1.1 Akai Professional MPK49 MIDI Keyboard ControllerBenefits

Get everything you need with a powerful device that incorporates all the necessary MIDI controller accessories a professional or beginner musician can fully utilize.

The semi-weighted full-size keys enable you to get instrument-like precision in creating exceptional sound.

This awesome best Akai MIDI controller allows you to expand your music-making capabilities with the full-variety hip-hop pads.

The Akai Professional MPK49 reviews are unanimous at lauding the revolutionary selection of MPC technologies built into the MPK49.

Create quick, creative riffs with the Akai MPK49’s state-of-the-art arpeggiator.



One user commented on the keys vibrating when released, which makes them slightly noisy.

The device has no onboard on/off switch, which can be an issue when using it to control external hardware equipment.

For some users not used to such a configuration, the pads of the device may seem a bit stiff.


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Benefits Explained

You can maximize your musical ideas during live performances and in the studio by optimizing the capabilities of the high-quality, 49-key semi-weighted keyboard, which has After-touch complemented by the 12 genuine MPC drum pads. This controller captures every nuance of your performance excellently. The 8 full-sized sliders let you infuse your capability with more sass and boldness. The pots rotate fully, with three banks each for a total of 24 pots. The eight assignable backlit switches with controller banks tell you exactly where you are. The MMC/MIDI Start Stop transport buttons are supplemented by the large, easy-to-read custom LCD display, so you can easily map your position at each level.

1.2 Akai Professional MPK49 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The semi-weighted keyboard with 49 keys lets you play using the correct pitch and octave. Use the MPC Full Level or the 12 level functions on the pads for extending your range.


The 48 pads are accessible through the four pad banks, allowing you expressive range unlike any other device. Delivering an awesome 76 assignable controls, this device is the best midi controller from Akai for how it captures the very essence of your performance. The assignable inputs come with a footswitch, a modulation wheel, an expression pedal and a pitch bend, so you can tweak, twist, modify or enhance every component of your sound and music.


The 12 genuine MPC pads offer the very heart and soul of music that is truly hip-hop, with the special MPC Note Repeat Function and Swing parameters that enable you to do more to every piece of music, so you don’t just dice and cut other people’s work but create your very own. The velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads create just the balance you need, allowing you to control up to 6 dozens of different parameters using the 24 assignable faders, buttons and Q-Link knobs.


The time division and Tap Tempo buttons deliver just the control you seek using Arpeggio and Note Repeat clock speeds. Apply MPC Swing to both functions. MPC Note Repeat lets you obtain a rhythm pattern for speed and accuracy.


Final words…

Sometimes, using the best Akai MIDI keyboard controller is as easy as playing your favorite instrument. With the Akai Professional MPK49, you get all the instruments you need using a convenient keyboard-design device that captures every subtlety and nuance of your live or studio performance. Do plenty of work using this compact device.


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