What is the best crossbow from Barnett



Easy assembly

Powerful accuracy

Awesome features

Exceptional performance



Absolutely requires a cocking aid to ease reloading time, but fortunately comes with a cocking device attachment on which the crossbow can be mounted to make cocking less difficult. The cocking aid is just one of the numerous crossbow accessories that the product comes with.

The crossbow is unexpectedly heavy but still bearably so, which thankfully does not affect its effectiveness and speed at shooting from long ranges.


Customer rating -> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • Strong, light and fast, the Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow Package offers a superbly basic assembly experience. Clear instructions and the well-conceptualized design make assembly as painless as possible. Just insert and tighten a few screws here and there to get the pieces bolted together. The components are all of top quality, which ensures problem-free assembly and eventual transition to shooting. Discover what the Barnett Quad 400 reviews are all talking about with a crossbow that can be put together in under an hour.


  • Hitting your target is never a question thanks to the Quad 400’s incredible power and speed. Take down large game with the right broadhead. Get awesome accuracy up to 60 yards or even further with the supplied scope. The Quad 400 has regularly been considered the best crossbow from Barnett thanks to its fierce accuracy. The 345-foot-per-second-velocity is remarkable specially when taken with the 150-pound draw weight. Surprisingly, the product is lightweight. Its high-octane quad limbs fitted with Crosswire® string/cable system deliver arrows to the target incredibly well. The four-pound pull trigger offers superior precision and control. The long 15.5 inch power stroke can fuel exceptional velocity.


  • The lightweight and detachable quiver carries a decent quality that enables hook-up from underneath with the limbs for fast reloading. The quiver holds four bolts in all. The crossbow is shipped with three units of 22-inch fiberglass starter bolts for easy sighting and target practice. The 4x32mm multi reticle scope is geared with dot sight with choice of either red or green reticle, and adjustable brightness settings for both. The thumbhole grip substantially contributes to the crossbow’s shooting precision aside from helping you shoot comfortably for extended periods. The high-density gas assist stock allows better method of composite molding that delivers a lightweight yet robust product. The cocking attachment is innovatively concealed by the contoured cheek-piece, which provides easy placement of a separately-bought cocking device or crank.


  • When speed and accuracy are the name of the game, the Quad 400 will not disappoint. Users have even considered the 345-foot-per-second- velocity a poor estimate of the crossbow’s real power delivery. It surpasses even heftier-priced models with its impressive accuracy. Precision is made even more incredible with the 150-pound draw weight that ensures easy cocking, so shooting from 60 yards is quick and faultless. The four-pound trigger pull adds even more control and accuracy, as does the 15.5-inch power stroke.


The search for the best crossbow has ended with the Quad 400, which offers an impressive shooting accuracy, amazing control and easy handling. The 15.5-inch power stroke, 4x32mm multi reticle scope, 345-foot-per-second-velocity and 150-pound draw weight bring your target down on the field, giving you exceptional shooting experience.


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