Find the Best Drywall Sander from Aleko



This best drywall sander from Aleko is a powerful industrial grade piece of equipment.

The machine offers variable speeds ranging from 1000 to 2000 revolutions per minute.

The unit has input power of 600 watts, which it utilizes optimally to do quality sanding jobs.

It comes with the fundamental drywall sander accessories that enable out-of-the-box use.

The telescoping handle lets you access hard-to-reach high areas or surfaces.



The instructions that come in the package are difficult to make out, according to one customer.

The head of the unit has to be held relatively flat against the surface for optimum results.

The device is quite top heavy, which makes it a bit difficult to use for extended periods.


Customer Rating –> C+


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Benefits Explained

  • This piece of machinery has earned raves in Aleko 690E reviews for its heavy-duty build and premium quality components. Compared to traditional hand sanding, the Aleko 690E offers a less cumbersome means of completing wall and ceiling sanding projects to ensure smooth surfaces all the time. There’s no need to hire professional contractors as this product offers serious do-it-yourself individuals a cost-effective way to finish the work fast and efficiently.


  • Offering from 1000 revolutions per minute to 2000 rpms, this heavy-duty tool lets you use the speed you want according to your personal workflow. Some individuals may choose to go slow at first to test out the machine’s power at the lowest setting, then progress to higher settings as proficiency with working the device builds up eventually. The variable speed dial is always within reach.


  • Get optimal sanding results with the machine’s input power of 600 watts. The device uses electric power to run, taking away the difficulty you typically encounter with regular hand sanding. With the Aleko 690E, you enjoy convenient power sanding without exerting too much manual effort or doing tons of physical labor.


  • The package comes with a 14-foot hose for attachment to your shop vacuum, plus six sanding discs to enable out-of-the-box functionality. You won’t need to buy sanding pads during the first few uses of the device. The hose attachment helps keep your work area clean and neat.


  • The telescoping handle offers versatility as it allows you not only to sand floors but ceilings and high surfaces as well. The on/off button is also optimally located for easy access.



This best drywall sander offers an industrial-grade solution to your drywall sanding needs. It comes with an efficient motor, convenience features that enable easy and hassle-free use, plus the basic components you need to get started.


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