What is the best range extender from Amped



Easy set-up with smartphones, tablets or PCs

Small device with powerful extended range

Smart features

Functional wireless features



Has a dynamic IP address in a home network, which can be a source of problems when used with certain types of routers and other devices existing within one’s network. This requires setting up a static IP address.

Has 10/100 Ethernet port but no Gigabit Ethernet, which would allow use of a local network at ten times greater the speed than previous generation products considered the best wireless range extender from Amped. This doesn’t provide the best coverage among other extenders in this price point.


Customer rating -> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • Takes just minutes to configure using a laptop PC, tablet or smartphone. One just needs to enter the setup URL to gain access to the Setup Wizard and then scan for the existing wireless network, choose it and that’s it. The device has an innovative plug-in design that lets you install it in your home or office. It allows you to get expansive WiFi coverage so you can use your various portable devices throughout your whole property. The REC10 has advanced dual 600-megawatt amplifiers plus high-capture 2dBi detachable antenna.




  • You can extend WiFi coverage by an incredible 6500 square feet. This device is touted to be the smallest high power universal WiFi range extender with versatility.


  • A range of Smart features make the REC10 best wireless range extender in the market in this specific size. These features include Access Schedule that allows you to enable or disable the WiFi range by day and time. This sets schedule for wireless clients linked through the extender’s SSID, even with cloned settings from the router. The REC10 also provides user access control based on MAC address. It is also possible to adjust output power in order that wireless coverage be limited. This is a safety feature that limits geographical viewing limit for your SSID. It also saves power usage when you just intend to cover a small area, varying between 15% to 100% usage.


  • Wireless features include: wireless sensitivity of -94dBm, which enables coverage at long distances; wireless output power of up to a maximum of 28dB; Wireless Security of WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA Mixed, WPS, which allows you to do device management tasks such as setting up system logging, back-up and storage of the device settings, review of network statistics and device status, and firmware upgrade.


If you’re looking for an exceptional WiFi extender, the REC10 is a great bet. It has been lauded in Amped REC10 reviews due to its effortless set-up, Ethernet port and advanced features. It covers a large area aside from providing decent coverage and offering data transfer speeds up to 300Mbps.


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