What is the best crossbow from Barnett



Packs enough power

Scope enables peerless accuracy

Quiet but deadly

Comes with highly functional crossbow accessories



Heavy weight can be a challenge for smaller hunters, with draw weight of 175 pounds that will require plenty from the hunter to cock even with the supplied cocking aid

Arrow retention spring needs to be seriously upgraded to better quality for no-miss shots


Customer rating -> A


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Benefits Explained

  • Easy to assemble to the stock and to integrate with the mounting scope, the Barnett Buck Commander has been praised in online Barnett Buck Commander CRT reviews due to its impressive shooting velocity of 365 feet per second. The rope cocking aid reduces force required to draw the string by half, which is good for users who do not care much for manual cocking. The Buck Commander has even been deemed too powerful by some users for target practice at home. The power of the product is so great it can shatter arrows when shot from a distance of less than 15 yards. The arrow can dig really deep when shooting distance is less than 15 yards.

  • When you want the best crossbow from Barnett, the Buck Commander is an impressive choice. This is a compound crossbow with low maintenance and is made for quiet shooting. It offers incredibly accurate shooting, thanks to the supplied scope. The scope is well-made, offering precise shooting of even small targets from 25 yards and further. One can even hit the same spot more than once with complete accuracy. The scope is fully sighted right out of the package, needing no calibration to zero. It has four reticles in all. The topmost is sighted for 20 yards and the other three are sighted automatically in higher increments of 10 yards for every level. Magnification is triple, giving extreme precision.


  • Take down game including bear, buffalo, elk or deer with a crossbow that uses Anti-Vibration Insulator (AVI) technology in limb production, which significantly brings down the noise level of the crossbow when shooting. Some users claim the product can easily boast of 50% noise reduction. However, it offers clean pass-through from a good distance of 60 yards or more, releasing the arrow fast and making it fly true while not allowing the target to evade the arrow easily.


  • Accessories include three carbon arrows each measuring 22 inches. The extraordinarily robust arrows have attachable field points usable for target shooting. They are durable specially when the crossbow unit is waxed consistently and the user does not shoot at close ranges, which can splinter the arrows. The product also comes with: foot stirrup; wax for the string; detachable quiver and quiver mount; rope cocking aid; assembly hardware (hex key and bolts); assembly and care instruction booklet.


The Buck Commander can be the best crossbow you will ever buy, with its seamless construction, awesome durability and powerful shooting ability. It lets fly the arrow to even big game targets thanks to the scope and unbelievable fast shooting velocity. Shooting is always quiet and can be controlled by a seasoned hunter with ease.


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