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1.Alesis Q88 USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerBenefits

Plenty of Alesis Q88 reviews praise the 88-key USB MIDI keyboard controller for its remarkable functionality.

This is considered by many happy users to be the best midi keyboard controller thanks to its feature-filled and music-enhancing Pitch and Modulation wheels.

Lots of customers are also happy with how the unit offers expanded melodic range.

There’s so much to love about this device when it comes to the supplied midi keyboard controller accessories.

You’ll love how this versatile device can be brought anywhere, giving you a great tool at home and for work.



One user expresses minor gripes about the device. He bewails the absence of a headphone jack on the midi controller. This means you have to plug in your headphones to your PC’s headphone jack when you want to listen to anything.

The supplied USB cable is a bit short at just four feet long, which means you’ll need to position your computer right next to the midi controller, or get a longer cable. This can be a non-issue for others who love what the device can do.

For those who hate experiencing latency when playing with this keyboard, purchase of either an Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) sound card driver or a high-end sound card may be needed.


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Benefits Explained

-Providing the ideal work surface for serious musicians to compose and perform music, the Alesis Q88 is the best 88 key midi controller there is. It works well with computer-based sequencers, digital audio workstations and more. Its 88 semi-weighted velocity-sensitive keys provide delightful piano-like responsiveness and range that professional and aspiring singers can fully appreciate.


-If you want good musical expression to go with your choice of music, the Alesis Q88 is a great piece of equipment to own. It employs state-of-the-art DAW software that enables you to emulate the nuances of your favorite musicians. The Pitch and Modulation wheels also enable you to achieve this.

-Extend the note range using the Octave Up and Down buttons, so you can create sounds that everyone else will also love. Be the one that gets recognized for expanded melodic range when you have the Alesis Q88 as a partner.

-Achieve pro-level versatility and performance via the aux pedal input, sustain pedal input and MIDI output that come in the package. The supplied USB cable offers simplicity in both power and data, so you wouldn’t need to purchase separate ones for both aspects. The Ableton Live Lite Alesis Edition software works well to help you start creating as soon as the Alesis Q88 is out of the package.

-Weighing only 22 pounds, this midi controller is a compact and portable device that you can take to the stage and the studio. It makes a great investment for your personal music studio at home.



Great for practicing and for professional use, the Alexis Q88 is truly the best midi keyboard controller from Alesis as proven by many users. It is easy to use, superbly functional and offers great key action quality. It also boasts of superior craftsmanship and does what it does best: to improve sound quality and melodic range.


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