What is the best MIDI keyboard controller from Alesis


8.1 Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB-MIDI keyboard ControllerBenefits

This is the best midi keyboard controller from Alesis for controlling all types of musical software.

Alesis QX25 reviews state that it is an excellent midi controller for music students on a budget.

The midi keyboard controller can adjust volume and other parameters, along with triggering different effects.

It is the best USB midi keyboard controller for sharing ideas and collaborating with other musicians.



While the midi keyboard controller accessories include the ability to use USB, an additional power supply will be needed for the midi port. This is rarely a problem since it can be easily purchased if it is needed.

The midi keyboard controller is not compatible with Apple products manufactured after the lightning charger models, though it can be used with all of the other versions of the iPad.

There have been mentions that they keys are too soft, and produce a loud sound if hit too hard. This is more of a personal preference instead of an actual problem that affects the unit’s performance.


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Benefits Explained

  1. This 25 key midi controller can be used to control almost all types of musical software via USB. You can seamlessly sync the midi keyboard controller to your PC, MAC, and most iOS devices. The controller can also be used with your favorite DAWs, and can be installed directly out of the box in seconds.

8.2 Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB-MIDI keyboard Controller

  1. It is the best midi keyboard controller for students on a budget, and features a wide range of functions that will let you create amazing patches and trigger effects. The inexpensive midi device is also powerful, and it is easy to operate making it ideal for first time users. The compact design makes it easy to carry to class, and the direct USB lets you quickly connect to computers, laptops, and iPads.


  1. The keys are touch sensitive and the midi controller also has 8 faders that are used for controlling the volume. LED lights display your velocity, and the four drum pads make it easy to trigger loops and samples, along with your different drum beats. The midi keyboard controller also includes 8 separate knobs that can be programmed to adjust different parameters.


  1. You can easily share your ideas and collaborate with other musicians with the included Ignite software. This lets you use the Sound Cloud to share your music, or you can use the midi files to export your ideas to your DAW software. Since the included software works seamlessly with the midi controller, you do not have to worry about performing any complicated set-up tasks.


Whether you are looking for a midi keyboard controller to use in the studio or in the classroom, the Alesis QX25 is durable, portable, and affordable. It includes all of the necessary software to get you started, and it requires almost little or no set up. It is an ideal midi keyboard controller for musicians just beginning to learn the basics, or for more experienced pros who want the versatility of being able to use a midi device with their iPads and PCs.


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