4.1 Alesis QX25 Advanced USB-MIDI keyboard ControllerBenefits

a) This keyboard controller is incredibly easy to use and can be setup in just a few minutes.

b) The full size keys make it much easier to use than many smaller keyboard controllers.

c) Alesis delivers tremendous value with this keyboard controller as the quality and durability features are top notch.

d) This keyboard controller is compatible with a wide variety of different types of music software.



-A few customers have mentioned in their Alesis QX25 reviews that they felt that the key velocity was too sensitive. While this may be the case, there are multiple options for adjustments that could certainly help with this issue.

-Alesis’s guides for use and setup are a little more brief than most customers would like. If followed correctly, however, you should be up and running within 10-15 minutes, while getting used to the keyboard controller shouldn’t take more than a few days.

-The controller is powered through the supplied USB cable, however MIDI keyboard controller accessories such as a regular power cord will have to be purchased separately.


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Benefits Explained

1. One of the most frustrating things about working with keyboard controllers is just how difficult they are to setup in order to start working with them. Alesis has made that process super easy for their customers and their step-by-step guide allows users to get started with using their keyboard controller within 10-15 minutes. Anyone that has ever dealt with confusing setup of a keyboard controller will more than appreciate just how easy to use this Alesis product is.

4.2 Alesis QX25 Advanced USB-MIDI keyboard Controller

2. Another  issues that customers tend to have with keyboard controllers like this one is the fact that the keys are not full size. This presents an issue because it makes the keys much more difficult to play on, especially for experienced pianists. With this Alesis 25-key keyboard controller, however, users will be thrilled with the full size keys that make it super easy to perform on.


3. Durability and quality are two of the most important factors in determining what type of keyboard controller a user should buy. Alesis has delivered on both of those fronts by providing users with the best USB MIDI keyboard controller on the market based on its durability and performance.


4. Past customers have been very impressed with just how many different types of music software this keyboard controller is compatible with. The wide variety of compatibility options makes this the best MIDI keyboard controller for diversity of use.



Keyboard controller customers looking for a reasonably priced and high performing option will be more than happy with what this Alesis QX25 25-Key Advanced USB/MIDI keyboard Controller has to offer. The durability and fact that it is compatible with just about every type of music software makes this a great keyboard controller for any beginner or advanced musician. While Alesis is known for delivering high quality music products, the quality of this particular product has led it to being the best MIDI keyboard controller from Alesis.


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