What is the best MIDI keyboard controller from Akai


2.Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII 25-Key Ultra-PortableBenefits

The Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII reviews claim that this midi controller has all of the software you need to get started recording, composing, and creating music.

As the best midi controller it has the advantage of including features from three different models so you can have unlimited creative options.

The compact size and lightweight construction is ideal for traveling.

You can also control pitch and modulation without any trouble.



The small keyboard makes it difficult to play with two hands, but this is rarely a problem unless you are looking for a midi keyboard controller that also feels like a standard upright piano.

Even though it is rated the best midi controller from Akai and it is portable, it does require an outside power source. This is rarely an issue since most owners simply plug the midi controller into their laptop.

Its small size and easy to operate features are ideal for beginning musicians, but more experienced composers might find that it does not include all of the effects that they want.


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  • The midi controller accessories include all of the software that you need to get started. AIR Music Tech lets you add synthesized rhythms, while MPC Essentials works with your favorite DAW so you can add samples and even run in standalone mode. Software from Sonivox lets you filter different controls, and features two separate channels for creating unique beats and sounds.

1.Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII 25-Key Ultra-Portable

  • One of the reasons that this is the best midi keyboard controller is that it includes features from all three models. The 25 keys are synth action to give you the fast response time you need for faster tempo riffs. There are 8 touch sensitive pads and Q link knobs that give you unlimited creative possibilities. Lay down tracks, add plug ins and tweak musical notes, all with this innovative midi controller. As an added benefit, two of the knobs are also assignable.


  • The thumb stick can be rotated four ways, and gives you control over pitch and modulation. Bend notes or make the tone sound fuller all with a simple tap of your thumb. It is located at the top of the keyboard to keep it compact, yet fully functional.


  • It’s compact size lets the midi controller fit easily into your suitcase or backpack, making it ideal for students and musicians who frequently travel. It can fit on small desks and tables, and can make it easy for musicians to write and record when they are on the road.


This midi keyboard controller is durable, lightweight, and affordable. It includes everything that a young musician needs to get started recording and composing great musical pieces. It is lightweight and portable so you can take it with you while you are traveling, and since it can be used with DAW you can make music anywhere. Fun and entertaining for musicians of all ages, you might be amazed at what you can create with the midi controller.


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