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In 2013, two friends came together to create this website. Within a year, our staff had reached 15 highly dedicated and talented individuals from all over the world. Over time, our passions, as well as the niche of this website have changed and morphed into something different. While at first, we were committed to bringing you, our visitors, the best information regarding various products, nowadays we’re focused on telling you everything you should know about the risks that might affect your quality of life.

Although it might sound like a cliche, the world is a big and dangerous place. Traveling is a wonderful hobby for millions of people, and many would like to make it into a full-time job, with professions like photography, writing, or blogging becoming more and more popular with every day that goes by. However, we couldn’t help noticing that some destinations are far more dangerous compared to others, or that in some places, it is simply a bad idea to eat some types of local foods.

We’re here to assist you in making the right choice for your safety and that of your friends and family. Whether you like traveling by car, train, or plane, we’ll do as much as we can to tell you about all of the risks involved by these means of transportation, as well as by any travel locations you might have in mind.

For your consideration, we have created a category of articles specially designed for your trip safety. Since some activities are a tad riskier than others, it goes without saying that we will go out of our way to showcase those that might pose any dangers to you.

We’re open to new collaborations, so feel free to drop us a note if the niche of our website is in line with any of your interests or whatever else you might have in mind.




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We hope to build a strong relationship with our visitors and while we try our best to bring you the most accurate information, we are still human. We make mistakes and some suggestions we may make will not always be the best solution. We rely on you to help keep us on top! If you come across information that is incorrect, we kindly ask you to notify us. We make it a top priority to respond to any correspondence within 24 hours.


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