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2.1 American Audio Vms2 Dj Midi ControllerBenefits

This compact and lightweight machine only weighs 9 pounds or 5 kgs., perfect for musicians on the go.

The American Audio Vms2 reviews applaud the machine’s included Virtual DJ LE software, which gives it two-in-one functionality.

The unit comes with its own DJ MIDI controller accessories that ensure easy and optimal use every time.

Selecting a track is easy with the navigation controls.

The unit is compatible with Inno Fader, one of the industry’s most used faders.



According to one of the users, who still believes the American Audio Vms2 is the best DJ controller due to its reliability and non-China quality, the Pitch only goes +/- 12%, which doesn’t significantly detract from the overall quality.

The jog wheels have a grainy texture that some individuals may not like.

Some effects knobs on the software are not mapped on the mixer, according to another buyer who still highly recommends the unit.


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Benefits Explained

  • Ideal for music creators and adventurous DJs on the go, the American Audio Vms2 DJ Midi Controller is a compact device that you can easily bring anywhere. Its weight is light at 5 kilograms, enabling you to fit it easily into a standard midi controller bag. With this machine, you’ll have everything you need to make great music and terrific groove.

2.2 American Audio Vms2 Dj Midi Controller

  • Featuring two channels, this device is reliably versatile. You can cue on one or both decks. The American Audio Vms2 is a MIDI controller and DJ mixer in one compact package. It comes with two MIDILOG™ Channels, enabling it to support any MIDI software or analog inputs including a turntable or a CD player. The Virtual DJ LE software also lets you utilize the 2 large scratch wheels in CD mode or vinyl mode for amazing scratching. The button layout on the unit incorporates well with the Virtual DJ LE software.
  • This is the best DJ MIDI controller from American Studio thanks to the many features and accessories it comes with. The device has its own rack mounting kit for easy set-up every time. It has DSP D-Core Inside, giving it a Studio Quality Audio Engine and impressive Pro-Stage Microphone Circuitry. The Balanced XLR outputs ensure remarkable groove creation. The 39 MIDI buttons have LED illuminations, with 16 having dual blue/red LEDs, for easy monitoring without onscreen mapping. The Booth & Master RCA Outputs let you create music to fill the dance floor.
  • The 3-band equalizer has rotary controls for easy balancing. The device has 34 assignable rotary controllers plus 10 assignable linear fader controllers, making it easy to set to your desired levels.
  • Fading the audio is no problem, so you can employ actual faders on the market to achieve pitch control. The MIDI controller also has Crossfader Curve Adjustment so you can tweak music any way you want. It has a replaceable VCA cross fader that is Innofader-compatible, helping you do some seriously heavy scratching.


The American Audio Vms2 is the best DJ MIDI controller that offers a multitude of loop controls so you can shorten and lengthen your loops. The navigation controls let you easily select a track and achieve controlled balance. Get loud output and better-sounding microphones with the DSP D-Core.


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