What is the best emergency radio from Ambient Weather



This is the best emergency radio from Ambient Weather due to its wide availability of charging options.

Thanks to its rubberized finish and multiple features, the emergency radio is a handy piece of equipment.

The Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC is a greener way to stay connected to the world.

It has a self-charge mechanism that converts kinetic energy to usable stored energy.

This is the best emergency radio with the essential bands and stations that people tune in to during unexpected situations.



The charging indicator LED may be a bit bright for some users.

The device is not prescribed to be water- or weather-proof.

At least two users would want to have a carry case for the adapter cables.


Customer Rating –> A


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Benefits Explained

The Ambient Weather emergency radio is a must-have for any emergency-preparedness kit. It can even be brought along on a beach adventure as it combines plenty of emergency features in one lightweight and compact package. It comes with a five-way charger that allows powering up from: an AC or wall power outlet with included adapter for this purpose; a USB device for computer charging; the sun, using the solar panel as a battery life extender; hand cranking; and a DC or car charger, with an optional converter.

The rubberized finish lets you get a good slip-free grip on the emergency radio. The device has a built-in flashlight plus jacks to charge your cell phone or PDA andfor headphone listening.


Because it uses mostly sustainable energy via the hand crank generator that charges the internal LIR123A 3.7V/800 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, an AC adaptor to keep the battery charged at all times for emergency situations, and solar energy, this radio is a great way to get vital information without causing irreversible environmental damage. You won’t have to make repeated purchases of batteries as the lithium-ion fuel cell can be easily replaced after years of use.


The self-charge mechanism enables transformation of 70% of kinetic energy used in hand cranking into stored electricity.


Aside from the usual AM and FM bands, this radio’s digital tuner also catches the Weather Band and Weather Alerts so you are always in the circuit even in emergency situations.



Lauded in plenty of Ambient Weather WR-111B reviews, this product offers a high degree of reliability that electric- and battery-powered models can’t always boast of. Have it ready in your emergency kit for use when natural calamities and disasters strike.


Buy from Amazon.com for: See The Price!