What is the best hunting bow from Bear Archery



Best hunting bow from Bear Archery for use by young archers age 11 and up

Limited manufacturer’s warranty against defects in workmanship and materials

Comes with a number of hunting bow accessories

From America’s leading maker of products for youth and institutional archery



Not just a toy but may not be usable for serious deer hunting due to its small draw weight of 24 to 29 pounds

Limited draw length of 21 to 23 inches usable by individuals and children who have smaller arm span

Right-handed arrow can be a problem for users who are left –handed


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The Bear Archery Warrior III Right-Hand Bow Set is the perfect present to give to youth archers who show potential for the sport. It has been regularly part of the Bear Archery Warrior III reviews due to its strong presence in the sport of archery. This product offers a safe way for beginner archers to develop their skills and work on their shooting weaknesses. The aggressive brace height of six inches can easily be managed by skilled archers. The Bear Archery Warrior III Right-Hand Bow easily fits the needs of young archers as well as intermediate shooters who need gear to develop their skills even further.




  • This bow comes with limited warranty against manufacturing defects and low-quality materials. Its workmanship is ensured to be of premium quality. The warranty covers the following elements: Cams and riser on limited lifetime warranty; Limbs covered 100% free of charge during the first five years after purchase, and then covered by 50% of cost of replacement thereafter. This is something that not all products in the same category can boast of.


  •  Definitely the best hunting bow for the money due to what it is shipped with. Buyers can get the Warrior 3 bow in addition to an armguard, a finger tab, a pin sight, two Safety Glass arrows, a two-piece arrow quiver, a whisker biscuit arrow rest and a temporary tattoo. That’s real value for money since you don’t have to make separate purchases for those items. This means you also save money.


  • This state-of-the-art piece of archery equipment comes from the recognized top American brand in youth and institutional archery. Bear Archery has been designing equipment of this type for years, which started with its founder’s simple passion for expert craftsmanship and bow hunting. Fred Bear established his business during the Great Depression, and built it from there to a renowned name in terms of craftsmanship, design and overall quality.


With 70% let-off designed for young and intermediate shooters, the Bear Archery Warrior III Right-Hand Bow Set makes a top choice for archers who need the best equipment to develop their shooting skills. It allows users to build on their archery skills to help them become better shooters. The set carries several components that few bows in the market come with, which saves money. Add to this the manufacturer’s warranty and you’re all set for a great archery adventure.


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