An unknown tourist destination up until the 1970s, the Maldives archipelago now counts for over 100 amazing resorts. There are over 185 islands of various dimensions, but they don’t gather more than 300,000 inhabitants, although the number of tourists exceeds one million yearly.

However, just like any other country in the world, it comes with its own set of rules and regulations that you should obey if you want to spend the time of your life. So, before packing your bags, here are some things you shouldn’t do.

  1. Don’t take off your shirt in public

The Maldives has become a Muslim country ever since the 12th century, so it is only natural that you should abide by the Islamic laws. It is forbidden to reveal too much skin in public, regardless of how hot it is outside. Both men and women should refrain from walking topless or wearing clothes that are too revealing on the streets or at public beaches.

Resorts are the only places where you can wear your sexy bathing suit and catch some tan without a problem.


  1. Don’t drink alcohol

Just like all other Muslim countries, Maldives has a strict policy when it comes to alcohol. It is not served in public places so don’t be surprised if you cannot find a beer or a refreshing cocktail outside your resort.

It is also worth mentioning that you are not allowed to bring any alcohol in the country either. All your liquor will be confiscated at the airport, but you may take it back with you upon departure.

Again, since the Maldives has become a renowned tourist attraction in the past decades, resorts are the only places where these rules are not mandatory. Don’t worry, you can still drink a beer and watch the sunset on the beach of your resort, but keep in mind that this type of relaxation will cost you a small fortune.


  1. Avoid PDA

No matter how much you waited to spend your honeymoon in the Maldives, a public display of affection is not seen with good eyes here. Again, we are talking about a Muslim country so, even though women are not forced to wear long dresses or cover their heads, you should still show decency.

Holding hands or a quick smooch is not forbidden, but you should keep the long and sensual kisses and hugs for your hotel room.

However, it is a family-friendly destination too, so children of all ages are more than welcome anywhere. If you decide to share this holiday destination with your family, make sure you bring everything with you, including a convenient and comfortable baby stroller travel system for your infant.

  1. Tobacco and narcotics

Smoking and consuming food in public is strictly forbidden in the holy month of Ramadan. It would be best to check with a specific calendar to see when the next Ramadan will be celebrated as it differs by the year.

You are free to eat and smoke any other month of the year in public and always inside your resort.

As for narcotics, they are strictly prohibited, and the Maldives imposes harsh penalties for those who do not obey this law. Depending on its gravity, drug possession could even lead to life imprisonment.


  1. Looking after wildlife

Last but not least, it would be best to keep the streets, the beaches, and the ocean as clean as possible. It is strictly prohibited to sell or purchase black corals and turtle shells as they are protected species in this country.

You should also pay attention when snorkeling or diving and avoid picking or touching corals. They are highly sensitive, and one minor interference in the ecosystem could lead to natural disasters.