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1.1 American Standard 2817.128.020Benefits

Designed to impress, this American Standard toilet makes you feel like a king. Robust and elegnat with its enlongated tower style, this toilet looks and feels perfect. Named by many the best toilet from American Standard, this item competes with ease with any other top brand models.

The Town Square’s FloWise technology allows it to boost its flushing power, cleaning an increddible 1000 grams of solid waste in a single flush. Tested using the most demanding industry wide tests this toilet will clear any possible mass of solid waste without breaking a sweat.

Economical and eco-friendly, this toilet has one of the most reduced water consumptions possible. While using only 1.28 gallons per full flush, this toilet will save you up to 20% in both water and money, becoming way more profitable on the long run that most of its competitors.

The patented EverClean coating keeps mold, dirt and stain away from your toilet bowl. This enhanced coating destroys bacteria and eases cleaning, assuring a perfectly smooth non-sticking surface for the entire toilet bowl interior.



While loving its design, style and comfort, we took note of its size. In order to deliver the best possible comfort while looking as good as possible, this toilet occupies a bit more space than your average small model. Knowing that feeling like a royalty demands its price we must advice against using it on very small bathrooms where a more compact model is better suited.


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Benefits Explained

Distingushed through style and beauty, this toilet has one of the most sophisticated classic looks you will ever find. Its exquisite style is complemented by its excellent comfort and superb construction quality. With its simple and elongated lines, this toilet is considered one of the most imposing and elegant toilets by all of the best American Standard Town Square reviews.

Using a single powerful flush, the FloWise is capable of delivering a massive amount of water in a very short time. Featuring a large three inch conceal flush valve, the FloWise system delivers up to 80 percent more water than a regular trapway and itstwo inch valve.


Using an intermediary water size flush the Town Square toilet is capable of both conserving water and cleaning efficiently all the waste in a single flush. Saving water and money on the long run, this toilet is named one of the best toilets for its style, flushing power and water efficiency.


The new EverClean coating is capable of removing all the bacteria, moss and mold from the bowl’s internal and external surface. Efficiently removing any kind of dirt, stain and mildew, this coating enhances the cleaning power of its already efficient flusing system.



When it comes to style, comfort and power, the American StandardTown Square makes it to the top with ease. Featuring a perfect style and using one of the most advanced flushing system, this toilet together with its toilet accessories is a must have for anyone who looks for the best of the best toilet models available today.

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