get the @TV Plus, the best sling box alternative that lets you watch TV, movies and sports on your tablet or Smartphone. See live and recorded TV on just one mobile device even when you’re not home. Or watch TV and movies when you’re home, over your WiFi network and on multiple devices.


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