When you are looking for the best hunting boots there are a few aspects you will want to consider. The season and type of terrain you’ll be walking on, along with the weight of your gear should all be factored into your decision and this can make it difficult to find the right hunting boots for you. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose a pair of hunting boots that are comfortable and appropriate for your trip.


Hunting boots



Hunting boots can be constructed from a variety of materials, and the right one for you will generally depend on when and where you are hunting.

Canvas: Lightweight and breathable, canvas hunting boots are a great choice for hunting in warmer weather. The material dries quickly when wet, and can also be sealed to prevent water from leaking in. While canvas hunting boots might be slightly heavier than other materials, it does have the advantage of being affordably price.

Suede and Leather: Hunting boots made from suede are attractive and flexible. The material also works great as an insulator, though it does need to be treated to prevent damage from water and mud. Leather boots are popular with all types of hunters, and the study material also provides excellent support.

Nylon Mesh: Relatively new to hunting boots, nylon mesh is durable, affordable and lightweight. It is water resistant and breathable, but it should be noted that it is not designed to be worn in cold weather.

Gore Tex: Perfect for hunting in colder weather this material is often used for insulation or for the uppers. It is water resistant, breathable, and will help keep your feet comfortably warm.

Rubber: If you frequently find yourself hunting in the swamp or marsh a pair of rubber hunting boots might be just what you need. The breathable material is completely waterproof, but it should be mentioned that these boots are heavier than other types.

Closed Cell Foam: Normally used in the insoles, closed cell foam is lightweight, supportive, waterproof, and provides excellent cushioning for your feet. It is commonly found in all types of boots, and most hunters won’t purchase a pair without it.



Another important aspect to consider is the height of the boot, and this will often be determined by the distance you plan to cover and the weight of your gear. If you are carrying a heavier load you want to choose a pair of hunting boots that are past your ankles so you have the support and stability you need. Taller hunting boots can also prevent water from getting inside so your feet stay dry and comfortable. Ankle high hunting boots are great for covering longer distances with lighter loads.


Soles and Laces

When you are trying to choose a sole it is important to determine if you need support or flexibility. If you are carrying a lot of heavy gear you will probably want to choose a pair of boots with a thicker sole that provides plenty of support. Hunters that frequently shoot from higher placed blinds or have light packs often find that the flexibility of a thinner sole works best for them.

The lacing on the boots will help determine support and can also help prevent injuries. All purpose hunting boots generally lace up to the ankle so you have moderate support and plenty of flexibility. Leather and rubber hunting boots generally lace higher up to provide you with maximum support, this is ideal if you are hiking over rough terrain or carrying heavy gear.


Rubber hunting boots


Types of Boots

You can find hunting boots in a wide range of styles, and each is designed for a particular type of hunting. Hunters who are going after ducks and other waterfowl probably want a pair of waterproof rubber boots that lace up past the ankles. All purpose hunting boots are ideal for turkey and varmint hunting, and you want to choose a pair with plenty of insulation when you are going after deer and boar in the cold weather. Hunting boots constructed from suede, nylon mesh or Gore-Tex are lightweight and flexible. This makes these boots perfect for smaller hunters and for hiking shorter distances. Boots constructed from Gore-Tex are also water resistant and breathable, which might make it the perfect choice if you are hunting in warmer weather.



How the boots fit will determine how comfortable your feet are, and you want there to be very little “break in” time. If you are ordering hunting boots online you might want to have your feet professionally measured before guessing at your size.