How to select the best toilet from American Standard



PowerWash Rim

H2Option Dual-Flush System

EverClean surface and Speed Connect

Jet-powered siphon

Dual Flush system



At least two of the American Standard H2Option reviews mention the small height dimensions on the product. Although this makes it possible to install the H2Option in a small bathroom, people with bad knees may not appreciate the low height.

Instructions do not lay out optimized installation really well, so users have to be able to find out for themselves how to adjust the water level in the bowl, etc.

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Benefits Explained


The H2Option has a unique pressurized rim. The tank feeds the rim chamber with water while trapping air inside, which pressurizes the chamber. Pressurized water is then delivered to the bowl via a series of specially made rim holes, ensuring a clean flush and a power wash to the bowl every time the toilet is flushed.


Want performance-driven flushing while conserving water and saving on utility costs? The H2Option uses an innovative siphon-action technology that needs less water with every flush. The siphon design also eliminates more debris fast and quietly. This system is controlled via a dual-flush actuator found on the top of the tank. The toilet uses just 1 gallon for light flushing of liquids and 1.6 gallons per heavy flush for solids. This enables usage of at least 25% less water compared to typical 1.6 gallons-per-flush brands. The H2Option has earned the highest Maximum Performance (MaP) rating for its ability to handle up to 1 kilogram of solid waste with just one flush. Handling of liquids is rated an impressive 400 grams. Who needs plenty of toilet accessories with this element alone?


The toilet is factory-treated to give it an exclusive permanent EverClean Surface, which offers antimicrobial protection against the growth of mold, bacteria and mildew as well as stains. The EverClean surface is awesomely mirror-like and is easy to maintain and keep clean. Installing the H2Option takes 30% less time thanks to its user-friendly system and pre-assembled grommets and bolts, eliminating loose parts and lessening connection time.


Thanks to the jet-powered siphon of this best toilet from American Standard, water is driven directly into the bowl via a bowl jet. This jetted siphon mechanism is initiated with a simple push of the jet. The siphon pulls bowl contents while allowing water level to remain constant throughout the flushing process, ensuring a clean bowl and flushing results.


Conserve water with every flush thanks to the H2Option’s Dual Flush system. This revolutionary technology employs 6 liters per flush or 1.6 gallons per flush as one option. The second option uses 1 gallon per flush or 3.8 liters per flush. Both are available at the user’s option.



Finding the best toilet entails that you study every feature found in different products. However, when you want value for money, the American Standard H2Option makes a great choice. Engineered with Dual Flush system, the H2Option allows you to have customized flushing when you want and as you want. The powerful siphon system ensures elimination of debris from the bowl with every flush.


Buy from for ($302.76)